Saturday (Sunday) Sunshine: The boys are back in town

The weather is cooling off but the sunshine can’t stop. Today’s sunshine is arguably top three brightness of all the Saturday (Sunday) Sunshine we have brought you this summer. So, allow me to suggest you recline and relax, slip on the Burt Bacharach theme song and let us all lounge in the glory that is the fact that hockey is back in Edmonton.

This past week if you have logged into a computer anywhere or you have visited this site (which you’re doing right now) then you know the Oilers have all (with a few exceptions) made their way back to town this past week. The rookies camp kicked off on Thursday and the big boys start sometime next week with physical testing on Thursday.

Oilers take the ice for the first time

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This summer has felt longer than most and was literally longer than the previous summer (playoffs trimmed off a month). Oilers social media has been a trip. There really hasn’t been a place to escape from the talk of the Oilers for the summer. Everywhere I went talking to Oilers fans or not the questions were all the same.

“How could that season have happened”

“Will the Oilers be better this year”

“Why did we buy out Eric Gryba”

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That’s part of being a fan of the Edmonton Oilers. We all know it, but the new season is here. The Oilers are undefeated this season so far. And the slate is clean. Whether you’re a positive fan or a critical one the joy can be felt throughout the nation.

Evan Bouchard suits up today for the first time as a member of the Oilers organization.

Connor has his hair game on point.

Nuge is looking younger and more svelt every day.

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Personally and shamelessly I would like to plug the new season bringing something new and exciting from the boys at the ON content table. We started our own podcast airing every Friday (with more bonus content during the weeks) and there will be plenty of Oilers related content on that podcast. This week’s exciting news for the season coming, with the sacrifice for .500 making it’s return this year. With punishments and rewards for wins/losses this year. If you want to listen to the whole podcast you can find it here.

That all said, hockey season is here and it’s glorious.

The boys being back for camp is definitely a positive.

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