Saturday Sunshine: Con-Air Flight

It’s been a fun time venturing through the Saturday Sunshine article series with you. This new idea to try and bring a little positivity to the pages of Oilersnation has been exciting but I feel as though, to this point, we’ve been ignoring the brightest sunshine of all. So let us sit back, enjoy the soft sweet tunes of that familiar theme song and bask in the positive glow of Connor McDavid.

Every April 18th we gather around with all other Oilers fans like the all the Whos in Whoville and sing the praises of that special time when Bill Daly flipped that golden ticket and in an instant, the fate of Edmonton was changed for the better. The lottery ball sequence that gave us Connor will forever be a legend in Edmonton, 5-14-6-1.
There’s nothing I can write here that hasn’t been written before. I just have no doubt that most of the readers of this are like me when you hear that Connor is ours for at least eight more years and you can’t help but get a little giddy. This is the player that every team wanted. It even got to the point where Buffalo was so upset about not getting Connor that their GM came out and seemingly forgot that they would still be drafting a very good player in Jack Eichel. Speaking of Jack Eichel, the poor guy had to go into interviews and tell teams other than the Oilers that he was going to be better than Connor:
And that’s just Buffalo. Every other team had fans watching the Connor lottery draft, and the hilarity and agony in defeat for those fans knowing Edmonton got the best player to come to the NHL in years is still as good today to watch as it was back then. (zoom ahead to 3:23)
Suffice to say, if I had written “Connor McDavid is ours” and ended there, that would have been enjoyable enough. I think Oilers fans (myself absolutely included) tend to over analyze some of the other parts of this team and don’t take enough time to bask in the “sunshine” of just that Edmonton is Connor’s home.

Connor is fresh off his second season winning the Ted Lindsay award, what people are now calling the true MVP as it is picked by the players and not just some writers. He has now led the entire NHL in scoring for two years as well.

The Nation Roundup

The stats and numbers all show that we are going to be watching a player in Connor that is the generational talent for years to come. That’s all fine and dandy but along with being the paper champion, the captain has dazzled us night in and night out for three years now.

Top 10 McDavid goals of the 2017-18 season

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The articles and video footage is endless

Top 5 Oilers Goals of 2017

Connor McDavid is definitely a positive.

I’ll let friend of the Nation, the Connor McDavid kid have the last word:

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