Here are five Connor McDavid highlights to get you through the rainy Sunday

I’m writing this article in preparation for a rainy Sunday, so if the weather report changes on me it’s not my fault and you cannot @ me. You’ll just have to enjoy these Connor highlights in the sun instead of rain. 

If I had to choose my least favourite month of the summer it’s got to be August. The BC smoke rolls in to suffocate us all, and there is absolutely no hockey news to talk about. In fact, we’re so close to the season that the anticipation alone can ruin someone’s day. August also means that it’s been approximately three months since we’ve seen Connor McDavid do something super cool. I know you guys won’t forget how good he is, but I decided to remind you anyway with these super cool Connor McDavid highlights.

You can thank me later.

Connor’s return after injury

After being out for a few months with a broken collar bone, Connor McDavid returned to the NHL in probably the most Connor-McDavid-way ever. I’ll never forget this goal. I was standing outside the Pint Downtown moving some boxes to my vehicle after our Nationgear pop up shop we held for the Connor McDavid return party. I walk inside and the bar is going absolutely nuts.

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I missed it.

I missed the best goal Connor McDavid has ever scored in his life and cried myself to sleep that night. I’m not overly worried because I know he’ll top it ten more times in his career, but still. It really hurt me.

Check upstairs

I had the pleasure of attending this beautiful game, so let’s re-live this together. Ryan Strome scores a goal to beat the Flames in overtime. The play started with Connor McDavid rushing the puck up the ice and taking a shot on goal. Unfortunately as he was skating past the net after his shot, Connor accidentally clipped the Flames goalie. After a review, the goal was called back and the game went into a shootout. I honestly thought we were going to see the first ever riot at Rogers Place; you could cut the tension with a knife in there.

Flash forward to the shootout, where Connor McDavid scores the game winning shot on a beautiful deke against David Rittich. Clearly still fired up after the refs disallowed Strome’s OT goal, Connor points to the ceiling as he skates by the officials and tells them to check upstairs. BOOM ROASTED. This is why we love you Connor. Thanks for being you.

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McPlayoff hero

This was game three of the 2016-17 playoff run. We lost pretty badly if I remember correctly, but the game was great until the last ten minutes of the third period. Goals were going back and forth and the stress in the building was at an all time high. When we desperately needed a goal, Connor McDavid stepped up and scored one of his best of the year. The way he stopped on a dime and faked out Vatanen was pure bliss and I’ll never forget it.

Connor pump-up video

I would watch a live stream of Connor McDavid eating breakfast in the morning if it were possible. So this Biosteel ad of Connor doing cool things isn’t any different.

Connor’s first time scoring 100

Alright I know he’s done it twice now, but I will never not get goosebumps watching him tally his 100th point for the first time. The Oilers were in the playoffs for the first time in ten years, and all there was left to do is get Connor to 100 points. OF COURSE it comes down to the last period of the season. Every time he touched the puck that night the whole building would stand up. When it finally happened all of Edmonton screamed aloud at once as our dreams were coming true before our eyes.

We’re almost on the home stretch to the Oilers season and I think I’ll need to take up another hobby to occupy myself until then. This waiting is unbearable.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    1. My personal favourite goal of his.
    3. We lost that game 6-3, but Jesus what a goal
    2. Ah yes that game. The game where Cam finally called out the league, and Connor got a penalty for his gesture
    4. Connor’s a beast


    Thanks Chris! But that only took me 15 minutes to watch… Can I get 120 more McDavid highlights to get me through the rest of the day? 1 highlight for every point McDavid is going to score this season.

  • Oilerz4life

    The music in the Connor pump-up video sounds like something the CIA would use for experimental hypnotic brainwashing with LSD in the 70’s.
    Just ask Brownlee, he probably covered the topic in the Edmonton Journal.

  • Bills Bills

    I am just old enough to remember the Gretzky era but like most others in Edmonton, I didn’t really realize what we had at the time. Now being mid fourties, I am thanking the hockey gods every time I see CMD. I am truly grateful for this kid and his truly special abilities. We are more than lucky as Edmonton fans to have him to watch over 80 times a year. I just ask that all of you that are overly critical, remember how lucky you are. Wasting these years by complaining that the team isn’t good enough, don’t let it take away from the greatness you get to see every game.

    • MrBung

      It can be both. People can be critical of how badly this team has been run and built wasting a great talent. But appreciating the fact that CMD is still playing here and wowing the fans every night. But mark my words. If this team does not get traction and continues to miss the playoffs, CMD will not be happy ……