All About Kirill Maksimov

As the offseason rolls on, the newsless days provide us with the perfect opportunity to look at some of the prospects that we could be hearing more about in the future. In this edition, we look at former 5th round pick, Kirill Maksimov, who will be heading back to junior for a fourth and final season with the Niagara IceDogs. Maksimov made some waves around the Oilogosphere in 2017-18 after he finished his year with an impressive 80 point (24G, 46A) season.


Position: Right Wing — Shoots:  Right
Born: June 1st, 1999 — City: Concord, Ontario
Height: 6 feet 2 inches — Weight: 192 lbs [188 cm/87 kg]
Drafted: 146th overall (5th round in 2017)
Major Junior: Niagara IceDogs — League: Ontario Hockey League


To give us a better idea of what kind of player Maksimov is, we’ve compiled various scouting reports from around the web.

Jameson Ewasiuk, Dobber Prospects:

Consistent production has been the name of the game for the young Russian as he hasn’t been held pointless or goalless for more than two games in a row and that has only happened twice this season. Not only does Maksimov have a dangerous shot but he is also a volume shooter and has averaged just under 4 shots per game this season. He has solid size and he uses his body effectively along the boards and to shield the puck when maneuvering around defenders. Like many young, offensive minded forwards, Maksimov needs to become more consistent on the backcheck as well as in the defensive zone. With the Oilers current lack of quality top six wingers and their lack of pure shooters, Maksimov will likely be given every opportunity to seize a top nine role in the future. Things are looking bright for the young goal scorer but expectations must be tempered as he was a mid-late round pick and the Edmonton Oilers rarely develop late round picks into quality NHL players.

Dominic Tiano, OHL Writers:

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Maksimov has good size but, of course, he will need to add some bulk and is still learning to use his size. His skating is good and speed is sufficient – he can challenge defenders one-on-one and can win a lot of those races. He can beat a goaltender with a variety of shots including the backhand. His release can be hard to pick up as he can get it off quickly. Maksimov is not just a goal scorer. In my opinion, his playmaking skills are underrated in some circles. His vision is very good and he reads things quickly and can find teammates in open space or under coverage with tape-to-tape passes. Defensively, Maksimov must put in some work even if it’s just putting in more effort. Offensively, if he can add another gear to his step and pick up the physicality, there’s no telling what his limits will be.

Brock Otten, OHL Prospect Reporter

I thought he should have been drafted earlier than Edmonton got him, I think we’re seeing a how progression from him this year. He’s playing a lot more of a power game, we’re seeing a lot more consistency from his game. He’s got a really good shot, as he continues to upgrade his skating and his play away from the puck, I think he’s a legitimate prospect.



Highlights from Maksimov’s 2017-18 season:

Winning goal against the Vancouver Canucks prospects in 2017:

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Post-Draft interview after being selected 146th overall:

Media Scrum after the 2018 development camp:

Pre-Draft Hat Trick vs Owen Sound:

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2013-14 Toronto Jr. Canadiens Bantam AAA GTBHL
Toronto Jr. Canadi. Mn Mdgt AAA GTMMHL 3 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0
2014-15 Toronto Jr. Canadi. Mn Mdgt AAA GTMMHL 28 16 17 33 12
2015-16 Saginaw Spirit OHL 54 6 15 21 18 -8 4 1 2 3 2 2
Russia U18 WJC-18 4 0 0 0 0 -1
2016-17 Saginaw Spirit OHL 37 6 10 16 26 9
Niagara IceDogs OHL 29 15 7 22 15 -10 4 4 0 4 6 -3
Russia U18 WJC-18 7 3 0 3 2 2
2017-18 Niagara IceDogs OHL 62 34 46 80 72 23 10 4 6 10 16 -1


2014-15 Toronto Jr. Canadi. Mn Mdgt AAA OHL Cup 6 2 2 4 2


GTBHL 0 0 0 0 0 0
GTMMHL 31 16 17 33 1.06 12 0 2 0 0 0 0.00 0 0
OHL 182 61 78 139 0.76 131 14 18 9 8 17 0.94 24 -2
OHL Cup 6 2 2 4 0.67 2 0
WJC-18 11 3 0 3 0.27 2 1

Stats provided by Elite Prospects


  • chezzychez

    Right winger with decent speed and an a cannon of a shot. Who’s to say this guy doesn’t make the trip to Europe. The right side is weak so anybody could steal a spot. This kid took a massive jump last season.

  • Oilman99

    Here’s hoping the progression continues, a goal scoring fifth rounder would be an epic pick in Oilers history. Hope we see “Kirill the Thrill” make it all the way. A guy with his size and shot is just what Drai needs to become a 100 point man.

  • oilfan4ever

    What a change a few years have made. WE have gone from having no farm system to a farm full of suspects to finally a farm system with some prospects. Peter has made some questionable trade decisions but he also deserves some accolades for stockpiling our pantry.

    • fasteddy

      Leaving first rounders out of it, I actually don’t see this plethora of amazing picks you’re referring to…..they have played a grand total of 18 games, (Bear). It’s too early, for certain, but that applies both ways; it’s every bit as likely that very few if any of the picks will be impact players. Every team has hope that they hit on a few. To suggest Chia has stocked the cupboards any more than every gm before him or more than other gm’s competing against him is not actually accurate at all.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Maksimov might be my favorite prospect. We hear alot about his shot but he also does a great job of working to get open for that shot (similar to Ovie).

    The big club hasn’t had a forward with a shot like Maksimov has since Jason Arnott (maybe Jarett Stoll).

    There is not guarantee that Maksimov will “make it”, however if he keeps developing and does happen to “make it”, he’s going to score some goals with that shot – for sure.

    He’s already exceeded expectations for a 5th overall pick – can’t wait to see how he does in his draft plus 2 year.

      • Arfguy

        I see. Well, rather have him as an “up-and-comer” rather than rush the player to the big leagues. I feel pretty optimistic about a few of the prospects in the Oilers pool. Might be some good fortunes in the future for the Oil.

  • NZOF

    “after he finished his year with an impressive 80 point (24G, 46A) season.”

    I think you’ll find that should be 34G, 46A for 80. Unless 24+46=80 now. Math seems “different” these days from when I was in school 😉

  • OilCan2

    Wow! It looks like we have even deeper depth. Kiril posted legit numbers and will most likely improve on that with the Ice Dogs again. I for one would like to see him lace em up for the nine.


    The way I see it and possible order of young drafted players we have coming in order.
    Yamo- fringe nhl
    Benson-2 way
    McLeod-2 way center
    Marody? Dark horse to make the team this year ?
    This is looking very exciting for our team in the next 2-3 years to merge these players with our current core