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Patrick Maroon signs with St. Louis

Patrick Maroon will NOT be signed by the Edmonton Oilers this season. Why? Cause the big guy just signed a 1 year deal with the St. Louis Blues. Normally I wouldn’t care about a player that’s not even an Oiler signing for some random team, but this story is different. Maroon, one of the most loved players by Edmonton fans the past two seasons is returning to his home. 

In recent interviews, the un-signed Patrick Maroon has stated that he wants to play for a team that wants him there and will accept his role in the organization. The two teams he discussed wanting to re-sign with were either New Jersey or Edmonton. I think any team that were to top his list was the St. Louis Blues, however it seemed to be a pipe dream for him. I’m sure Maroon never expected to actually get signed with the Blues, because playing in the NHL in the same city that his son lives in seemed too good to be true.

I’m sure nearly every Oiler fan wanted to see Maroon sign in St. Louis, so this is delightful news to read about. Maroon proved numerous times to the city of Edmonton that he always wears his heart on his sleeve. In one of his more memorable interviews while playing a road game in St. Louis, Patrick Maroon spoke to Gene Principe in tears on how great it is to see his son again and how hard it is to be away from him. I dare you to try watch this video below and NOT feel happy for him being signed by his hometown.

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This is one of those scenarios where if you love someone, you have to let them go. Yes I was wishing that Maroon will get re-signed in Edmonton, but at this point I’m even more happy that he’s returning to St. Louis where he can be with his son.

Maroon signed a one-year, $1.75 million contract with the Blues which makes me think, could the Oilers have signed him for that price as well? I would have loved to see Maroon come back in a reduced role and smaller salary while playing a depth position. He obviously took a home-town discount with the Blues, but maybe he would have done the same in Edmonton?

On behalf of Oilersnation, we’re wishing you the best with your new team, Big Rig!

Twitter reaction

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  • Loil

    Atta boy! Initially I was upset because i was hoping to see him back with the Oilers but I am happy for him being able to play in the same town his son lives in. Just a feel good story for the big rig.

  • OriginalPouzar

    They have $3.28M of cap space and need to sign Edmundson.
    Given that’s based on a 23 man roster they will have a bit more room (equating to the cap hit of the player being removed from the roster – assuming he’s a low cap hit player).
    I believe the premise of this contract may be with a pre-negotiated extension to be signed after January 1 with a bigger hit and longer term (on the further premise that they will have more cap space for the following years).

  • His #19 jersey will always be a regular here. He has his spot in Oilers history secured for scoring the first goal Rogers. Best of luck Big Rig, I expect the “Maroooooooon” chants will be welcoming here when he returns

  • Gravis82

    What? Why on earth could we not sign him for even a million more than that. What is going on with this team. They have some delusional plan to putting together a team that in their opinion has all the right components, except those components don’t actually contribute to winning.

    Why Reider? Well he is versatile which gives the coach options. Except he is worse than maroon at one thing…scoring goals

    Why keep Nuge instead of hall, well Nuge is a center and that is what MacLellan likes, except he is worse at one thing. Scoring goals.

    Why sign Russel instead of just play the heck out of Davidson, well cause he has that quality that the coach loves, determination. Except for one thing, he is bad at defense.

    All these signings can be explained as attempts to making the coaches job easier. I think we are overlooking the influence of MacLellan here in the decision making process. I believe he wanted more say from what I recall. I don’t think its working as planned.

    • Edmontoncanucks

      Nailed it. Chia and Mclellan should be hanging from a tree by now. You knew Maroon wasnt coming back because he is a heart and soul player not a quality cherished by this regime. Hall had the gall to challenge some of the players to care more and show up..to get a grip so they banished him.

  • Dexter Morgan

    I remember at the beginning of the season how Strudwick said how Maroon should wait till free agency and see what the market brings instead of signing a longer term deal with the oilers.


  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I’m gonna miss Pat. His first game as an Oiler was nice to watch and it made me an instant fan. I’m super happy he gets to be back in St. Louis with his son and wife. Good on him, and I can’t wait for Rogers place to give him an Edmonton welcome back!

  • Eric123

    Hey guys, Maroon had major back surgery ~3 months ago. Would you sign him to a longterm, big bucks deal with that risk? Remember a guy named Nikolai Khabibulin? – he had the same surgery and was never the same.