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Karlsson to Edmonton: So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

It’s a long shot, I know.

But I can’t stop thinking about Erik Karlsson being in an Edmonton Oilers jersey.

When it was reported the other day that clubs were starting to circle back on Karlsson as the season approached, the hairs on the back of my neck started to stand.

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It was erroneously reported yesterday that Karlsson wouldn’t want to re-sign in a Canadian city, something that had initially shot down my aspirations of writing this article examining a potential Oilers-Senators deal.

However, an early morning tweet by bearded man and NHL insider Elliotte Friedman shows otherwise.

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Realistically, can the Edmonton Oilers make this work?

First of all, the Oilers would need to ensure Karlsson’s interest in signing with the team as his contract expires at seasons end.

Paying the cost of what Ottawa is asking, which is reportedly four assets, to have Karlsson walk as a free agent after only one season is unacceptable for a team looking to return to the playoffs.

The assets the Senators appear to be asking for are believed to be significant ones that include a first-round pick, a player who can help the club immediately, and a high-end prospect.

When we sit and look at the Edmonton Oilers roster, it becomes apparent the team has some cap-finessing to do in the next few years with, or without Karlsson on the team’s payroll.

The team will have less than $17-million in cap space after accounting for Darnell Nurse’s next deal after this season.

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Monday Mailbag - Who are the Oilers untouchables?

Players like Jesse Pulujuarvi, Cam Talbot and Tobias Rieder are among those needing new deals.

The Players

Darnell Nurse is a player that the Oilers would likely be able to part with if Karlsson was coming back the other way and a player the Senators could plug-and-play with ease.

Kailer Yamamoto is likely the Oilers most movable prospect if it came to. While not superstar quality, he is about as sure fire as can be when it comes to prospects on this team.

The Oilers have prospects like Tyler Benson, Kirill Maksimov, and Ostap Safin who seem to be NHL-quality prospects at some point.

The team’s first round pick can be moved this year, showing Oilers players that the team would be serious about not only making the playoffs, but making a deep push.

In terms of a fourth-asset, the Oilers have options whether it be moving a vet with a bigger deal, or another young prospect/roster player. With a need to move cap space, the team would likely need to look at moving Andrej Sekera’s $5.5-million cap hit, Kris Russell’s $4-million, or Milan Lucic’s $6-million.

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Would the Senators, who will have $40-million in cap space next offseason, be interested in grabbing any of those vets?

Who knows.

The one thing we do know, is that Karlsson will be coming with a hefty price tag not only in a trade, but in signing his new deal which will surely be worth at least $10-million.

There has been some speculation that the ask is more than they will receive which could be the case. None the less, the Oilers have assets that I think could at the least peak the interest of the Senators organization.

WWYDW(FE): Moving Veteran Defencemen

Is the lure of playing on a team with Connor McDavid enough to have Karlsson consider signing long-term? Maybe it would be Swede for him to play alongside fellow countrymen Oscar Klefbom and Adam Larsson.

There is nothing that I love more than chaos in the NHL world, and I think that’s going to be exactly what happens when Karlsson gets dealt.

Given the apparent ask, what would you be willing to move for Erik Karlsson?

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    • Rebuild3.0

      im saying you should get back together with ‘the news’ and get back to making music and spend less time complaining about august articles on a free website

    • Craig1981

      I think you took to much heat for this. I don’t know if the Sens will get much more than a 1st, Klefbom and Puljujarvi from anyone. That is a huge package. Lucic would be interesting….but people thinking you can’t move a NTC need to look at just how many NTC have been moved and to who.

      • Daryl Katz

        the ask would be AT LEAST Bouchard, a young roster d-man like Nurse or Klefbom, and a young forward in Yam or Jesse. and that’s the starting point for a still in his prime impact player that could take this team to a cup win. having said that, he’s not likely going to want to come here.

  • Opi

    Not happening … the allure of playing with McDavid is greatly exaggerated in these parts & the hapless ways of the Oil are what players view most important when placing the Oilers on the league’s least desired bottom three … then look at this & tell me why Karlsson would want to come here … ?

    Tambi was actually one of their better Oiler G.M.’s of late … have a boo for yourself … he G.M.’d a hapless Oiler team that had a better Pts % than the 2017-18 version of the hapless Oilers … K-Lowe & Mac-T were better one season … speaks volumes that …

    2006-07′ … .433 Pts % … Mac-T … K-Lowe … Rank Sixth worst
    2007-08′ … .537 Pts % … Mac-T … K-Lowe … Rank Eleventh worst
    2008-09′ … .518 Pts % … Mac-T … Tambi … Rank Tenth worst
    2009-10′ … .378 Pts % … Quinn … Tambi … Rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd worst
    2010-11′ … .378 Pts % … Renney … Tambi … Rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd worst
    2011-12′ … .451 Pts % … Renney … Tambi … Rank Seventh worst
    2012-13′ … .469 Pts % … Krueger … Tambi … Rank Eighth worst
    2013-14′ … .409 Pts % … Eakins … Mac-T … Rank Fourth worst
    2014-15′ … .378 Pts % … Eakins/Nelson … Mac-T … Rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd worst
    2015-16′ … .427 Pts % … McLellan … Chiarelli … Rank Fifth worst
    2016-17′ … .628 Pts % … McLellan … Chiarelli … Rank Twelfth worst
    2017-18′ … .476 Pts % … McLellan … Chiarelli … Rank Ninth worst

    • Kaplan

      The “hapless ways of the Oil are what players view most important…” Whatever dude. You realize EK is trying to get out from under the worst ownership in the NHL, and a team that is almost universally loathed in Ottawa and seen as an utter joke across the league.

      Seriously, apart from the losing streak, players do not look at the Oilers with any sort of lens. Edmonton is known as a team that treats its players VERY well, and the OEG’s strategy of wining and dining even visiting teams (have you seen the visitors’ dressing room? Every bit as nice as the home team!) is designed to lure free agents.

  • ricardo2000

    This would be a moronic trade, even if the Oilers sign an extension with Karlsson. It makes me realize that most people can’t even remember last week, let alone think constructively about what happened last week. Does anyone here remember that Vegas was a legitimate Stanley Cup finalist, because they played a team game with only one tobogganing superstar (Fleury)? Those players have cashed in and moved on, never to have a comparable season.

    How many times, how many ways do so-called pundits have to see a ‘superstar’ get everything he wants only to see him turn into a gentleman of leisure? Then wake up, when he’s traded away, to realize he isn’t the sun, the moon, the stars.

    This isn’t a superstar league, or a game based on superstars. It is, and has always been, a TEAM GAME. The Great One earned his reputation because he made other players look great 1800 times by passing them the puck, not because he did it all himself. So the Oilers need to improve by focussing on the heart of the game: passing. They don’t need one great passer; they need improved team passing skills. They don’t need one great defenceman: they need great team defence. These skills can be learned, they can be coached.

    So the real questions are: can the Oilers coaches turn this team into a playoff contender?
    Can they coach the Oil to a respectable team defence and passing game?
    The coaches don’t get to make excuses. They have to go if they can’t coach this crowd of superior talent into at least the second round.

    • Tireshop

      You’re so stupid.
      Washington just won the Stanley Cup with a SuperStar and a 1st pairing D also named Carlson.
      They didn’t rely on potential.
      The D was good enough to support the 3rd and 4th line.
      This is hockey. You can’t make comparison like “Vegas” to predict the future. Beside it just wasn’t Fluery. That team had great chemistry all around. Fluery had a great year but Fluery wasn’t “ potential” Fluery is an establish NHL Cup Champion. Don’t forget Vegas was a team built out of top 6 players. They didnt have to draft kids or develop them.

      Passing is a skill dummy
      How do you increase the team passing skill? By bringing in players that can pass. Man are you dumb.
      Skills can be learned? Maybe you should start playing hockey so you can be like McDavid. Since skills can be so easily learned.
      News flashes. Some people are better than others.

  • 99bestever

    What ever it takes except the Oilers core of McDavid, Draisaitl, Nurse, Larson and Talbot. To win a trade you have to get the best player and if the Oilers trade for Karlsson they will win the trade and the Stanley Cup this year or next. Look what happened when they brought in Pronger. He took a mediocre team to the 7th game of the Stanley Cup final!

  • Spydyr

    The Karlsson from five years ago, yes please. The Karlsson of today and the next seven years is not worth the price you have to pay. Not only to acquire him but then to sign him. Besides in a four or so years from now I believe Bouchard will be the superior player.

    • Bills Bills

      Bouchard can not skate like Karlsson. Not sure there has been a superior defenceman to Karlsson since Ray Bourque retired. But yes as he ages, we will see how he handles the decline. Something tells me he will still be very effective, just not worth $11 million a year.

  • OriginalSixMachine

    Why not just Draisaitl? They’re gonna lose Matt Douchene so they’ll need a centerman I’m not happy about losing Dr Drai but I mean he’d be they’re franchise Center over there..I don’t think there’s another team that could offer a better deal some teams don’t even have ONE franchise centerman and we have two..the cap would only be what 8.5<11? That’s not much that is a fair trade IMO Drai is just a pup compared to Karlsson I don’t like the idea long term but cmon McDangles and Karlsson on the PP? Get the funk outta here, that’d be sick! There would have to be other moving parts I would think but Chiarelli..lol he loves his one for ones! I wouldn’t want to part with any of our young ones like YammaTime or others on ELC find a way I say!

      • OriginalSixMachine

        He’s gonna sign for the same as Doughty 8×11 the difference between that and Drai’s Is 2.5 plus we will actually be saving on the cap this year cuz he only makes 6.5

    • Messier11

      As much as an egg as he dropped last year, I wouldn’t trade Drai. Think back to the playoff run and how Drai dominated against Anaheim while McDavid was shut down. We need his size and frankly the 1-2 punch of two top centres. Think about Calgary’s depth with their signings this summer. We would not fare well. Maybe we could consider Nuge (but don’t want to send him either, TBH).

      In a dreamworld, I would send Sekera, Klefbom (I think Nurse has more upside than Klefbom whose accuracy is crap), Yamamoto, and a 1st rd pick. If I had to, I would consider Lucic, but I think Lucic has something to prove this year.

  • socaldave

    For everyone who’s actually putting in some effort in making this a thing? Stop. Back away from the keyboard. Put down the phone. $30 million committed to only three players? Uhhhh, no. That’s not a thing that can in any way EVER work.

  • CMG30

    To land a whopper like Karlsson, some pretty big names suddenly become available. Anyone not named Mcdavid could conceivably be moved. Chirelli should be on the horn 3x per day to Ottawa to try and get a deal done. With Karlsson on the roster this instantly becomes a playoff team…

  • russ99a

    It’s an interesting idea but there are a few problems:

    1. No idea if Karlsson would sign here, which needs to be agree on before a trade

    2. Nurse shouldn’t be moved. If we have to send a defenseman, it would be Klefbom for cap reasons. That goes double for Draisaitl which is who they’d ask for.

    3. All three big contracts have NMCs and are highly doubtful to accept a trade to Ottawa with their rebuilding and iffy management and horrid owner. Sekera’s hurt so we can’t move him. Even if they accept, we’d need to take an equally awful contract and an unknown fit on the roster and in the room.

    4. Other teams can send better prospects and vets that we can.

    Maybe if we can do something like Nuge, Klefbom, a few lesser prospects and a conditional pick or two for Karlsson and a scoring winger

      • russ99a

        Still 4.5M, add that to Nuge’s six and there’s the 10 to sign Karlsson. Don’t see a way otherwise, nobody’s taking our bad contracts without one in return and then Karlsson can’t fit. Probably better to pass. I’d young players improve (not a given) then we can move salary a year from now for an impact player.