(Video) Dustin Nielson answers your Draft questions and other updates from Dallas

Dustin Nielson jumped on Facebook Live over on our Facebook page to answer your Draft questions, talk a little bit about the Oilers options at #10, and what to expect from the rounds that follow. 

In video number one from the NHL Draft, Dusty gets things started by giving you updated on what’s going on in Dallas, looks at some of the options that the Oilers have for round one, as well as answering any questions that came in from Twitter or the Facebook chat.

Check it out:

Dusty will have more Facebook live videos coming up as we progress through the weekend so keep your eyes on our social media accounts for your chance to ask him questions and also to keep yourself updated on all things NHL Draft.


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  • The Whispererer

    I watched a short feature on Dobson on Sportsnet last night. He’s my guy now. Just exudes Character, Commitment to being the best, Capability in all zones in the clips that were shown. If the Oilers get him i’ll be over the moon.


    Nice Job DN!

    I liked Dobson months ago then he played better down the stretch so I doubt we will get him. However I think more forwards will go in the top 10 then once thought. Whoever Montreal picks will change the draft if it’s off the board or varries in any way.

    This is my mock draft now
    1-Buf. Dahlin
    2-Car. Svechnikov
    3-Mon. Tkachuk/kotkaniemi
    4-Ott. Zadina
    5-ARi . Dobson
    6-Det. Hughes
    7- Van. Bouchard or Centre (Tkachuk) if Avaiable . They are rebuilding so might even take Boqvist
    8- chi. if Boqvist available they take him to replace aging vets. No rush on time with him. Safe play is Wahlstrom. Wildcard Hayton.
    9-NyR. Walstrom or Bouchard ( best player available ) wildcard is Hayton
    10-Edm. We get what’s left over which could be most likely in This order Boqvist.Wahlstrom. Bouchard.
    I would even take Wilde and trade down if possible for the 12 overall and a good 2nd round pick.
    Could TY smith get taken before the 9th and shake things up ? His offensive numbers are excellent , that could sway things greatly. Same with Hayton and possibly Farabee if they move into the top 10.