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Scottie Upshall fails medical with knee injury

According to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, Scottie Upshall failed his medical with the Oilers today as a result of a knee injury. Spector further explained that while failing the medical does not necessarily negate Upshall’s PTO, it does certainly put his opportunity with the Oilers in serious jeopardy. 

After signing a PTO in mid-August, Scottie Upshall was coming into Edmonton with a legitimate chance of cracking the roster, but those days are in serious doubt now that he failed his medical today. While bombing the physical doesn’t automatically end Upshall’s PTO, it did reveal a knee injury that is going to keep him on the shelf for the majority if not all of training camp. I don’t think I have to explain to anybody reading this that missing training camp while on a professional tryout isn’t exactly the best way to make the team, but with that said I suppose that anything can happen.

There are only 24 days between now and the season opener against the Devils (get your Season Opener Party tickets btw), and missing weeks of pre-season with a bunged up knee doesn’t exactly bode well for Upshall. But who knows, the rotund madame has not yet sung and no one from the Oilers has yet to say that Upshall is out, so we’ll just have to see what happens as the 2018-19 pre-season rolls out. As we all know, the Oilers are gagging for depth on the wings so maybe Upshall’s window is still open, though, as Spector mentions in his tweet, it wouldn’t exactly be surprising if the spot that Upshall possibly had a chance at just gets snapped up by someone else like maybe Alex Chiasson.

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With the Oilers set to kick off the preseason on Monday night against the Flames, there isn’t much time to waste on anything aside from getting the Oilers ready for battle, and that’s real a bummer for a guy like Upshall that could have possibly provided some veteran leadership and PK assistance for a team that needs both. Unfortunately, at least for the time being, Upshall won’t be eligible to participate in training camp and that alone puts him way behind the rest of the guys that are vying for his place in the lineup, but, as I mentioned earlier, stranger things have happened so we’ll have to just wait and see how this story plays out.

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In 63 games with the St. Louis Blues last season, the 34-year-old Upshall scored seven goals and 12 assists for 19 points, and averaged 10:51 of ice per night with 9:27 of that coming at even strength. What do you guys think?

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Upshall’s Career Numbers

2017-18 63 7 12 19 -1 46 2 71 9.9
NHL Career 759 138 147 285 9 615 17 35 4 7 25 1 1,431 9.6

Source: Mark Spector, Verified Twitter Account, 9/13/2018 – 6:34 pm MST

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        I dont think he lied, I think Upshall believed his will to play and body were good enough to go, but I think the testing proved that while upshall may have the will and desire his body isnt up to the task.

      • Top4D

        He didn’t lie. He just knows, like evey other player, Oilers are a joke and desperate to sign any one (expect Nurse) to a longerm and overpaid contract. I hope Chia is out of a job by November. Which will be possible. This team is going no where this year. Klefbom is so banged up he is pretty much done. Even looking back at his scouting report it mentions the risk he takes and will be prone to injury.
        The player Sharks traded(Delemo) who is better than Adam Larsson. When’s the last time Larsson got 20 points and this guy did it in 63 games.

        • sweetweb

          Actually its no big deal, Upshall was only on a PTO. Now if Chia actually signed Upshall to a contract and he failed his physical that would be a problem.


  • goodtobelucky97

    That’s terrible news for Upshall and the Oil.
    Question to all; when teams sign a player to a PTO, do the teams just take the player at his word regarding their health? Maybe Pete forgot to ask.

  • OilerForLife

    It’s good we know now – too bad for him. All the PTO’s weren’t going to make the team, but the rest of team will move forward. There’s another opportunity for another player.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Advantage Chaisson. Upshall I believe still loves the game and wants to play but I think his body is saying… yeah I’m good.. thanks anyways. I look to see Chaisson grabbing the bull by the horns and taking advantage of Upshall’s injuries to see if he can get a spot on the team, if Chaisson does, look for Kassian or Cagguila to be sacrificed, because after JJ’s play last season JJ has taken a huge leap as a player and has taken Kassian’s job even more so if Kassian is invisible like last year.

    • The Dave

      Dude, they literally found this out when they were assessing him. This came up *because* of due diligence. Hate the Oilers Management all you want, but don’t be stupid about it. Having an old player on PTO who failed a medical assessment is not a sign of incompetence.

  • That's My Point

    Chris Kelly really helped the Oilers last season and the season before that Kris Versteeg helped the Oilers tremendously…………….NOT!!!!
    PTO’s are not going to help the Oilers diddly squat!!!
    Oilers need a replacement for Sekera BEFORE puck drop and STILL need to get a RW to play on the 1st line.
    PTO’s that no other teams want isn’t going to help the Oilers win the 45 games or so they need to make the playoffs.

  • Johnnymaced

    Whenever Chiarelli makes a move that isn’t completely terrible it ends up being unlucky. If youre not talented and youre unlucky you shouldn’t still have a job.

  • SumHik

    Its just bad news after bad news this year it feels like. In regards to injuries and contracts anyway. Its not like we already were an overly deep team after the top 5 forwards and 2(ish) dman. Then Sekera goes down, some potential depth fails medical… I mean McDavid will probably drag this team to playoffs kicking and screaming if he has too, but it sure wouldnt anyones feelings to get him a little more help.