Connor McDavid is the best player in NHL 19

The moment that all NHL fans have been waiting for finally arrived. EA Sports released the Top 10 rated players from this year’s iteration of the best (only) hockey video game franchise out there.

Last year, the game saw both Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid tied for top player honours with ratings of 93 overall. This year, however, there is a new king in town and I think you know where I’m going with this.

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The old “best player in the league” Sidney Crosby stayed stagnant at a rating of 93, passing the torch onto the Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid with his new shiny rating of 94.

The news is not news at all for Oilers fans but the rest of the league can take notice once again. The man that the sportswriters didn’t think was good enough having not single-handedly led his team to the playoffs this year is once again the best in the league at something. For EA, his multiple Ted Lindsay, and Art Ross awards seem to be enough to put Connor over the top this year.

Of note from the other ratings:

  • The best defenceman in the league is Drew Doughty with a 92 rating.
  • The best goalie in the league is Carey Price with a 92 rating.
  • No Auston Matthews in the top 10. How will this affect the Leafs?