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Happy Birthday Ryan Strome!

It’s Ryan Strome’s 25th birthday today and on behalf of Oilersnation, we would like to send our best wishes out to him. 

As a fellow 25 year old, I’m here for you Ryan if you ever have any questions about your quarter life crisis, which should be creeping up on you very soon. Strome hasn’t been with us for long, but we’ve already got a good start in developing many memories together. In fact, just a few days ago he signed a new contract with the Edmonton Oilers for the next two years. Ryan didn’t have the strongest first season with the Oilers, and I don’t think he’s too high up on some peoples “favourite player list.” I think his new contract will give him a good opportunity to rebound and try to earn some love back from Edmontonians. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do, and I hope he has the best birthday ever. Every one deserves to have the best birthday ever.

In honour of Stromer’s birthday, here are some of my favourite pictures of him. I had to dive pretty deep into the Internet for a couple of them, so I hope you enjoy.

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Family Stromer

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Puppy loving Stromer

Dressing room guy Stromer


World Junior Stromer

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Enforcer Stromer

Engaged Stromer