WWYDW(FE): Alternate Jersey

What Would You Do Wednesday generally tends to fall on Wednesday, hence the name, but sometimes things happen here at HQ and we get distracted by Donairs and filming Chris dancing in goalie equipment, so, here we are. Welcome to What Would You Do Wednesday FRIDAY EDITON.

It’s the Dog Days of Summer and I’m tired of obsessing over Darnell Nurse’s contract, who’s going to play with who next season (despite the fact we all know the lines are going to be put through a neverending blender), and whether or not Jesse Puljujarvi should have stayed in Europe in his post-draft year. Instead, let’s dive into more of a summer topic: ALTERNATE JERSEYS.

When the league switched from Reebok to Adidas as its jersey partner, each team got a home and away jersey without an alternate. That’s going to change this season, though, as teams are slowly starting to release alternate jerseys. Per Icethetics, four teams have revealed what their new third jerseys are going to look like in 2018-19.

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A couple of months ago, I wrote on a report by Tom Gazzola that suggested that the Oilers were going to bring back the Royal Blue jersey next season. Maybe the Royal Blue is going to return as the team’s standard home uniform or maybe it’s going to become the third jersey which would essentially be a swap of the way the team operated in 2016-17 when it first introduced the orange jerseys.

Anyways, that brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday FRIDAY EDITION. Which route should the Oilers go with their third jersey? Would the Royal Blue suffice? Should the orange jersey they currently wear at home be relegated to an alternate?

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Should they go in a new direction while also keeping in mind the history of the 2000s?

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Should they go all the way back to the metallic sperm?

Maybe stick with the same colour scheme but go the classic handwritten font route?

Maybe they can do something to go along with the Green and Gold colours of the city, as we see the Eskimos and Golden Bears wear.

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As a 1993-born baby, I’m a little biased, but I really want to see this jersey brought back to life. The dark blue reminds me of my childhood Oilers, the gritty teams without much skill that were extremely hard to play against. And, of course, they remind me of the 2006 run. I also think the rigger would make a damn good main logo on a jersey.


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