(Video) Dustin Nielson and Jason Gregor recap the Peter Chiarelli presser

As you know, Dustin Nielson made his way down to Dallas for the NHL Draft this weekend to act as an official Oilersnation correspondent. While there, he will be bringing you live video conversations on our Facebook page all weekend long. This morning, he answered all of your questions from Twitter in his first video of the day (have a look back at that now) and for his second video, he’s joined by Jason Gregor to recap the Peter Chiarelli press conference that just wrapped up.

Topics of discussions:

  • The possibility of moving the 10 pick for a defenceman
  • Moving back in the draft historically
  • The Chiarelli answer of “no comment” to the question of was there a trade request by Milan Lucic
  • The Lucic issue and going forward with number 27
  • Scheduling rumours and the trek back from Europe for the Oilers and their pre-season trip

Have a watch of the video here:

Like what you’re seeing from Dusty so far at the Draft? Have an idea of the insight you’d like to hear from him going ahead here? Let him know in the comments below. Make sure you check in with all our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) for all the updates and videos from Dallas and beyond.


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  • Loil

    Seems like a waste of cap space to buyout Gryba when he could simply be buried in the AHL with the Condors. Unless there is an impending move or trade forthcoming? It simply doesn’t make sense. Another poor assessment of assets and cap space if this is all that comes to fruition.

    • TruthHurts98

      He doesn’t have enough cap space to sign Nurse so he thinks this will help. Nope, now he’s got to offload Nuge for Reinhart 2.0 along with the first round pick.

    • pucknlazy

      Potential reasons for the buy out: 1 – Lucic will not be traded before July 1 when his bonus is due and they require extra cap room to make a splash on a UFA. 2 – They see no value in burying him in the minors potentially reducing playing time for developing players. 3 – They are doing Gryba a solid and letting him move on to another location (Europe, another organization). Gryba’s salary still counts against the cap (unless I’m mistaken) until the start of the season when he can be sent to the minors. They might have needed that savings to sign player(s) in free agency.

      ** note: not a PC burner account

      • crabman


        By buying out Gryba they add 300K to the cap. Because he made less than $1M he can be sent to the AHL with no cap penalty and they don’t need to wait until the start of the season to do that. Every team has a number of AHL players on 1 way deals that don’t count againt the big club. An NHL team is also allowed to be over the cap by a small percentage during the offseason as long as they get under the cap for the start of the season.
        If they didn’t want him to eat up minutes from prospects on the farm they could play him on the bottom pair, leave him in the press box or even tell him to stay home train and cash his cheques. There is no reason he had to block playing time for the prospects. The team could even lend him to another AHL team or to Europe if a team wanted him. This buy out makes no sense.

    • Danoilerfanincalgary

      It allows the Oilers another signing getting rid of Grybas contract. A wise move knowing Gryba won’t be on the Oilers main roster. Freeing up a contract is considered currency. Being critical of Chia is fair in a lot of cases but not with this particular move.

      • crabman


        The Oilers only had 40 roster spots taken up with Nurse and Strome to sign. Leaving 8 spots on the 50 man roster. They don’t have cap room to add more than a few bottom roster NHL players and unless they plan on filling the AHL with veteran minor leaguers blocking the prospects there is tons of room on the 50 man roster. adding another roster spot wasn’t worth the 300K cap hit especially now that we know the cap is only rising to $79.5M.

  • TruthHurts98

    A tire fire is what this organization is. PC is one of the worst GM’s in the league along with Dorian in Ottawa and MB in Montreal. Trade the pick? Your farm team is awful. The pipeline is depleted and PC loses every big trade. The Oilers are on the wrong path led by hockey incompetent fools.

  • 2centz

    I know what you’re saying Jason,but that trip is a team bonding trip,and I feel they are lucky that there’s only 8pts up for grabs. Historically,hasn’t most teams that have started abroad,gone on to have sub par seasons?