Oilers History: Pisani’s OT Winner

It was on this day in Oilers history that Fernando Pisani scored one of the most iconic goals in recent memory after he went bar down on Cam Ward, winning Game 5 with a shorthanded snipe.

During the ’06 Cup run, everything seemed to be going right for Fernando Pisani and it was incredible to watch. During those couple of months, Pisani had gone from being a reliable two-way forward to a big-time goal scorer that always seemed to come through in the clutch. When the Oilers need a goal, Pisani was there. In 80 regular season games, Pisani scored 18 goals for the Oilers in 2005-06, but then went completely supernova in the playoffs. In 24 games, Pisani shot the lights out, scoring 14 huge goals with none bigger than this top-shelf beauty from Game 5.

This was one of those games (and finishes) that I’ll never forget for as long as I live. I was watching the game at Beer Hunter in St. Albert when Pisani scored, and my cousin Shaun threw a full pitcher of beer in the air, spraying everyone around us with discounted draught. No one cared in the slightest. The place was going ballistic after that goal, and it gave Pisani legendary status that won’t soon be forgotten. Not only did Pisani win Game 5 for the Oilers, he also became the only player in NHL history to score a shorthanded OT winner in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Needless to say, this goal is always worth another look. Check it out:

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  • What-a-Mike

    Oh hell yeah, this was definitely one of my most favorite moments in those 2006 playoffs. Pisani was an awesome Oiler Monster that season!!!! I also remember Ryan Smyth losing his teeth and coming back as soon as he could to score another huge goal…what a warrior that year too!!! I remember another top memory moment too when Roloson saved a shot, quickly batted the puck out of the air down the ice to where Samsonov came rushing out of the P. Box and then skating out against the Ducks goalie in their zone (Gigurerre I think)/blocking the attempt pass and then scoring into the open net to tie that game. What a playoff year!!!!!! Yep alright!!!! Right up there with Curtis Joseph’s humongous save against Dallas and Marchant’s historic goal moments after that save!!!!!

  • What-a-Mike

    Damn….my bad… senile age I guess lol….top moment of samsonov was actually against San Jose in game 4 of those 2006 playoffs. wrong game but what a top moment still for the Oilers!!!!!

  • MrBung

    Great memories…then what followed….the decade of darkness.

    And now…If not for McDavid, this outfit would be an AHL team right now. He is the bright spot in an otherwise turd sandwich that are today’s Oilers.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Yeah, we get it, enough already…
      It was a fantastic moment in oiler history, without a doubt…
      Let’s leave it at that & hope for more…
      You are not much of a hero, always stating the obvious… just so you know.