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WWYDW(TE): Jerseys

Okay, we’ve talked about the third jersey in the past, but since the Oilers finally introduced their alternate jersey for the 2018-19 season earlier this week, we need to bring it up again.

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The Oilers are going to wear this “retro” jersey four times throughout the season. I mean, it’s hardly a retro jersey given the fact the Oilers wore these things as their normal home jerseys as recently as 2016-17, but I’m not complaining.

The throwback third jersey has been a theme for a handful of teams this year. When the NHL switched jersey partners from Reebok to Adidas prior to the 2017-18 season, all teams only had a home and away set and no alternate jerseys. Over the summer, multiple teams have revealed their alternates for the season, most of which have a throwback theme to them.

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Along with the Oilers, the Blues, Ducks, Coyotes, Devils, and Canucks are wearing an old-school style jersey this year while the Hurricanes created a brand new look for their alternates.

That brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday THURSDAY EDITION question. How should the Oilers move forward with their jerseys?

Personally, I think they should scrap the aggressive orange jersey they started wearing full-time at home in 2017-18 and bring back the royal blue, current “retro” third jersey as their main home set. The set they operated with prior to the Adidas re-design was excellent.

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Then, when it comes to a third jersey, they should go in a completely different direction. Rather than using the full orange crush uniform, which is largely just an inverted version of what they were already wearing, the Oilers should have a third jersey with a different colour scheme and an alternate logo, like what the Hurricanes have done.

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I think the MacFarlane comet jersey would look excellent with an Adidas re-design. I would also love to see the mid-90s/early-2000s rugged, navy blue look with the Rigger make a comeback. Another completely off-the-grid thing I always thought would be interesting is a green and gold jersey to go along with the Eskimos and Golden Bears aesthetic.


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  • ubermiguel

    My first choice would be a McFarlane throwback. Something in the green and gold would be a really interesting change but the Oilers seem to have distanced themselves from the University of Alberta lately, choosing to play their rookies against NAIT and MacEwan students instead. For those that aren’t aware the Eskimos are green and gold because they got uniforms from the U of A’s dormant football program in 1949.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I never really understood what was with the Orange Jersey, I would like to see the Oil move back to the blue and white or use the McFarlane Jersey which to this day I still like as the third Jersey, it was unique. The Orange Jersey just seemed more like a way to get fans buying a new Jersey and the Oil making a good chunk of change from it, but I never really got why they moved to it as a full time jersey

    • socaldave

      It was really weird being in Anaheim during the playoff run. I’d gone to a game in the first round v the flames (haha let’s go to a game and cheer for no one, who’s bright idea was that???) and saw they were giving away “Orange Crush” towels. I thought, man – if these guys meet in rd 2, it’s gonna be weird. And yeah – pregaming and crossing the street to the honda center, pretty much everyone had on an orange w/white (like me haha) or white w/orange jersey. I’d much rather have blue as the primary home jersey and orange for the 3rd.

  • GK1980

    Personally, I think they should scrap the aggressive orange jersey they started wearing full-time at home in 2017-18 and bring back the royal blue, current “retro” third jersey as their main home set.

    YES 1000X

  • Spoils

    Baseball does a great job tossing alternates out there. Here’s my vote:

    5 games/yr with the official alternate jersey of the year (the McFarlane could make a comeback for the year, next year there’s a different alternate) this would allow teams – like the 2006 Oilers – to have their own special look and feel that only really ever goes with them. Kind of a cool alumni concept. cool also if you really bond with a particular year… like I plan to bond with this years’ BIG BOUNCE BACK team.
    1 game/yr with a special alternate one time use collectors edition
    remaining games with main jersey to have consistency.

    last personal note, I like the classic blue oilers jersey – the reboot from the Hall years the best of all. we have pretty significant history now as a franchise and for me the Orange was a fun experiment. I vote to bring back the blue

  • Spoils

    I’ve heard a theory that the orange jersey is easier to defend against because you pick it up in your peripheral vision. seems to hold water with the big range in special teams’ statistics away/home

  • Kaplan

    Go with the Doug Weight/Cujo/’90s era jerseys. First, those were pretty damn sharp, and thankfully didn’t suffer from any of the teal-infested, cartooney gimmicks from the 1990s. Second, they’re actually a bona fide historical jersey, and represents a fantastic era of Oilers hockey (one that barely survived!).

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I’d love to see a green and gold Oilers 3rd jersey, but those McFarlane ones were friggin AMAZING! Whenever I play as the Oilers in NHL18 (which is all the time for my BAP cuz I play with Leon and Connor) I always use those 3rd jerseys. They look badass! BRING, THEM. BACK.

    • FISTO Siltanen

      ? Love the passion but I wonder what the age skew is between those who love the McFarlanes and those who hate them.

      I’m on the cusp and was 25 when they first donned them.

  • Svart kaffe

    The only cool thing about those MacFarlane jerseys is that they’re made by MacFarlane. They are still as bad as when they were introduced.

    Rigger is horrible as well.

    Have some class and recognise that the Edmonton Oilers regular jerseys are what other teams strive to accomplish. I don’t even care that much if they are orange or blue or light or dark – the logo and composition is as good as it gets.

    World class. Tier 1. Don’t mess with it.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    I love my new white jersey I bought last year at Wild game (tags still on, debating name). I love the dark blue and how its a throwback to the 1996/97 Oilers which, to me, was a re-awakening for this team. They were the scrappy small market team that got by on hard work and effort. They weren’t the dynasty Oilers but certainly felt community owned.

    I like the idea of going to a darker blue in the hue used on the whites and having an appropriate blue home jersey to match. I love retro jerseys for retro nights and could not care less if they are orange or blue. Both are fun…in moderation.

  • toprightcorner

    Keep the Orange, I love the Orange. So many teams have boring coloured jerseys, the Oilers Orange is so different and you can see someone wearing them 5 blocks away.

    I was disappointed with the alternate jersey. If they wanted Retro, they should have went back to the early 80’s Jersey and have the patch honoring the HHOFers of those teams. I would have prefered a completely new design symbolizing Norther Alberta like an Oil Derrick.

  • toprightcorner

    They will never do a McFarlane Jersey again. At the time he was a small share owner of the team and designed it at no cost to the Oilers and no royalties, but he did own the rights to the logo. The Oilers would have to pay him millions to use it again plus royalties. That will never happen.