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Oilers “aggressively” shopping 10th overall

Buckle up, Oil Country. It’s going to be a wild ride today. According to Ryan Rishaug, the Oilers are aggressively shopping the 10th overall pick in tonight’s draft for immediate help on the blueline.

We’ve heard quite a few names attached to rumours in regards to the Oilers improving their blueline. There’s been Buffalo’s righty, power play specialist Rasmus Ristolainen, Boston’s offensive dynamo Torey Krug, Carolina’s multidimensional Justin Faulk, and more. Beyond that, Erik Karlsson is going to be dealt out of Ottawa and the Blues are apparently taking calls on Colton Parayko. There are a lot of interesting defencemen in play, but, as we know, none of them are going to come cheap.

Chiarelli is in a difficult position. After a miserable 2017-18 campaign, he’s desperate to get immediate help for the team’s roster so the Oilers can have a rebound season. The organization has been patient with Chiarelli and his long-term plan, but you have to think he’s on the hot seat and that another year missing the playoffs would cost him his job. That’s what makes this situation difficult. Other general managers around the league know Chiarelli is working from a point of desperation, so they obviously aren’t going to be doing him any favours.

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The last time Chiarelli used draft picks in a trade to help the blueline, he dealt a first- and second-rounder to the Islanders in exchange for Griffin Reinhart. Obviously that was a disaster from moment one, so hopefully Chiarelli has learned from the mistake.


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    • Natejax97

      If we go for parayko…which I am in favour of…then one of our dmen will be in the trade as we have too many…so one of klefbom, Reg or Russell would be involved along with the 10th overall. This would be a blockbuster to say the least. Parayko is the only guy listed I would consider moving Klefbom for. The wildcard might be Nurse and a second rounder for parayko…

    • Drivefastfinishlast

      Klefbom+#10 pick and maybe a conditional that depends on how far the Oilers go in the playoffs.
      If Klefbom can stay healthy he is on par with the same amount of points as Parayko, Also Klefbom is a year younger with a better contract.

      I think Nurse+#10 would get it done for sure. But I like Nurse and if the Oilers plan on trading Lucic they will need Nurse.

      As much as I don’t think JP should start in the NHL this year, once he matures mentally he will be a force.
      Oilers have to play it smart. Maybe trading for a player with one year on his contract isn’t a bad thing. With the pending upcoming expansion draft next year, the Oilers won’t be so lucky as last time. Russell, McD and Leon will need protecting.


    Everytime I remember or someone talks about the Reinhart trade I am blown away. What a sh*tty use of draft picks. This is the kind of thing that makes me distrust Chiarelli

    • NeverWas

      I wonder why Hutton hasn’t been linked to oilers more. Hutton probably doesn’t get the 10th overall by himself but Hutton and a later pick in this draft might… fills the needs of both teams.

      • First, Hutton is a LHD. Second, he’s been failing the eye and analytics tests badly lately. His point totals and possession metrics are AHL-level. If you accepted the #37 pick and Hutton for the #10 pick, it would be a massive rip-off. A Top 10 pick for a 2nd rounder + bottom pairing defender?

  • Rama Lama

    That’s funny……..PC learned his lesson from trading essentially two first round picks for a bag of nothing!

    I was always under the impression that a seasoned GM ( like we were told PC is ) does not come with training wheels. Well if that’s the case, we should never hire another GM again. I say the fans have more hockey sense than PC!!

  • Bills Bills

    If this is true, PC has almost no belief that Bouchard will be available at 10. But dealing the pick before they are called to the podium is a bad idea.

  • Bobber

    He’s going to get fleeced!! Some other GM is going to fleece Chia knowing he’s desperate. I can see our # 10 and Klefbom sold off for a Faulk type. This would be right up Chia’s alley. Hold on Oiler fans its going to hurt.

      • crabman


        I don’t love losing Klefbom and 10 in a deal for 1 player but getting 29th back makes the move easier to take. A move for a defenceman will force the team to move out a defenceman in the deal or a seperate deal and unless Sekera is the one to move I fully expect the guy moved to be Klefbom. I really like Klefbom but there is still a risk involved with his injury history and I would move him in a Parayko move.
        I would also consider trading down again if we brought in the Blues’ 29th pick. Trade the 29 to NYI for 41, 43. There could be some defencemen still available at 29 that I like but odds are they are all off the board and there are no forwards I love in that range. Usually the gap in talent between late 1st and early to mid 2nd is negligible and i would like to give Gretzky more picks in that range.
        3 of Ylonen, Berggren, Olofsson, Addison, Marchenko, Durzi, and Rodrigue would be a heck of a draft while adding the top4 RHD to help now and play with the McDavid cluster for years.

        • Natejax97

          Nice analysis. We can agree that with a klef parayko trade completed our defense would be set for the next 3 years and can then concentrate on finding some wingers. Looks legit!!

  • Abagofpucks

    Petey isnt the only gm that needs to make his team better . If they can get parayko for our 10th pick plus a roster player im in . I just hope its not a player we consider a core player.

  • E-Mac

    Too bad we drafted Mitch Moroz 32nd overall when Parayko went 86th. Hindsight is 20/20 no doubt, but drafting Moroz and his 25 points in 66 games played Draft Year 32nd overall was ridiculous.

  • Abagofpucks

    Gryba was moved out for a reason , When i heard they did this i thought to myself is there making room on the farm for a defenceman thats currently playing on the roster because they are possibly working on a deal for an upgrade to our defence.

  • Bobber

    What makes a 86th overall pic (Colton Parayko) such a big deal? Doesn’t appear to be very offensive minded, 35 points in 82 games last year. Tell me this guy doesn’t warrant the #10 pic and one of our D.

    • E-Mac

      I think playing behind Shattenkirk and then Pietrangelo has limited his PP time significantly. He would immediately become the Oilers PP QB and put up 50 points minimum.

      He is 6-6 and can skate. His shot is ridiculous. He is a helluva dman.

      • Natejax97

        Exactly why I think there is no way St Louis moves him. Why on earth would they…he is 5.5 for the next 4 years…one of the best value contracts around.

  • Spydyr

    Focking morons. It does not surprise me as Chia is trying to save his job and think about today screw tomorrow has been the Oilers mantra in the Katz era. Still focking morons.

    • NewPants

      I unfortunately have this same vision. Oiler moves look bad but could be ok and turn out bad. My faith is basically at ****it.
      I’m good with getting a D upgrade for the pick and then get a forward for a LHD.

      • Spydyr

        I can see looking back in five years when the player the Oilers traded for to help immediately is long gone and saying it sure would be nice to have the “fill in the blank” player taken in the tenth spot on the team.

  • btrain

    This is one of the main reasons for firing a GM. He is now in a position where his own short term agenda is likely to trump the best long-term interests of the franchise. Hopefully he is actually shopping hard and not just waiting for the first deal he can find to plug and play, like it seems he usually does. However, my preference would be to just take the pick. I think its the only way Chia, in his desperate position, can come out ahead both short and long-term.

    • Die Hard Oiler Fan

      Exactly. If he does in fact proceed with a trade for an established RHD involving any of the forementioned (#10 pick, Klefbom, Nurse, 2nd round pick, etc.), and gets fleeced again, he should be fired. Since Bob Nicholson is so sold on “the plan” (does anyone including Bob have any idea what the plan actually is ?), and supports it and Chia, he should be given his walking papers as well. Here’s praying Chia can’t find a trade partner and we just draft a very good, cheap prospect at #10. Scary times.

  • Kepler62c

    I mean if he somehow swung a 10th Overall for Parayko straight up, that’d be alright with me. But it won’t be alright with St. Louis, so best to stay put and go BPA.

  • CMG30

    Should have fired him the moment the season ended, if not sooner. I guess now we just have the faint hope that by mathematical average, Chirelli can’t lose EVERY big trade.

  • D'oh-ilers

    When it’s trading season and Chiarelli is at the helm, I get more uncomfortable about what’s about to happen than when I go to the doctor’s office and hear the doc snap on the rubber glove.

    Ohhh… this is going to suck.

  • Abagofpucks

    Im gonna go out on a limb and say pete will win his next move , Im sick of all the negativity even tho pete hasnt made out very well . Maybe he learns from past performances and makes good . But he does have to win the next deal no doubt about it .