Real Life Podcast Episode 84: A Walk to Remember Starring Mandy Moore and Jesse Boulerice

With the long weekend in the books, the boys on the Real Life Podcast got back to business and put microphones in front of their faces to recording another searing podcast episode. 

With the hockey dead zone in full effect, the boys had to take a deep dive into their own minds and the Internet just to find something (anything!) Oilers-related to talk about. Amazingly, they were able to put together a list of blue and orange topics to talk about, but first, they took a moment to say goodbye to NHL legend, Stan Mikita that passed away on Tuesday. The boys look through Mikita’s storied career and spend a few moments talking about the amazing career transition he had, going from a scrappy player in his early days to a well-rounded force at the end of his career. From there, we took a trip down memory lane, looking at some of the first jobs the guys ever had and whether or not they were any good at them. You’ll never guess who worked at a Donkey Farm (yes, that’s a thing).

Getting back to the Oilers, the boys talked about an article written by Robin Brownlee earlier this week that looked back on the trade that brought Curtis Joseph and Mike Grier to town back in 1995. That spawned a conversation about who was the best goalie from the Oilers’ decade of darkness? When you really think about it, that is quite the crew of goalies to think about. Was it Roli? Markkanen? Khabibulin? Someone else? Lastly, the boys get into an inspired conversation on the latest happenings of Big Brother, everyone’s favourite summertime guilty pleasure. As always, the twists and turns in the conversation were many, but result in a very entertaining episode of the Real Life Podcast.

RFA Profile: Is there still room on the blueline for Matt Benning?

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