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“I do not even think about the AHL, NHL is my place” – Jesse Puljujarvi

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve heard a lot of summer updates from some Oilers that are back in Edmonton like Cam Talbot, and Kris Russell. It’s been quiet for our hockey friends that live overseas like Jesse Puljujarvi. We haven’t heard much about how his offseason is going and what is training has been like. UNTIL NOW. 

Finnish writer, Jouko Vuorjoki, Kempele, sat down with our boy Pool Party this week and spoke about how his off-season is going so far, and what Jesse’s outlook onto next season looks like. You can read the full article here. Let me warn you though, the article is completely in Finnish and my Google translator extension wasn’t working properly. I’m pretty sure I figured the jist of the article out, but I had one hell of a time doing it.

It sounds like PoolParty’s having a great summer so far. He’s been skating with guys like  Pekka Rinne, Mikka Salomaki, Sebastian Aho, and Markus Nutiaara. In fact, they all participated in a very popular charity game at the end of July that seemed to be a great success. I can only imagine after a long, hard NHL season across the world from your home, how great it must feel to be back amongst your friends and family. I hope he’s soaking it all in and really enjoying his home-time.

Jesse says he trains five days a week and then travels to Torino to visit his mother on weekends. Jesse’s mother, Tuula, is an ex-Olympic skier and a great cook in the kitchen says, Jesse. As his cooking skills are lacking, Jesse loves going home for some home cooked meals.

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When asked about his game, Jesse Puljujarvi spoke with nothing but confidence.

The first two years were bullish, and one was clearly better. My absolute goal is the place in the two top [lines] of Oilers, even in the first [line], alongside Connor McDavid.

Jesse has his eyes set on the top line, and isn’t even thinking about the possibility of the AHL. This is a great state of mind for our boy and it’s exactly what we want to see from our top prospects. Puljujarvi also spoke about his ice time. If he plays strong and with lots of energy, he’d like to see his time on ice increase to 20 minutes. What’s not to love about this kids motivation?

It sounds like Jesse’s been pretty busy this offseason. When he’s not spending time with family and friends, he’s in the gym or on the ice training. In fact, he’s been SO busy that Jesse admits he hasn’t been practicing his English as much as he’d like to be.

…language skills could be better. In Canada I was studying properly, but the summer of Finland has been so busy that I have not had enough time to concentrate on it.

Whether his English speaking skills improve or declines, I will never get tired of PoolParty interviews, and I love having such an entertaining man on this team. Here’s hoping all of Jesse’s confidence and training pays off this summer. There’s nothing I’d love more to see him succeed on the top line of the Edmonton Oilers alongside Connor McDavid.

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Jesse Puljujarvi Career Stats

Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2014-15 Hokki Kajanni Mestis 15 8 5 13 8 9
2014-15 Karpat SM-liiga 21 4 7 11 10 4
2015-16 Karpat SM-liiga 50 13 15 28 22 5 10 4 5 9 2
2016-17 Edmonton Oilers NHL 28 1 7 8 10 5
2016-17 Bakersfield Condors AHL 39 12 16 28 10 -2
2017-18 Bakersfield Condors AHL 10 1 4 5 4 -2
2017-18 Edmonton Oilers NHL 65 12 8 20 14 -1
NHL Totals 93 13 15 28 24


  • BobbyCanuck

    I have always thought that at the elite pro level, there is not much physical difference between player A and player B, unless of course you are talking the McDavid’s and LeBrons of the world.

    It boils down to who is willing to put in the work, and your attitude, great piece Chris, sounds like PoolParty will be full of piss and vinegar when training camp rolls around

  • C U Next Tuesday

    Think of how much the team would benefit from a 25 goal year from Jesse. Not to mention the confidence that he would have going forward.

    This is one of my biggest wants for 2018-19.

      • Freddie the fog

        Btw nice trade by the Flames. A guy who doesn’t back check, heard him referred to as a floater. And a Dmen that is likely close to his ceiling. For a bear elite offensive Dmen that piles points up. A versatile underrated Fwd who can play up and down your four lines not to mention your best Dmen prospect in Adam Fox. If u think CGY CAME out ahead there…you don’t know much about hockey. All Treleving did was make a desperate trade on DRAFT DAY to distract Flames fans from getting upset that CGY didn’t havee a pick till after 100. Not a good enough reason when the return is less than ideal. Good luck with your pushing 40 goalie. Flames gave too much $ and term to a player like Neal on the backside, Ryan a gross overpay, And Czernak has showed no reason to believe he can put together s a full NHL SEASON. . cit


  • a lg dubl dubl

    Staple the pool man to 97, let him learn from his mistakes and let 97 93 and 98 gain more and more chemistry together. Only use Rattie as a last resort, he’s better on the 3rd line imo.

    It’s time to let the kid fly!

  • OriginalPouzar

    One key to the season for me is Jesse Puljujarvi solidifying himself as a top 6 RW, probably 2RW.

    History is literred with higher end European drafted players establishing themselves fully in the NHL in their draft plus 3 years – I see no reason why Jesse won’t follow that same path.

    One question at camp is if he starts at 2RW or 3RW.

      • OriginalPouzar

        I don’t imagine that Rattie will last long at 1RW – his skating is poor and he is pretty bad defensively which will eventually catch up with the line giving up too many goals.

        With that said, while JP would be in the mix as replacement 1RW I would think, there are others that would be as well (Yamamoto, Strome, even Aberg should get a shot at the top 6).

        Jesse may also be playing with Drai at the time or even playing well on a dominant 3rd line with Strome and Khaira.

        Lots of factors in play.

  • lee

    Edmonton can be a very tough market when it comes to the fans expectations, because of this it’s a tough place to play as a rookie.
    I personally think JP would have been better off playing another year in Europe. He came here as a small town kid who didn’t speak the language and for some reason the Oiler’s took almost 3 years to figure out JP not speaking the language was a concern.
    For JP to be successful Tod M needs to give JP the same breaks he gave Lucic for most of the season. I’m happy there is a new team of coaches, I think all the players will benefit because of this.

    • JimmyV1965

      I’m not commenting here on JP, Lucic or Tmac, but if you think and NHL coach should give the same breaks to an unproven 19 year old rookie as an established scoring vet, your knowledge of coaching is very very thin.

  • Bond 0097

    The positivity around the young man, in the article and the comments are great. I don’t want to put a limit on his production, I truly believe that with McD and Nuge if they gel early in the season they could form one of the most dynamic lines in recent nhl history. PLEASE GOD don’t let Mcleland screw this up????

  • OilCan2

    Jesse moving onto the top line sounds great. He has the tools to cash in for 25G if he sticks there. I think he has a realistic chance to do this as I look down the winger depth chart.

  • Moneyball

    I do not even think about the AHL, NHL is my place” – Jesse Puljujarvi
    That comment seems eerily similar to the answer yakupov have about retuning to the KHL.

  • Spydyr

    “I do not even think about the AHL, NHL is my place” – Jesse Puljujarvi and every other top pick in the history of the NHL.

    What high first round pick wants go go down to the AHL?

  • Oilman99

    I would be much more comfortable if JP was training in North America with elite trainers where the team can monitor his progress.I hope the team is happy with him training over there.


    I’ve liked the Skills JP has just hope he gets to finally put them all together now with some experience in playing in the bigs. I am also optimistic that he can play on the 2nd line with Leon and Lucic contributing for a 20plus goal year. I would love to have a look at Rieder Leon Pj option also and would be a decent fast line competing against deep teams.
    I hope we found a diamond in the ruff in Rattie and considering how good he looked (not out of place) in the nhl or playing on the top line he should be disregarded as an option to stay in the top 6 and it’s a great story of us lucking out with other teams not giving a guy a shot due to depth. It’s like the Vegas model, other scraps turn out to be our victory.
    If Rattie can stick, PJ progresses, Aberg shows up to practice and Yamo lights up the AhL we are looking good for many years. We look to have really good options and enough depth to support our core going forward, I am very excited for this season … let’s go boys

  • Abagofpucks

    Ah kenbone18 the smartest flames fan in the world has spoken. the flames should be a better team this year but we will see if their better than the oil. They say over at FN that their gonna own us hmmm.

  • JimmyV1965

    Patience is the key for JP. The coaches and the fan base need to temper their expectations and not run him out of town if he fails to produce for a couple years.