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Oilers officially add Scottie Upshall on PTO

As reported by Good Content Guy Baggedmilk earlier in the week, the Oilers will be bringing in veteran forward Scottie Upshall on a professional tryout contract this fall.

Upshall, who turns 35 years old in October, has played his last three seasons with the St. Louis Blues. Last season, the veteran winger played 63 games and recorded 19 points playing largely in a defensive fourth line role. He also spent a lot of time with Kyle Brodziak, who the Oilers added in free agency back in July.

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It’s hard to say if Upshall has anything left in the tank at this point, but here’s obviously zero risk involved in bringing a player in on a professional tryout. If Upshall looks good in camp, Edmonton can offer him a cheap, one-year deal to plug a hole on the wings. If not, they can let him go and they have no commitment to him.

Another thing to consider, with Andrej Sekera eventually hitting the Long Term Injured Reserve, the Oilers will have some extra cap room to throw around. I would imagine Upshall isn’t the only veteran player brought in on a PTO this fall. I figure we see the team also give an opportunity to a veteran defenseman or two to potentially replace Sekera.

  • 99bestever

    Bring in Erik Karlsson to replace Sekera and anchor the Oilers defence for the next 10 years. Don’t be to frugal in trade negotiations, give what it takes to get him without destroying the Oilers core – McDavid, Draisaitl, Larson, Nurse or Talbot.

    • ThatGuy109

      Karlsson would be a great get but:
      a) He’d have to be willing to waive his NMC to come here
      b) He’d have to be willing to sign long term to make it worth it
      c) You’d have to give up some pretty decent value to get him at all.

      • 99bestever

        1. Erik would agree to come. Play with McD and win a cup in the next couple of years. 2. Yes that would be key – but why wouldn’t he? Winning Cups and making $11 mil for 10 years. 3. Yes – Nuge and Klefbom – to make room in the team cap – for Karlsson and draft choices and/or top prospects. To become a legitimate candidate for the cup you need a Norris winning Dman. Our window to the cup will be closed in 5 years when Bouchard is ready for prime time.

      • Keg on Legs

        Karlsson would be a great get but:
        a) He’d have to be willing to waive his NMC to come here- NO
        b) He’d have to be willing to sign long term to make it worth it- NO
        c) You’d have to give up some pretty decent value to get him at all.- Too Much

      • The 5 D’s

        Klefbom is good but a bandaid. Don’t get me wrong love the guy when healthy but that’s been one season aside from that since jr he’s almost always hurt he’ll use him to upgrade a d guy say Trouba or Jodi or ekholm ect and still give you ltir for a winger or two if need be

        • HOCKEY83

          I disagree. I think it’s too early to give up on Klefbom. I believe he’ll have a break out season this year providing he stays relatively healthy. I also think Nuge if he’s finally playing with some talent all season will come very close to the point a game mark. All 3 of Larsson Nurse and Klefbom could have career years this season. I don’t think losing sekera is that big of a deal.

          • The 5 D’s

            Well ya kinda since breaking into the nhl 5 years ago he’s only played one full season other than that two 60 game seasons. And 3 below 40 games. Look at Darnell he’s has less seasons and almost played as many games so ya kinda a bandaid. Again I like the player when he’s healthy but once every five- seven years if we include his jr years which he also never played a full season either is a bandaid. What’s wrong with maybe trading up using a draft pick plus a player to solidify the Defense. How many more seasons do we keep lying to our selfs that he’s a82 game guy or even a 65 game guy. Im just saying if we can trade him for something of better value why not. We gotta quit expecting players to play career years every year. But i do say he’s a hell of a player when not hurt

    • rivid

      Why when in fact if he does want to play here you can get him for nothing next year as a free agent. Also on the flip side of things, you have a salary cap that would need some serious reworking.

  • The 5 D’s

    Send a 2019 2nd rd and a 2020 3rd round condition pick to a second round for Jacob Trouba if he signs two seconds and a third. How happy can they be with him look at his Rfa contract agreements both have gone bad he’s 5.5

  • OriginalPouzar

    Brodz and Upshall didn’t have great numbers together last year but they had the most defensive starts on the Blues so that is likely a factor.

    Brodz actually had a 64% goal share in over 400 5 on 5 minutes without Upshall – Brodz had a freaking great year last year.

    I’m just fine with this, zero risk as its just a PTO. I’ve been pretty adamant that they need to bring in one more established and cheap forward to put another body between the NHL and Brad Malone who, subject to Yamamoto, is our first injury call-up.

    I’m not sure if Upshall is that guy and I think there will be some nice names on the waiver wire but I think he’s the type of player the organization respects.

    Some of the “insiders” seem to think he’ll sign and he’ll be an every day player, not a 14th forward.

    They will need to make a decision on him pretty quick, prior to heading off to Europe.

      • OriginalPouzar

        Got anything of value to add on the topic?

        The potential of a guy like Upshall getting a contract directly effects a guy like Brad Malone so, ya, I’ll continue.

        • Ryan Jones Is Still My Hero

          I don’t see what the huge issue with Brad Malone being the first call up is. I remember actually being pleasantly surprised when he was up last year, and when you look up his line stats, all 3 lines he played on for more than a shift or two were 50% Corsi For or better, and his relative Corsi was positive on all 3 lines. The line he played centre on outshot the opposition 13-3. I don’t think it is necessarily a disaster to have him as the 4th line call up. If someone higher up the lineup gets hurt, then you fit Malone in on the 4th line and shift the other players up the lineup as necessary, or maybe Benson/Marody/Yamamoto have shown enough at that point to have earned a shot on the big club. Brad Malone being at the top of the AHL call up list was far from a major issue last year, and I don’t think it will be this year either. If PC can find someone better, obviously take advantage of that, but I don’t think it is as crucial as you make it sound.

        • Reg Dunlop

          Anything of value? How about two pieces of advice. First, Upshall getting a contract directly affects Brad Malone. Using the word effects is incorrect. Second, much of your input here is interesting and worthwhile. Your Malone fetish detracts from that.

    • abbeef

      13 FWDs McDavid, Nuge, Draisaitl, Lucic, Rieder, Puljujarvi, Strome, Kassian, Khaira, Brodziak, Aberg, Caggiula, Rattie
      Players I would call up before Malone (Obviously depending on AHL performance): Yamamoto, Marody, Benson, Currie, and possibly Vesel.

      On the same level as Malone IMO:
      Russell, Gambardella

      I don’t understand the obsession with Malone. If he gets called up it’s likely to play low minutes on the fourth line or more likely to sit in the press box. Again not a huge deal IMO. I’m always in favour of more depth but not because of some fear of Malone playing 30 minutes over the course of the year.

  • Abagofpucks

    Hope he can still skate fast enough to be effective, if he can might be a good pick up more nhl experience. Im sure it wont take long to see if he does or dosent.

    • The 5 D’s

      Would love to see Kassian push for more minutes. Still think he’s a 2nd-3rd line guy look what he did in the playoffs, he can still take over games. But when demote a guy to nothing that can break a guy naw mean

    • Kneedroptalbot

      Kassian got traded out of Vancouver and Montreal. Upshall PTO’d Vancouver last year and didn’t make the team.
      ?? Why do you feel they will make a nice 4th line? I sure don’t.

      • OriginalPouzar

        I’m not sure that getting traded out of an organization is a good indicator on a player’s value. Gretzky got traded out of Edmonton and LA. Doug Weight got traded out of NY and Edmonton. Chris Pronger got traded out of STL and EDM. Good players get traded.

        If Kassian could find some consistency to his effort, he is a great 4th liner and Brodziak is an experienced center coming off a great season. I’m not sold on Upshall but he is a legit veteran NHL 4th liner. Its not a stretch to see that there are the pieces to make up a nice line.

        • daryl

          We really need to give our young prospects a chance if you bring I Scottie then Todd will just use him since Todd has not met a veteran he doesn’t like. Worst coach for young players we will see his back if he does not utilize his roster.

  • OilCan2

    PTOs are good for the camp and Upshall has a decent record and a lousy number on his birth certificate. I like the veteran profession angle and he could be OK for the 4th line.

  • I bet Will has something to say about this. He probably changed his user name after Oilersnation “upgraded” it’s website. Or maybe he got tired of wasting time and is now cruising for chicks in 1980 El Camino, with a crushed velvet interior, and a bumper sticker that reads”I brake for for boy bands.”

  • Kevwan

    Can’t complain about a guy with 759 GP on a PTO.

    I do think Chia has addressed the deficiencies on the PK and “defensive” forward with Brodziak and Reider. I would like to see a depth offensive winger like Lee Stempniak in camp. He’s only 1 year removed from back to back 40 point seasons..

      • IRONman

        Oilers need D. No nurse signing. 77 is hurt. No Sekera. So we got Russel and Larson. Ouch. I would trade for Karlsson. 77 + 1st round draft picks. Oilers do not have 5 more years to develop the D. Now or never

        • OriginalPouzar

          Nurse will be signed before camp.

          Klefbom isn’t hurt, he’s been 100% since 5 weeks after the surgery and, from accounts, is healthier than he’s been at any time as an Oiler – the shoulder was a 100% success.

          I’m not sure why people are ignoring the fact that Edmonton is on Karlsson’s no trade list and, no, he isn’t going to come here to get out of Ottawa – he actually likes it in Ottawa from all accounts. The team is a hot mess right now but he’s not aching to get away, in fact, he’s likely hopeful they can turn it around and he can stay (although unlikely).

          Not to mention Karlsson will cost a ton and will only be here for one year. The chances of him re-signing in Edmonton if he somehow does wave to come are slim to none – no that the Oilers could afford another contract over $10M.

  • TKB2677

    Can we stop with the Karlsson talk? He’s not coming here.

    Taking that out of the equation, the cost to get him would be a lot. He’s going to be 29 in May so in all likelihood his best years are behind him. Plus he needs a new contract. Doughty just signed an 8 yr, 11 mill per year deal. Karlsson is as good if not better than Doughty. So that means you are going to have to pay him AT LEAST that much. People already complain the Oilers are in cap problems, it will be worse if you add an 11 mill player into the mix.