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Strome adds “visual training’ to his off season training regimen

Even though I have no idea what “visual training” is, I admire Ryan Strome and his willingness to do what it takes to better his game. In a recent interview with 630 CHED, he said he’s been seeing a specialist in Toronto to try and make his eyes work together.

I’ve always kind of had an eye that doesn’t see as well as the other, so I’ve tried a different approach…Theoretically the idea is to instead of kind of be guessing where the puck could be by your vision not being up to par… Hopefully it can make things a little bit easier and your instincts can take over and your brain knows what you’re doing.

This all sounds wild to me. Did the Oilers know he had eye problems before they resigned him to a $6.2 million, two year deal? Yes that’s a joke. I’m really hoping that this eye training steps his game up to the next level. Could you imagine if we saw a completely different Ryan Strome next season who puts up 60 points? I’m going to be dreaming of that tonight.

This reminds me of Willie O’Ree, who was apparently 95% blind according to his Wikipedia page. He managed to hide this fact from the NHL so they wouldn’t take away his ability to play the game when he got called up. Of course this was in 1958 so I don’t even know if eye tests for hockey players were a thing back then.

Here’s to Ryan seeing the puck better than ever next year!

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