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The Flyers are considering trading Wayne Simmonds

It’s very clear that the Oilers are in need of help on the wings. Particularly, the Oilers are very thin on the right side of the ice. Heading into next season, the Oilers’ right wing depth is filled with enigmas like Kailer Yamamoto, Jesse Puljujarvi, and Ty Rattie.

The team can’t afford to go after a big free agent at this point, but they could possibly look to make an upgrade through a trade. Michael Russo of The Athletic floated out a rumour that the Philadelphia Flyers are considering dealing Wayne Simmonds as he enters the final year of his contract.

“Multiple sources tell me the Flyers are gearing to potentially trade Wayne Simmonds. He’s a year from free agency and coming off a 24-goal, injury-hindered season. He scored 120 goals the four seasons before that, is big, is tough (the guy caved in Wild winger Eric Nystrom’s face once during a fight as a King), is a leader. He’s a right-shot wing and makes a reasonable $5 million with an even more reasonable $3.975 million cap hit. He has a 12-team no-trade clause.” Per Michael Russo.

Simmonds would be a great fit on the Oilers. He’s big, skates well, adds a physical element, and he can score goals. His cap hit of $3.975 is incredibly reasonable for the value that he can bring the team and wouldn’t be difficult for the Oilers to fit under the ceiling. It shouldn’t take much to convince fans that Simmonds would be an excellent acquisition. There’s one problem, though. He’s also a good fit on a lot of teams. With that in mind, it won’t be easy to pry Simmonds from the Flyers’ hands.

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Hard Pass

The Flyers are sort of a strange team to follow. They made the playoffs last season but weren’t at all aggressive at the trade deadline. Last off-season, they dealt Brayden Schenn off of a career season to the St. Louis Blues for Jori Lehtera and two first-round picks. So the team is good enough to contend for the playoffs right now, but general manager Ron Hextall seems content with taking it slow and building through the draft.

Would Edmonton give up their first-round pick in 2019 for potentially only one year of Simmonds? I imagine that’s what the Flyers are going to be looking for as Hextall has gone hard at acquiring draft picks. Over the past three drafts, the Flyers have selected nine times in the first two rounds. They have two first-rounders and one second-rounder this year.

Will that pattern continue? Or does Hextall want something that can help his team win right now in exchange for one of the Flyers’ best wingers?

  • Rhettzky

    I like Simmonds but I wouldn’t bet the farm on a Stanley cup this year. That being said, I wouldn’t trade the pick or any assets really for one year of Simmonds or Karlsson or anyone else for that matter. We’ve proven in the last few years that one player won’t bring home the cup. Make a deal with term or keep the pick. Draft, develope, win.

  • We are on the 12 team list. I don’t know why tho?
    -we’ve got passionate fan base that runs players out of town
    – terrible weather from Nov – May
    – McDavid
    – and the Best management group in the league
    It makes no sense.

  • Spydyr

    “Would Edmonton give up their first-round pick in 2019 for potentially only one year of Simmonds? ”

    If they do that they are even more stunned than I think they are and that is saying a lot.

  • E-Mac

    Love Simmonds and he would fit in very well obviously. However, it makes no sense to trade for a guy with no term. And even still, he could be Lucic all over again when he’s looking to re-up at 6 x 6. I’m not sure how many good years he would even have left, but most likely the last 3 won’t be pretty.

    • Edmonton Eulers

      I agree in that I don’t think he has a lot of good years left. He plays a physical style of game, and as we’ve seen with a lot of power forwards, those guys drop off quick. I also think that’s why Philly is trying to get a return for him now while he still has value

  • Drivefastfinishlast

    If the Oilers can trade Lucic and this will help keep JP in the minors. I am down for it.
    I’m not a fan of having JP in the NHL.
    1. Doesn’t get PP or OT time.
    2. Plays only 5-10 minutes a night.
    3. Drafted as a top 6 but plays bottom 6.
    4. Doesn’t play with skilled players
    The Condors are looking good this year. JP would fit right in. He can develop properly without getting benched when he makes a mistake.

    • crabman

      Puljujarvi played 13:22 a game last year with only 44 seconds per game on the PP. I thaught he shiuld have spent his entire 1st year in Bakersfield and started last year as well. He is in his 3rd year pro hockey and this is the year many of gis comparables have their breakout season. Unless the Oilers make a move to bring in a legitimate top 6 RW to push him down to the 3rd he will spend a good chunk of his season in the top6 even if he doesn’t start there. And I suspect with the new couching staff we will see a lot more of Puljujarvi on the PP.

  • Bobber

    What do you suppose McDavid would bring in trade?? lets face it, even with him scoring 108 points they can’t make the playoffs. McDavid would fill a LOT of holes. Imagine what teams would give up for him. Sounds like insanity right? He’s one guy, and if he ever gets hurt for any length of time then what. Right now he could garner amazing value. Just spit balling here.

      • Bobber

        Lol nope not Lowe. Like I said just spit balling. I’d rather have a winning team without McDavid than a losing one with him. I figure he’d bring 3 immediate stars plus some draft pics. The only reason I watch the Oilers now is to see what he does to amaze me. Pretty sad isn’t it. That’s why its called a team game, Vegas should have taught you that. This team is one dull skate blade away from losing McDavid for a season and then what. No McDavid No Playoffs.

  • Oiler Al

    If Kassian applied himself , there would be no real need to move on Simonds.
    Similar players, although Simonds is the better scorer, but at almost twice the cost and is couple years older.If you trade for Simonds ,then Kassian has to go.

    • crabman

      Simmonds is a 30 goal scorer and Kassian has never had 30 points. In what world is Kassian on the same level as Simmonds? It isn’t just a matter of Kassian not applying himself. Simmonds is a perennial top6 winger the only reason Kassian would be moved would be cap relief not because his position/role would be replaced.

    • Bobber

      Yup he’s a great player alright and gobbles up 12 mil a year. If the idea was to have the best player in the world, pay him a ridiculous contract and NEVER make the playoff then Oilers fans should be over the moon happy.

      • HOCKEY83

        If he is the best player in the world then his contract is not ridiculous as it is very close to what the already best players in the world are getting. They’ll be more contracts similar to his in the not to distant future. His contract is nowhere near as ridiculous as Carey Price contract. 10.5 mil until he’s 38 for a goalie is ludicrous. Add that to Weber’s 7.8 mil until he’s 40 and that handcuffs Montreal from signing any significant forwards for a lot of years.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I like Simmonds, I think it would be worth inquiring about. The guy hits, he’s responsible defensively and plays a hard game on his opponents, something the Oil could use and he can put pucks in the net which the Oil need. Worth kicking the tries

    • Bobber

      I’d love for the NHL to abolish the notion that millionaire hockey players should have not only the privilege of playing a game and making absurd money but that they also should be able to cherry pick where they play. That option HAS to go!!!! Don’t want to earn millions playing in Edmonton or Arizona? then pack yer sh*t and go get a day job!!

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        Yeah!! How dare those guys who get twelve stitches and go back on the ice demand job security and stability for their family and loved ones from billionaires who get paid off of their sacrifice!!


      • D

        @Bobber = I’m sure the NHL brass can’t wait to force a lockout on this particular issue. Superstars don’t want to play in Edmonton or Arizona, but would rather play in big TV markets like New York and LA? Yeah, let’s force them to play in unknown small markets, we’re happy to take the cut in TV-related revenues.

  • Vanhellian

    Did Vegas not demonstrate that you CAN go far withOUT the proverbial stud Dman? They also proved that its much more about coaching and team chemistry/work ethic than star power. If Simmonds were traded here Oilcountry would have him pegged as scapegoat within a year and, like looch, would turn from a dream come true to a nightmare. We already got our saviour (#97) why are we still waiting for more?

      • McRaj

        Lucic has scored 30 goals before, and cracked 60 points twice. So much for not even close. Research before commenting people, that’s what the internet is for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HOCKEY83

        Lucic has scored 30 in a season and over 20 a few times. Lucic average points per game since entering the NHL is .59 points per game and a plus 105 – Simmonds is .58 points per game and a minus 46 career stats

        • SamMalone

          So Simmons has had 226 career goals in 762 career games, Lucic has had 192 goals in 811? Also Lucic only got his higher +/- because he was on the Bruins for so long, what has the Bruins had better every year than philly? Defence And Goaltending, throw more stats my way, at the end my point was who is faster? Simmons or Lucic? Common now

  • Gravis82

    one year of Wayne Simmonds for a 1st round pick that will probably play for us for a decade. Have we all gone mad? Seriously.

    Everyone needs to get their head around the fact that we are not on the cusp of winning. We need a long term plan ASAP or McDavid will be a greybeard by the time we get there. Trading a first round pick for a 29 year old player cannot be more foolish. Espei wkss_team_LPN_1 wkss_team_OT_2 wkss_team_PAR_3 wkss_team_PHARM_4 wkss_team_PHYS_5 wkss_team_PA_6 wkss_team_PHYSIO_7 wkss_team_RECEP_8 wkss_team_RN_9cally since its going to be the highest pick we will get in a while, with the highest likelihood of becoming an impact player. Sure might not happen, but if it doesn’t find a 20 goal scorer in free agency for goodness sakes.

  • percy

    Love to get Simmonds on a new contract. Simmonds would be a great fit. Build our def from within. Bring in a winger to play with dri. Sometimes the best def is an offense. Don’t trade our 1st pick, big mistake.

  • percy

    Simmonds on dri wing, hopefully a good backup and keep the 1st pick. All moves In the right direction. Our def are building, don’t give up on them. Our biggest problem last year was goal tending and not putting points on the board. This will get us to the post season….. I think…… upgrading our def maybe later on..