Oilers rookies to play NAIT/Macewan All-Star team

For the second year in a row, the Edmonton Oilers rookie squad will be taking on the NAIT/Macewan University All-Star hockey team. This is a yearly tradition for the rookies to play an Edmonton collegiate team to show the fans what they can expect in the teams future. It used to be a long-standing tradition for the rookies to play the University of Alberta Golden Bears. However after a falling out last year, the annual matchup will take place against the best players from the NAIT and Macewan organization.

The game will be taking place on September 11th in Rogers Place at 7pm. Tickets will be $25 and will go on sale this Friday. Although the Oilers rookies usually come out on top over their opponent, they fell 2-0 to the NAIT/Macewan team last year. Even though the Oilers are expected to win again this year, they are facing some tough competition. The NAIT Ooks have finished first place in the ACAC league for the past six seasons in a row (winning three championships), and the Macewan Griffins have won the last two ACAC championships.

The two different styles of hockey each team plays always makes for a very entertaining game. I will definitely try to make it out to this game and I encourage all of you to do the same.

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  • OriginalPouzar

    Should be fun game – will tune in from Calgary of course – hope the stream is good (I think it was better last year but can’t remember for sure).

  • Archer

    can someone please explain why the ‘falling out’ with the U of A? I think it’s a shame that the Oilers are snubbing the Bears (second best hockey team in the city and usually a lot more entertaining than the Oilers). Great that they are helping out NAIT/MacEwan but it looks bad on them to treat the Bears this way