Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Oilers rookies, Darnell Nurse, and Self Motivation

Welcome, welcome, welcome friends to another edition of Baggedmilk takes over the Edmonton airwaves! Okay, so maybe that’s excessive and I only get invited onto one station’s airwaves but still — I’m just getting the ball rolling here.

On this week’s performance, we talked about last night’s rookie game against the NAIT/MacEwan all-stars and, after absolutely stomping the college kids, I wondered what needs to happen to get the Oilers and Golden Bears back together. The guys also wanted an update on what’s happening with Darnell Nurse’s contract and whether or not he’s going to miss any training camp time, so I dish the latest news on what I’ve heard. Lastly, the boys wanted to know what I do to motivate myself and I call out the lazy turds that actually need someone to hold their hand and get them started.

Check out this week’s appearance below!

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