Jesse Puljujarvi and Pizza Problems

Over the weekend, a video surfaced from the great country of Finland. Filmed last year, the makes of said video spoke to our boy Jesse Puljujarvi about a multitude of topics including his yearning to be in the NHL and not Bakersfield, who his dream linemates would be, and the confusing pizza moment that he’s not sure about.

Full disclosure, the whole video is in Finnish (You can see the whole video at the bottom of the article). I had a friend give me cliff notes on what was said.

Jesse was his usual loveable self in the interview speaking to his desire to be in Edmonton and not down in Bakersfield again. As we now know, unfortunately, JP did end up spending some time on the farm last year, 10 whole games but still. Later in the video, he was asked who his dream linemates would be. Naturally, his dream C man is Connor McDavid which of course is also our dream to see done as well. His other wingman would be fellow Finn and also good at the hockey, Patrik Laine. The mere thought of that combination has me salivating. The main topic of discussion as you can well see by the title of the video at the bottom is pizza and “Pizzagate.”

The minute that photobomb of Connor’s interview happened Jesse Puljujarvi became a fan favourite and we here at the Nation jumped all over it. Every time we see something or post something about him the pizza emoji is not far behind. “Some people” have even gone so far as to make their own gifs about the moment after the fact.


I’m here to say we’re sorry. Until we saw this video there were only rumours about the pizza interaction confusing Jesse. In this interview, he was asked about how he prefers his pizza and he is definitively in the pineapple and ham pizza is a pizza camp. According to the person I had to go to get this whole video broken down into English from, he mentions he was embarrassed by the video and doesn’t like to be reminded of it.

I’m here to say I am sorry to Jesse. We never meant the endless pizza emojis as anything more than the pure unadulterated enjoyment of everything this young man does. Jesse is a beauty in this league of a lot of robotic and lobotomized answers. He gives us his honest feelings and emotions. He interacts with fans. He gives some of the best interviews that only serve to melt your heart and love him more.

I think you would be hard pressed to find any fans in Edmonton that don’t like the young guy who wears the 98 with pride. There is certainly no one at the Nation that does. The Nation is here to build up the players. Especially off the ice. We all love him and so with that in mind we will be retiring the pizza emoji this season and welcoming our new JP emoji:

We love Jesse Pulujarvi and if he doesn’t like the pizza reference (not unlike the certain deity reference we made about Connor previously) we will move on from it. Let’s go Oilers and let’s go Puljujarvi.

If you know Finnish/want to watch the full video I am referencing, here it is:


I have to thank @kulta64 on twitter for providing me with some cursory notes on this video as my understanding of Finnish is non-existent

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      What Bothers me most is that Puljujarvi has the tools and skill set but the Oilers dont seem to be willing or able to bring it out of him, yes he didn’t like being down on the farm, but I think that it was never really empathized to him why he was being sent down and what they wanted him to work on, part language barrier and part failure to execute on the Oilers staff’s end. When Puljujarvi was up here it took him a little bit to get used to McDavi’s play and when they seemed like they were starting to gel and Puljujarvi was starting to pile up some points with McD TM yanked him off the line and had him bouncing all over with different partners and there was no time to get and in some cases no way they were going to gel, simply due to their speed and nature of playing abilities. I think that only served to furstrate him because I dont think it was explained to him why they took him off the McD line and when he was paired with other being yanked from this line to that line and then yanked again and again, I think it really shook his confidence and he became frustrated because he didnt know where or why he couldn’t fit in and he grew frustrated with the coaches and the organisation. This kid has the tolls but TM seems to have a short leash for some people and a helluva long leash for others even when their failure are often and so blatant, and Puljujarvi would have to be blind not to see that. I am hoping that new coaches will help turn it around, but TM has me worried because he loves to blender lines at the drop of the hat even when they are starting to click and have success, he still likes to throw them in the blender and this maddening obsession with keep trying the same things over and over and over with the same people when it isn’t working, like there is this golden rule of the system is the system and their will be no changes, the PP PK and zone entries and defending were prefect examples of that mantra, and it was painful to see how there seemed to be no will to go back to the basics when it isnt working, I mean when the fans and the media repeatedly say this isnt working for months and months and months and there is no change, it was just insane to stick to it until things were so far down the sewer and then change it with only so many games in the season. I hope that Puljujarvi is really given the chance to do what he can, because if not you can bet your ass if he gets traded, another team will be able to do it

  • jesse says yep

    Phew, had to double check my android emoji list to make sure that the Joker was not only available to over privileged I phone sheeple (my kids).
    All good, carry on.

  • Solde

    Couple comments from fellow Finn. Video was filmed last autumn and the guys behind camera was supposed to visit Edmonton, but as JP was sent to AHL they did the video via Skype. They discussed a bit about eating sushi. Jesse was still not perfect with the sticks and preferred fork.. But task was to able to eat sushi with sticks. Also they discussed about AHL and his opinion was that the skaters are as fast but not that skilled than in NHL. Also you could read between lines that JP wasn’t really happy about the Bakersfield organisation – travelling, food was a bit let down.

    I hope he’ll have a breakout year!

      • the reasonable person

        Except Yamo was drafted 22nd overall, not 1st. If we had a proper top 6, Yamo would be a nice prospect that may or may not work out as an NHL top 6er over some longer time frame(and it’s probably that or bust for him), but instead he is a guy we are counting on to make an impact now or next year.

        While it’s not fun being so negative, the reality is we have Nurse in a holdout, Sekera out for the year, and no one who should be in the 6 spot on D this year. I have only seen the game against the College All-Stars mind you, and a bit of the one on youtube yesterday. Jones looked the best of the rookies. It’s unfortunately already hard to say with a straight face that Bouchard can reasonably play in the NHL this year, though it’s early.

        The thing is no one is even mentioning Benning being on the second pairing as a problem, and it’s a huge concern. Not him in the lineup, him there with no options for relief if he can’t handle it.

        Then as the article this morning said, our forward depth is so thin that all kinds of mostly washed-up guys are coming here with a chance for jobs.

        Let’s just be honest it would be lucky if the Oilers make the playoffs this year and they don’t have what it takes for a cup run. It’s very sad.

  • ziyan94

    Jesse can really play but to put him in a position to succeed the Oilers need to give him support to learn English or he’ll continue to have trouble with communication, which will affect his life both on and off the ice.

    • That's My Point

      Jesse has 13 career NHL goals and ONLY took him 93 GAMES!!!
      Yak had 17 goals his rookie year in 48 games and he’s outta town???
      Fans want Jesse on the top line??? CRAAAAZY!!!

  • getsome

    I hope he comes in and has a great training camp. Let him earn his spot because of talent and effort not on boyish charm. No more coddling and overpaying of players. P.S. if Nurse isn’t signed by camp trade his ungrateful ass.