A quick look at Cooper Marody

Back in March, the Oilers acquired Cooper Marody from the Philadelphia Flyers for a 3rd round pick in 2019, and a lot of us were left to wonder who did we add and what the Oilers saw in him.

In his three games with the Condors, we didn’t learn much outside of him being able to be productive in a small sample size, but we can still take a few things away from his season.

As soon as Cooper hit the town of Bakersfield he was running. The 21-year-old netted three points in his three games with the Condors, one in each of the three. Here is the clip of his first pro goal in his first pro game.

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A young man with the nose for the net there. That’s a good thing.

In his final season in Div I NCAA hockey Marody found himself near the top of multiple leaderboards. He was third in the country for assists with 35 in 40 games played; He also finished sixth for overall scoring with 51 points. In the NCAA tournament, he wrapped up his season neatly with five points (two goals and three assists) in three games. His Wolverines made it to the semi-finals of the frozen four where they lost out to Notre Dame in a 4-3 loss.

When asked of his year with the Wolverines, then the whirlwind of the trade and eventual signing with the Oilers he was glowing in excitement.

He spoke to the seemingly instant chemistry he developed with linemates, David Gust and Tyler Vesel. Also talked about all the work he has to do in the offseason to improve. All good things to hear from the young man going forward.

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2013-14 Muskegon Lumberjacks USHL 58 9 21 30 36 -1
2014-15 Muskegon Lumberjacks USHL 14 2 7 9 4 -3
2014-15 Sioux Falls Stampede USHL 38 20 29 49 28 4
2015-16 U. of Michigan Big-10 32 10 14 24 20 0
2016-17 U. of Michigan Big-10 18 5 10 15 8 -3
2017-18 U. of Michigan Big-10 40 16 35 51 24 20
2017-18 Bakersfield Condors AHL 3 1 2 3 2

  • OriginalPouzar

    I watched four Michigan games after the Marody acquisition (as an aside, my goodness can Quinn Hughes skate).

    Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised by Marody’s game – he was more skilled than I anticipated and was absolutely and “all tools/all situations” type of player – trusted by his coach for big faceoffs, defensive situations, PP, PK, etc. Similar to how I see Rasanen but more skilled.

    Of course, he was a bit older than many of his teammates so expected to lead offensively but he earned his points with skill and a good hockey IQ.

    Then he goes on to have a very good showing in the few games he played in the AHL – put up some points and, from accounts, was the best player on the ice in at least one if not two of the games.

    A great acquisition by Chiarelli as the main piece of the Maroon deadline deal.

    He will have a top 6 role in Bakersfield and hopefully has a great season.

    I hope the Oilers are able to acquire a veteran 4C and allow Marody to develop in the AHL all year unless he forces a call-up with his play.

    He is definitely no sure thing for the NHL but he is definitely a real prospect.

  • scott5017

    Credit where credit is due chia pet has made a number of savvy moves like this that definitely help oilers depth and possibly value contracts. Its so baffling tho when he is constantly fleeced making bigger deals.

    • Svart kaffe

      It doesn’t help that every other GM knows our needs as well as we do. I think that’s a reason as to why he’s fleeced all the time. Noone is going to help us out or feel sorry with Edmonton getting all those #1 picks, including McDavid.

      It’s a bit like nobody wants to gift a great goalie to Carolina or a #1 C to Montreal… That might not be fun for the rest of the league.

      • Drivefastfinishlast

        Kaffe are the hockey games not broadcasted live?
        Do teams not send scout to watch games around the league.?
        Is their not a whole network dedicated to the NHL?
        “ it doesn’t help that every other GM knows our needs as well as we do”
        Do you really think a team can keep it secret what their needs are.

        • Svart kaffe

          With Edmonton’s right-hand defense before the Hall-Larsson trade looking like a nuclear bomb went off is anybody really stupid enough to think GM:s around the league would give Chiarelli a fair deal?

          “Hey Pete, we kind of really need our best RHD ourselves but since you guys need him even more we’ll be happy to do you a solid. OEL for Eberle? Throw in a 4th rounder and we have a deal!”

          I’ll bet you anything actual GM:s think these NHL ’18 trade proposals posted around forums are absolutely ridiculous.

  • Drivefastfinishlast

    They should play him in the NHL for 5-10 minutes a night with no power play time and when he screws up they can bench him.

    If this is unacceptable for Mardoy to be in the NHL why it’s it acceptable for Puljuajrvi to be in the NHL.

  • OilerForLife

    I believe Marody has a decent chance of developing into an NHL regular. If you have an old Maroon Jersey, some tape and a felt marker can alter the name on it really easy.

  • Rama Lama

    For all the trashing I do of PC………I like these kinds of pick-ups. If more of them turn out I may even pay him a compliment…….but I kind of doubt it!

  • Arfguy

    Man…it might all be for nothing, but I am getting more and more excited for the upcoming Oilers season as days go by. There’s no doubt that last season was a huge let down, but given all the factors that went wrong, I kind of expect the Oilers to bounce back in a big way.

    Articles like this gives me hope that there may be some hidden gems in the Oilers depth chart, with the likes of Marody, along with Benson, Maksimov, Vesel, Vesey, Larkin, etc. Not saying that any of these guys work out, but hopefully the restructure in the organization ensures that the AHL club can prepare the players for NHL call-up.