Oilers win Golden Matrix Award for video display

According to the people at the Information Display and Entertainment Association (IDEA) the Edmonton Oilers have won a Golden Matrix Award for the “Best Overall Video Display” for their work with the jumbotron at Rogers Place.

Before we get to the award, we should probably figure out what a Golden Matrix Award means and what exactly it’s handed out for. According to the official website, the Golden Matrix Award is meant to “recognize artistic and technical excellence in the programming of large screen video and matrix displays.” And the Best Overall Video Display award that the Oilers won is given out to “teams for their entire video experience in-arena, which includes live in-game entertainment, video features and technology.”

Given the expense and tech that was put into the screens at Rogers Place, I’m not at all surprised that the technology behind them was nominated for an award, but the in-game entertainment? I guess I’m lost on that one. I guess the folks at IDEA are huge fans of the way the in-game crew shows crowd shots every 13 seconds between plays. I mean, we know the screens and video system can do a lot more than that but the voting committee must not have been able to get enough of those sweet sweet looks of random fans that don’t even know they’re on camera until someone near them points it out. Truth be told, seeing all that video of guys and gals on their phones instead of showing game highlights or something like that is exhilarating.

Either way, congrats to the Oilers on winning the GMA. If I were them, I’d be sure to make some space in the Hall of Fame Room to display that bad boy proudly.

Check out the video the Oilers posted in regards to the award: