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Who wouldn’t want to watch 10 minutes of McDavid highlights?

As the offseason hits the midway point, it’s getting progressively harder and harder to find stuff to talk about as most of the NHL heads out on holidays, training sessions, and whatever else is going on. Fortunately, Connor McDavid is always worth talking about and I found a 10-minute video compilation of some of his best moments from last season that is definitely worth watching.

If there’s one thing that’s great about Oilers fans, it’s that we always find a way to get excited about the upcoming season despite having our souls crushed and hearts broken in the months before. No matter how badly things ended, tomorrow is always a new day and that’s all it takes to kickstart our fantasies of an upcoming Cup parade, or, at the very least, better days ahead. That’s why I was pretty pumped when I was cruising Reddit and found a post on the Oilers subreddit by user Staticn0ise pointing to this McDavid highlight compilation. Trust me when I say that this baby is definitely worth watching, especially if you’ve been having McWithdrawals like I have recently.

Check out the full video below:

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Personal Favs

Picking out a favourite McDavid moment from this video is like trying to choose between my children that I don’t have, but from what parents tell me it’s an impossible task. That said, I’ve got McThoughts about this compilation and all of them made my pants tighten up front.

  1. Hearing Leon Draisaitl talk about how good Connor is at the start of the video made my heart melt. Are these two besties? I don’t know but Leon talks about the captain in a way that makes me think they should have matching pajamas. “It seems like he’s from another planet, it’s not fair.” Amen, Leon.
  2. After Leon finishes talking about how awesome Connor is, spoiler he’s really awesome btw, the montage jumps into some of his puck handling abilities which are just ridiculous. I know he’s only doing stick drills but the guy’s hands are mental. So good.
  3. Ah man, Connor’s season-opening hat trick was arguably one of the highlights of the year and it’s a bummer that the season peaked that early, but that was a hell of a night.
  4. How many guys are going to make a shit tonne of cash over the course of their careers just because they played with McDavid? Some of the assists in this video are just ridiculous and I think that some of his teammates should be open to paying him some kind of royalty for the tap-ins.
  5. There’s a goal that comes up about three minutes in when McDavid steals the puck from Sergachev at the blue line and absolutely torches him on his way down the ice. How can a human being skate this fast? What voodoo does he possess in the rocket legs of his? Mercy.
  6. I will never get tired of watching Connor turnstile Drew Doughty. That is all.
  7. If I loved the McNuge highlights at the end of the video any more I would probably rip a hole clean through me trousers. Marone.
Sobering Thoughts: What if NHL players opt out of playing the rest of the season?

The Negatives

  1. I hate that we still have over two months until we’re able to watch Connor do his thing again.
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McDavid’s 2017-18 Season

2017-18 82 41 67 108 20 26 5 20 1 4 7 2 274 15
NHL Career 209 87 169 256 46 70 11 61 2 6 18 4 630 13.8