Oilersnation Radio Episode 3 – Shoot your shot

They let us do a third episode!

We’re back and more weird than ever. This weeks article contained a lot of good Oiler chat. There have been more updates on the Darnell Nurse Watch that we cover, and we discuss some news regarding Upshall’s injury and the Erik Karlsson trade that broke the Internet yesterday.

On a different note, Cam, Baggedmilk, Dan, and myself each broke down our Oilersnation origin stories. You know, how we learned about the Nation, how we got our jobs, etc. Also, thanks to inspiration from the below tweet, we also chatted about our best ‘Shoot your shot’ moments. Me personally? Well admittedly I don’t take a lot of risks in my life but Cam and Dan’s stories are sure to entertain you… or make you sad and depressed, either one.

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As always, we finished off the podcast with questions from YOU GUYS! If you ever want to ask us a question that we’ll answer in our un-named Q&A segment, tweet at us!

Check out this week’s episode below!

Podcast accompaniment:

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