Saturday Sunshine: La Bouche

Last week’s McDavid sunshine was so bright that it’s still shining on but the positivity never stops on Saturday at the Nation and today is no different. For a list of all the guys we’ve covered in Saturday Sunshine scroll on down to the bottom of this list but for now, sit back and hit play on that soothing sweet theme song as we bask in the glorious glow of Evan Bouchard.

When the Oilers walked up to the podium with the 10th pick at the 2018 Entry draft, there were a lot of scenarios that could’ve played out. Most people had settled on the idea that there was a clear top tier of prospects at the top of the draft and then a steep drop off after that. In the second group, there was bound to be some movement but the thought that the Oilers would find a guy they coveted would still be available in the 10th spot was certainly a surprise. The night did not disappoint, and the team that has been searching for a RHD and a PP QB had one gifted to them in Evan Bouchard.

There is going to be a summer of speculation as for what the Oilers should do with this young man, and I will gladly debate that in more articles, but this is the Saturday Sunshine zone and we are just basking in the glow that is having this young man in our group. What happens with him next season doesn’t matter yet, and for, now we’re just happy he’s here.

Two Birds with One Stone

The London Knights, a pretty damn storied franchise that owns two Memorial Cup Championships along with five OHL championships, have Evan Bouchard on their books for being the only d-man in team history to lead them in scoring. That coming from a team that has boasted the likes of:

  • Michael Del Zotto
  • Daniel Girardi
  • Olli Maatta
  • Marc Methot
  • Kyle Quincey
  • Dennis Wideman
  • Danny Syvret
  • Nikita Zadorov
  • Jarred Tinordi

Not all offensive studs in their own rights, but a heck of a company to be at the top of. That man is now ours for the foreseeable future.

Here are a couple of quotes from the ISS Hockey Draft Guide, look what they say about his skating:

ISS Scout Matt Manners:

“Quarterbacks the PP. Makes a great first pass and isn’t afraid to rush the puck up ice. Effortless skater with good quickness. Plays a complete game smart player. Not many weaknesses. Needs to get stronger to play at the pro level.”

Bouchard is one of the top two-way defenders in this year’s draft. He logs a lot of minutes for London and was relied on in every situation. He is a smooth skating, mobile defender that has an effortless skating stride. He has excellent vision and composure from the back end and rarely panics or turns pucks over. He is one of the best in the age group on the offensive blue line and has a knack for getting his cannon of a shot through traffic and on net. Very good on the PP and very good at finding the open man and not throwing the puck away, can walk the line and not afraid to fake shots or passes.

For most reading this, we won’t have seen many highlights of the young man but the folks over at Prospects Center have compiled a nice little video of some his better moments.

What do we truly have with Bouchard, who knows but after watching those highlights I know I am happy to have him on our team for years to come.

Evan Bouchard is definitely a positive.

Soak Up All Previous Sunshine:

  • OriginalPouzar

    Nice write-up Dan.

    From accounts, the management team was looking to trade up to take Bouchard until it looked like it was possible that he’d fall.

    The importance of Chiarelli NOT trading for Faulk or Krug because of drafting this player cannot be discounted.

  • That's My Point

    The video hilites of Bouchard are incredible!
    This guy makes it look effortless to score, shoot one-timers and redirect passes into the net.
    Scouts are saying effortless skater with good quickness; maybe McDavid doesn’t need a winger with Bouchard on D?

  • 99bestever

    You have to off set this offensive zone high lights with his defensive zone low lights that show how week he is in his own zone. Positives aside he will need to go back to junior to work on the defensive part of his game.

  • 99bestever

    You have to off set this offensive zone highlites with his defensive zone low lites that show how weak he is in his own zone. Positives aside he will need to go back to junior to work on the defensive part of his game.