A-Maze-ing Corn Maze

Scanning through the interwebs for Oilers related news and rumours can be an interesting time during the dog days of summer. Why just yesterday there was a tweet of people hopping in on the cutting edge of the Rick Roll fad and zinged Oilers, Kings and Red Wings fans with a clickbait headline of a three-team trade. This morning we came upon something so beautiful and frankly ridiculously difficult to make that we just had to share.

The people over at YEG Corn Maze have done it again this year with their rendition of the yearly corn maze that includes a full hockey player complete with logo and everything and then a simply unreal Oilers logo designed right into the field.

Just the thought of the amount of work that goes into something like this let alone the sheer amount of planning one would have to do to coordinate a project of this magnitude has me begging for a nap. Our collective hats are off to the folks over at YegCornMaze for their amazing vision and execution.

The boys over here at ON were already planning our trip out to the fields of Spruce Grove when we ran this highly scientific simulation and our greatest fears were realized.

RIP digital versions Baggedmilk, Cooom, Chris The Intern and Nation Dan, they died doing what they always knew they would do. Being lost in a field of Oilers.