Real Life Podcast Episode 85: Edmontonia

Welcome, welcome, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another edition of the Real Life Podcast! As always, the boys are back with another 90 minutes of ear-filling wisdom that you won’t want to miss. This week, we’re talking hacks for Folk Fest, bathroom shenanigans, Hlinka Gretzky Cup drama, and all things Oilers!

As you’ve come to expect, this week’s show did not start even remotely close to what was written down on the itinerary as the boys walked you through the early days of smartphones, including Jay’s letter to his cell phone provider that landed him a free Blackberry. When the phone talk of yesteryear ended, Wanye and Jay moved into some Folk Fest event hacks that any Folk Fest fan should know. Sure, some of these hacks may not be things that you yourself would like to try, like crawling under urinals for instance, but there was definitely some good advice in there that will benefit you for next year.

With the Folk Fest conversation wrapped up, the guys looked at the drama that happened at the Hlinka Gretzky Cup Final where Canada ended up tying the gold medal game after the clock had run out. Fortunately, the tournament organizers voted against the use of video replay this year which ended up giving Canada the chance they needed to win the game. And to end this week’s podcast, the guys took questions from Twitter which included designing the ultimate third jersey for the Oilers, how Connor McDavid spends his money, DoD signings that made you happy, and whether or not Pearl Jam was overrated. Needless to say, it was a jammed packed episode of the Real Life Podcast that will make you laugh, cry, or, at the very least, kill off a little bit of company time.

Oilers sign Alan Quine to a one-year contract

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