Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Lucic on DeRozan, Being an Adult, and Oilers Tickets

Another Wednesday means another appearance with the boys at The Locker Room. As per tradition, I jumped on the 95.7 Cruz FM airwaves to talk to the guys about the Oilers, about life, and about anything else that’s worth mentioning.

On this week’s appearance, we started off by talking about Milan Lucic’s comments regarding the DeMar DeRozan trade out of Toronto where he called the basketball star a “bitch” for complaining about the trade. Personally, I always enjoy some good beef so I thought the comment was funny for the most part. Next up, we looked at the first time I realized that I was actually an adult, which seems ridiculous considering that I call myself Baggedmilk on the Internet as a career choice. Lastly, we touched briefly on the Oilers tickets launching today and what that means for you if you want to score some. So why not kill off a few minutes of company time and join us down the rabbit hole. You’ll be glad you did.*

*results may vary

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