Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Andrej Sekera, Possible Replacements, and Relaxation

As per Wednesday tradition, I jumped on the 95.7 Cruz FM airwaves to talk to the boys at The Locker Room about all things Andrej Sekera and what’s next for the Edmonton Oilers.

This week, as you’d expect, the major topic of conversation for this week’s appearance was surrounding the Andrej Sekera injury that came out yesterday. Not only did he suffer a devasting Achilles injury while training for the upcoming season, he also, as we all remember, was trying to come back from last season’s ACL surgery. That’s not exactly a great combination, and certainly not for a guy his age. From there, Grant wanted to know what should happen next so I lay out a foolproof plan that will not only help the team but also take advantage of what would otherwise be a horrible situation. Lastly, with today being National Relaxation Day, the boys wanted to know how I take a minute to chill whenever I need it, especially when the Oilers are hurting our feelings.

Check out the appearance here:

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  • 99bestever

    Has Chia been talking to Ottawa about Erik Karlsson? If not he should be! Ottawa wants to get rid of him and we need him. Stanley will make its next appearance in Edmonton 1-2 years earlier with him coming here in his prime. I can’t understand why there hasn’t been any comments on bringing in Karlsson! People just think he is to expensive for the Oilers cap. Nonsense! Any good manager on a competitive team needs to leave an allocation of at least $10 mil to continue to have a Norris quality defenceman on the roster. Bringing in him now would fit into the budget by sending salary to Ottawa. Klefbom + Lucic or Nuge reduces the Oilers budget by the necessary $10 mil. Then they would probably need to throw in first, second, and third round draft picks staggered over the next 6 years. The conditions for a trade like this: 1. Karlsson will come to Edmonton and sign an extension contract; 2. Edmonton can put together a package of players and draft picks and even money if necessary to pry him out of Ottawa. Chia if you are reading this comment do all in your power to get this done now before they send him to Vegas!