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Can Tobias Rieder fill a skill role in Edmonton?

Tobias Rieder returns to Edmonton after being drafted by the organization in 2011 and traded away in 2013. The Oilers sent him to Arizona before he finished junior hockey, and he spent a year and a little bit in the minors before making the NHL. The Oilers will now benefit from one of the few useful players they’ve drafted past the first round in a long time.

Tobias Rieder Career Stats

Season Age Team GP G A PTS S S% ATOI CF% rel SH TOI PP TOI 5v5 p/60
2014-15 22 ARI 72 13 8 21 189 6.9 16:54 1.3 1:15 1:22 0.86
2015-16 23 ARI 82 14 23 37 189 7.4 17:18 4.2 1:56 2:11 1.42
2016-17 24 ARI 80 16 18 34 155 10 17:19 0.5 2:23 1:08 1.32
2017-18 25 ARI/LAK 78 12 13 25 114 11 14:39 -2.6 1:12 0:18 1.28

Rieder’s been a productive middle-six forward who can play both special teams. He had a dip in production and time on ice last season and was sent off to Los Angeles where he wasn’t qualified. Rieder’s seen significant shorthanded time in his career, and will be a welcome addition to Edmonton’s porous penalty kill. He’s been a decent possession player up until last season.

Rieder adds speed and has a good opportunity to play with one of Edmonton’s skilled centers. He might already be Edmonton’s best right wing and could end beside the most talented center he’s ever played with. Other than his brief time with Jeff Carter and Anze Kopitar in Los Angeles, Rieder hasn’t played with the best of players in his career.

14-15 15-16 16-17 17-18
Doan Hanzal Martinook Stepan
Gagner Duclair Hanzal Perlini
Vermette Vermette Vrbata Dvorak
Arcobello Boedker Doan Domi
Chipchura Richardson Perlini Carter
Hanzal Tikhonov Duclair Keller
Doan McGinn

This includes every forward Rieder’s spent 100 5-on-5 minutes with in his career. He’s played with a lot of mediocre players on poor Arizona teams. There’s a glaring hole at right wing in Edmonton. Rieder could easily end up beside Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Edmonton’s right side includes: Ty Rattie, Jesse Puljujarvi, Drake Caggiula, Zack Kassian, and possibly Kailer Yamamoto. Rieder is by far the most proven of that group and the only one with a 15-goal, 30-point season in the NHL.

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He might not be the scoring winger Oilers fans were hoping for this offseason, but he’s spent a lot of time alongside Martin Hanzal on the Coyotes’ shutdown line in previous years. He shouldn’t be out of place facing good competition with either McDavid or Draisaitl. Edmonton has a few competent left wings with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Milan Lucic on the roster, but they lack the wingers on the other side.

Rieder is a nice pickup for just two million per year. He’ll be a restricted free agent after next season and could fill a depth role long-term for the Oilers. Edmonton has almost no established right wingers in their top nine currently and Rieder should be able to seize that role given his competition.


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2014-15 Arizona Coyotes NHL 72 13 8 21 14 -19
2015-16 Arizona Coyotes NHL 82 14 23 37 10 -21
2016-17 Arizona Coyotes NHL 80 16 18 34 6 -8
2017-18 Arizona Coyotes NHL 58 8 11 19 6 -11
2017-18 Los Angeles Kings NHL 20 4 2 6 0 -1 4 0 0 0 0
NHL Totals 312 55 62 117 36 4 0 0 0 0


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    I think Rieder is going to make some magic with his fellow countryman Draisaitl this year. #postivefriday

    On an unrelated note: Do you ever wonder if Rieder is a nevernude and is always wearing jean shorts like Tobias from Arrested Development? Ya, me neither.

  • Jimmer

    We do this every year. Pump the tires on players prior to the season starting then crap on them when they don’t “over-deliver.” He’s a 3rd liner that can occasionally play up…that’s it. We need a true top 6 RW. If that means trading next year’s 1st round pick to do it…then do it. We will miss the playoffs again if we continue to play this “what if game.”

  • The Future Never Comes

    Another player pegged to suddenly surge in his career before he even plays a game. Similar to Strome last year who was deemed to magically bump up to 1 RW beside McD and smoke he’s career total from years past. Again, unrealistic expectations and burdens placed on incoming players before they dawn the Oiler jersey. Either they hit the ground running in the first couple of games of the season or they are a bust and the entire City jumps on their confidence.

  • CMG30

    Competition! The more options the better. Ideally you let the players decided who plays top line through their performance on the ice. Whoever develops chemistry and can keep up with McDavid along with the ability to finish is going to take it. Is that going to be Reider? He’s got as good a chance as anyone else and as long as it’s someone I’m good. Regardless, Reider seems to have some skill on the PK and that’s something that this team sorely lacked last season.

  • Nugent-Bagkins93

    This guy looks like a player. Would not be in the least bit surprised to see him maintain a consistent 20-30 point range for the next 20 years. Reminds me of a young Jochen Hecht!

  • SmyttysMulletsRevenge

    I said it once and ill say it 1000 times.
    Poolparty has all the tools to be that RW, but no one wants to give him real time in the top 6 to develop and have actual elite scorers.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Maybe HE doesn’t want to move up too quickly? Ever wonder why he just stands their making funny faces when the coaches are trying to seriously communicate with him. Isn’t it also odd that the Finnish Coach sent him home & didn’t want him on the team when sent over to a world Jr. tourney? I always wonder why he was sent home? Had anyone ever interviewed that coach? I’d really like to know the answer? Maybe Chia could secretly find out & trade Pully for lots if he didn’t like the answer.
      Cause really, if we just have a kid that doesn’t realize the importance of trying to improve himself, I say, “ship him off”… I really only take the “language barrier” thing, so far… You’d think he’d try a little harder?

  • Bond

    I don’t see how Lucy can get fast enough Period!!!
    Would like to get a top 5 draft pick, RW to play on the top line…..Oh that’s right we have one Jesse P ….why isn’t it TM’s mission in life to make this happen? Oh wait, that’s right TM is about as useful as LUCY, Reider is a nice signing, he won’t hurt the cause however they use him.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Lucic has NEVER been fast enough to play professional hockey.
      We said the same thing when he played for the Giants in Vancouver.
      What he does have though (except for the second half of last year) is an uncanny knack or getting to where the puck is going to be, before the puck.
      Fast linemates learn to work well with him. Don’t look for him, look for a spot, & he’ll be there.

      • Bluetomorrow

        I remember countless wide open chances for Lucic so this comment isn’t exactly true, he was getting to the right areas even in second half of the year.. but then he’d miss the net, hit the post or get robbed it happened for 4 months straight which was crazy bad luck imo. His S% in last 5 seasons 15.7%, 12.8%,16.1%, 13.1% and then last year 6.8%. If he gets back to 10%+ which is common place for him will be 40+ pts guy easily. 2nd or 3rd line doesn’t matter just need to bury few of those chances

  • WillyWonka

    I shudder to imagine how good is Edmonton would have been with half-decent management. Thank goodness for Chia, otherwise Edmonton could have had a dynasty cir years, but instead are weighing the merits of signing role players

  • Rieder is not a top six forward. Time to put Puljujarvi with Draisaitl. Rieder can flank Strome on the 3rd line. If you put Khaira on that line as well, all three guys have the versatility to play all three positions and take faceoffs from all dots.

  • Arfguy

    I do think that Rieder will do well. Whether he’s playing on the first, second or third line, I think he’ll add something the Oilers really need: skating speed. I don’t know why, but a lot of the Oilers looked slow last year.

    I am hoping that there will be new energy at the beginning of the season and it’ll go straight to everyone’s legs.