Oilersnation Radio Episode 1 – A New Beginning

Welcome, welcome, welcome friends to the first ever episode of Oilersnation Radio! It’s a brand new podcast here at the Nation that will be a little bit more Oilers-centered than what you’d hear on the Real Life Podcast but still packaged with the same kind of feel and vibe.


NHL Top-100 Players

Trying not to read player rankings is as difficult as not eating a scrumptious Big Turk sitting in front of me. I love reading rankings of players. I devour a Big Turk when I see it. Of course, I rarely will agree with every aspect of the rankings, nor with those who dislike the deliciousness…


All About Ryan Mantha

For the Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Mantha was a defensive prospect that came with plenty of promise and potential when he was signed as a free agent with the organization in March of 2017. That was, of course, before a devasting eye injury shut him down for the remainder of the 2017-18 season, putting his hockey…


The Roundup

Flames blueline overhaul has begun; has the plan been executed in Edmonton; Canucks kicking tires on Karlsson; Zetterberg missing at least start of season; what the Leafs can realistically do this year; every teams third line center, prospect rankings and more in this week’s Nation Roundup.


Nation Donair Tour – Simon King

Another week, another donair tour stop! This week we were joined by Global news anchor, Carole-Anne Devaney. She loves to eat donairs, but claims not to be an expert in them. She’s never had a donair before 2AM before and couldn’t be more excited to dive into a Simon King donair recommended by one of…


WWYDW(TE): How should the Oilers develop Evan Bouchard?

Evan Bouchard is stuck in purgatory. Let me back up for a second. The NHL and CHL have an incredibly flawed deal worked out that keeps Major Junior players from playing professionally in either the AHL or ECHL before they either turn 20 years old or have played four seasons in the CHL.


Looking for a smile today? Here are some Nuge highlights

As I stated in my Connor McDavid highlight article, August has been a slow month filled with smoky weather and a lack of Oilers news. The anticipation with the season being around the corner is too much to handle at times, so I wanted to help out by reminding everybody how cool Ryan Nugent Hopkins…


All About Skyler Brind’Amour

To many hockey fans, the last name Brind’Amour looks awfully familiar on the back of a jersey, and for good reason. Skyler Brind’Amour, the son of former Stanley Cup Champion Rod Brind’Amour, was drafted by the Oilers in the sixth round of the 2017 NHL Draft, and recently finished his rookie season with the Chilliwack…


Is this the Plan?

Back in March, Oilers Entertainment Group Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman Bob Nicholson hopped on Hockey Night in Canada to discuss the Oilers’ disappointing season with Sportnet’s David Amber, Cassie Campbell, and Doug MacLean. Nicholson wasn’t happy with the season, and talked about evaluating, high expectations, and patience. Twitter blew up. Oilers fans heard it all…


The Want List – Defensemen/Goalies

Earlier in the week, Connor McDavid made it be known that he wants to score more goals this year so I gave you a list of what the rest of the Oilers forwards should want from the upcoming season. Time to follow up with a look at the back end and the duo between the…