Nation Donair Tour – Best Donair

This week we decided to tackle Best Donair in Jasper Gates Plaza! The Squire had stumbled upon the donair shop once upon a time after a hockey game in Crestwood Arena, and after seeing a bunch of people recommending it online we thought it would be a great stop to make.

I’m not sure if it’s cause we had these donairs at three in the afternoon and missed lunch, or if there was something in the water that day, but we went really off the rails today. We got messy, got distracted, and talked a lot about other donair shops besides Best Donair in this episode. Best Donair was in fact a very solid donair. We concluded that they should probably rename the store to “Average Donair” because it was neither awful or spectacular. Would definitely eat there again though.

Have you ever ate at Best Donair before? Watch the video below and see if you agree. Please remember to comment below with your favourite donair shop and recommendation of where we should go next.

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    • J-Dub

      I used to go to Donair And Sub Delight all the time when I used to live in St. Albert – like 15 yrs ago. I remember a young tall fellow used to run the shop and he was always incredibly generous with the donair meat. The donairs were top notch. When I moved back from Calgary in 2011 – it was under new ownership. I tried it a few times and it was pretty underwhelming.

      I ended up discovering Swiss Donair – and I must attest that it is definitely tied for top spot as my favorite in Edmonton. Their garlic sauce mixed with their dill tzatziki sauce is sublime. Cheese, tomatoes, and onions are my fillers. They do an amazing job layering the meat so its packed tight. Their fries – “extra crispy” is perfection. Always an incredibly filling and satisfying meal. You won’t be doing sports afterwards!

      However, also tied for my favorite in the city – is a little mom and pop shop in Westmount Mall. Nikki’s Donair – the owners are always super friendly. Their donairs are DELICIOUS. The pita/wrap is always toasted in the panini press (which I personally really like). The donair meat is tasty – but their tzatziki sauce is the best I’ve had. Cheese, tomatoes, and onions are my fillers. Flavor is different from Swiss, but I personally find it more savory. Large seasoned steak fries round out the meal. That said, the meal can feel light in comparison to Swiss, as they don’t surgically layer in the meat to maximize the density of the donair. However, you finish – feeling “just right” in my opinion.

      I can’t speak to the “sweet” sauce for either place though.

      However, given the two votes for Donair and Sub Delight – I may give it a try again. I’ve tried High Voltage and Eddie’s Donair – thanks to the Oilersnation team, and I’d say they rank below my recommendations. I’ve also tried Simply Donair in St. Albert – and while the portion is large, I found the flavor to be okay. Same goes for Marco’s Famous downtown.

  • the reasonable person

    I’d like to see what you guys think of King of Donair on Whyte. It’s an East Coast classic donair with just tomatoes and onions, meat, and sauce.