Saturday Sunshine: Swedish Stalwart

The Sunshine of positivity shining so bright even the smoke from BC fires can’t stop it from shining. Last week the focus was on the home that Strome built. this week we are going to bask in the positivity that is the first part of the solidification of our defensive corps. So hit play on that sultry and sexy theme song from Burt Bacharach and let us bask in the beauty that is Adam Larsson.

As with Ryan Strome in last week’s Saturday Sunshine, the first precursor to recognizing Adam Larsson as a positive for the team is for people to stop worrying about the cost of the trade to bring Adam in. Not many can argue the price was high in that we sent out a Hart trophy winner to get him, but few can also argue that Edmonton’s defence got much better the day we brought in Larsson. So, let us focus on the positivity of having him shall we?

With that aside many will remember back in 2011 the Oilers coveted the Nuge at first overall, but there was also a rumbling for the desire to fulfil the need for some help on the back end. The only defenceman in the top 8 players that year was a Swedish stud from Skelleftea AIK named Adam Larsson. The Oilers would go on to pick RNH and the Swedish D man would end up in the swamps of New Jersey. Fast forward to the summer of 2016 where the Oilers would rescue Larsson from the Jersey shore and bring him in to join his fellow countryman, Oscar Klefbom as the eventual top pairing of the Oilers going forward.

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Away from the ice Larsson is always a positive. Our very own BaggedMilk has put many hours into inducting Larsson into the abs Hall of Fame.

Larsson would end up being one heck of a stalwart D man, fitting the mould of the old saying “if you don’t hear their name, they’re doing the right things”.  The Oilers would be a held pad away from the conference finals, and then last year happened. Larsson suffered one of the worst losses a young man can have to bear through last year:

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Adam Larsson is back at practice

I can’t imagine going through something like that, (no less in a season that the wheels fell off of) and still coming to work every game he did and playing as well as he did.

This year, can only look up for the young man. He has some new coaches, specifically in Trent Yawney, who has been highly regarded as a players coach kind of guy, who will build him up and only look to improve his game. The Oilers D corps took a hit this summer from the news that Sekera will miss about half the season, and so Larsson will be leaned on for heavy minutes once more. A position he thrived in year one of his time with the Oil.

Adam Larsson is definitely a positive.

Soak Up All Previous Sunshine:

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I’ll admit, I was initially shocked when I heard the Hall-Larsson deal was announced. But honestly, I don’t mind it now. While it sucks losing Hall, we haven’t really suffered his absence and Larsson has just been a STUD. T quote Ryan Robinson “he reminds me of Jason Smith, but with a smoother skating stride”. I’m glad he’s on the team.

    Oh and for anyone who’s counting, the Oilers and Devils have both made the playoffs once since this deal went down. So please, stop claiming that the deal is such a win for Jersey. It’s not. We’ve scored more goals and let in less without Taylor Hall.

    • Hemmertime83

      Unless Larsson wins a Norris it is very clearly a win for Jersey. The difference between Larsson and Demers is not as great as the difference between Hall and any LW we have remaining.

    • Still no edit button?

      Your not missing his scoring? Yea because you couldn’t of used his extra 83 points last year over Adam. Larsson is a good solid defenseman but nj still won as of today

      • daryl

        Why would you compare points has no relation to value to the team. If you win with Larsson then what does it matter. Or do you maintain that the Oilers didn’t need a RHdam.

        • Still no edit button?

          They lost with him. Really they should of gotten more then just adam. But it’s better then cici which until nj stepped in was the original deal for hall

          • Bills Bills

            Rumours are just that. Obviously Ceci was not enough for PC or he would be an Oiler right now. Also why can’t both teams win in a trade? The purpose of making a trade is to improve your team. It has don’t that seemingly for both teams. So both teams won. As for Larsson needing to win the Norris for Edmonton to of won the trade, probably the second dumbest thing on the internet today.

  • Rusty Patenaude

    All of this whining about Hall and the Hart trophy need to understand that Hall was not on a trajectory to have that season in Edmonton. The trade was a huge wake up call for Taylor Hall. And by the end of his time in Edmonton (by insider accounts) Taylor Hall’s off ice behavior was a problem and his on ice performance was less than 100% invested. Looking at this past season in New Jersey we often forget that it was HIS FIRST 30 GOAL SEASON. The trade was very good for Hall, he straightened out some attitude issues and rebounded with a career year. But it most likely was never going to happen in Edmonton and if the whispers are true he created problems in the room. Larsson is none of Hall’s flash on the ice just steady and reliable in a position the team desperately needed help…off ice he brings nothing but positives. In my opinion the trade is a win/win outcome.

  • OilersBro

    I don’t like comparing Hall to Larsson but let’s be honest, a goal scored is just as valuable as a goal prevented. Look at how many zone entries Larsson denies and then try to tell me he’s not extremely valuable to this team.
    The IIHF championships this year really showed me how good Adam can be.

  • daryl

    Larsson has been a much needed add to the roster not Adams fault we drafted poorly as to position but that was in part that the years we got the draft there were no game changers available until we got Conner. We are lucky to have Adam and RNH from that draft year and Taylor can have NJ don’t have anything to say bad about Taylor but boy did we need a RH dman!

  • Big Nuggets

    It is an interesting comparison between Hall and Larsson because they have exact opposite roles on their teams. When the deal happened I thought they should be able to get more than just Larsson, that being said I was okay with the decision to trade Hall. I liked Hall but he could be frustrating to watch at times and I assumed that management felt he was not a good mentor for McDavid (management and coaches may be the true guilty parties for this as Dallas Eakins brought in a new low and when there is no fun to be had at the rink its hard to blame a 20 yr old for seeking their fun at the bar. A better coach and some veteran leadership might have kept everyones focus at the rink).

    Regardless of how well Hall plays Larsson has been a godsend to the defense and appears to be a real professional. If Larsson has some playoff heroics within the next couple years it will completely justify the trade. I’m a big Larsson fan, the trade was okay, but Chia could have gotten a pick or prospect added. I think he had his plan to sign Lucic so he didn’t take the time to drive a hard bargain.