GDB Wrap up -6.0: KEEP ROLLING

Look, we all know the pre-season doesn’t matter. These games don’t count towards the standings, neither team is playing at 100 percent, and we shouldn’t draw too many conclusions from them. But still, damn, it’s difficult not to get fired up after a showing like that.

What happened?

The Oilers exploded for seven goals on 37 shots and ended up with an easy 7-3 victory over the Winnipeg Jets. Winnipeg’s lineup didn’t feature many key players, like Dustin Byfuglien, Blake Wheeler, Nik Ehlers, and Mark Scheifele were out of the lineup, and Edmonton completely dominated. The Oilers went up 2-0 in the second period, Winnipeg battled back with a couple goals of their own, then Edmonton broke away in the third.

Jesse Puljujarvi opened the scoring in the first period…

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins followed it up in the second…

After Winnipeg tied it up, Ty Rattie breaks the tie…

And then the Oilers start to pull away in the third…

How about this top line?

Oh boy, I know it’s just pre-season, but still…


  • Ty Rattie was given the opportunity of a lifetime last season during garbage time when he was placed on the top line alongside Connor McDavid. Given his strong play to finish the season, Rattie has more than likely earned himself a shot on that top line to start the regular season. For a guy who hasn’t been given a real NHL chance before, this could be a career-changing. Rattie slotted in next to McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins for the former MVP’s first pre-season tuneup and the line was dynamic. Rattie buried two goals and put up five points, RNH scored two of his own, and McDavid had four points. Obviously, he needs to show it in the regular season, but Rattie is doing a good job early on showing he deserves a long look on that top line that showed such good chemistry last season.
  • Jesse Puljujarvi was absolutely flying tonight. His goal in the first is an example of what he can accomplish with his speed and skill. In the past, we’ve seen Puljujarvi look timid and afraid to throw his weight around, but he was flying around all over the place tonight. If he can use his speed and body consistently throughout the season, he’s going to have himself a breakout year.
  • The Nurse and Bouchard pair had a bit of a difficult time tonight. Nurse looked a little rusty, which isn’t surprising, and Bouchard looked out of his depth at times. There were a few instances in which both defenders got caught looking in the defensive end. Sticking with the defence, though, the Klefbom and Larsson pairing looked like the 2016-17 version of the pairing. Klefbom looked healthy and confident on the ice and he wasn’t shying away from physical play, which is a great sign.
  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Aberg had a few good shifts, Chiasson looked good, Talbot was SOLID, and Lucic got on the board which is probably a confidence booster for him. McLeod didn’t look out of place, Marody was a good 4th center, and Reider was speedy and effective. A few defensive hiccups here or there, but overall things are looking good. The PK has killed off all but 2 penalties, and the PP was moving the puck around effectively. I’m super stoked for this season, and the preseason is filling me with tons of hope. And no, I don’t care if they’re a bunch of rookies. Everything’s looking fine and everybody is coming in with confidence and the drive to succeed. A very good night for the Oilers indeed

    • Kneedroptalbot

      Rattie, Nuge, and Mick David schooled the young Jets tonight. They looked Pro’s vs Joe’s.
      Keep them together and don’t juggle the lines like last year.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        I disagree, Winnipeg’s (basically 4th regular line) of Copp, Lowrey, Tanev entered the Oiler zone with far too much confidence for my comfort. They were able to control the puck and cycle very effectively.
        This is Winnipeg’s 3rd or 4th line going against our top lines. I expected more domination from the Oilers…
        I know, the shots reflected Oiler domination, but they didn’t look that oiled & together.
        It’s early I guess & maybe I should look at it as a success? I have just seen this movie before… & it doesn’t end well. I just hope the Oiler’s aren’t satisfied with their performance last night. I would have played Koskinen in the 3rd. But why not start him against the Jet’s big guns on Sunday? That will be the test, for him & the bubble players. I just expected more from the Oilers top two lines, as they looked just average to me.

          • Glencontrolurstik

            Yeah, but watching wasn’t too convincing. I get what you are saying. But Copp, Lowrey & Tanev had pretty much control when they were out there until about mid way through the game.
            Those three definitely don’t represent top NHL talent? I’m sure you’ll agree?
            I just hope we start to click a little more convincingly.

          • bradleypi

            @glencontrol. It sounds like you will only be happy if the Oilers shutout their opponents every night and go 82-0 for the season. The Oilers can’t have the puck the whole game. It’s hockey lol. Just enjoy the win and relax man. It’s just preseason. And come-on. If McDavid is setting up nuge with sweet dishes and sniping bardown all year, we are in for a fun ride. Or you can just complain all year if you want lol.

          • Glencontrolurstik

            Yeah you’re right… I was expecting “total domination”…
            I certainly hope you are right about the “fun ride”… I know us fans deserve it.
            Thanks for bringing me back, I’m not worried, I’m not. I just don’t want their confidence to get too high from last nights situation. Thanks again, glad you posted.

        • Redbird62

          According to Naturalstattrick, Edmonton had a 55% Corsi, 55% Fenwick and more importantly out chanced Winnipeg even more with scoring chances 28-14 and high danger scoring chances 14-7. So overall pretty dominant. I think the Drai line lost the possession battle to the Tanev line, but in fairness to Drai’s line, they played most of their 5 on 5 time with the Jerabek /Bear tandem or the Bouchard/Nurse tandem though Nurse was only 3 minutes with that line. When the Drai line was out with Larsson/Klefbom, they actually had an edge in the possession metrics. That line still has to improve though.

      • Shameless Plugger

        On a day that there were many positives to talk about. Leave it to Spydyr to search out the negative. Yeah, yeah…I get it, it’s facts this and accurate statement that blah blah blah. You’re perpetually negative and that is also a FACT!!

      • Shameless Plugger

        Look up Grant Fuhrs save %. Not the greatest. What he did do was allow you to win the game. That is what a solid performance is. But I guess if you only want to find negatives that’s up to you.

          • Shameless Plugger

            Well no sh*t they’re different. Obviously ones a HOF goalie the other isn’t. But if I need to spell out the point for you I will. The goalie doesn’t have to stand on his head every game he just needs to give his team a chance to win. And tap it did just that.

  • wiseguy

    I know it’s his first game but I do have some concern about Drai and his line. The first line ripped up the AHL squad but the 2nd line didn’t do much against very weak competition. If the games go like this into the regular season, the Oil will be in trouble as teams will just focus on shutting down the McNuge line. Similar to the same problem last year when McD and Drai were on the same line and had no production from a 2nd line.

      • Oilerz4life

        I remember being a kid watching the old tube TV with those games coming through the airwaves on the big metal antenna on the roof on the farm in the 80’s lol. The living room was packed and the reception wasn’t the greatest, but that didn’t really take away from the excitement. Back then anyway, HAHA.

        • Oilerz4life

          In the 90’s it was Smytty, Weight and company and the Dallas Stars rivalry with sketchy satellite. Ticketmaster seats in the ok sections at Skyreach weren’t $300 and you could sneak down to the gold club bar with no plexiglass barrier blocking the dressing room doors for autographs. Also, no cage around the bus area.

          In Calgary my brother and I saw both Gretzky and Lemieux’s last games. Gretzky gave autographs in the visitors bus area which was pretty amazing.

          • Oilerz4life

            This team still needs something more defensively, down through the 3rd pairing needs to be more solid, with better depth, like when depthwise the Oil could allow Nurse to burn 3rd line minutes, with reliable help in the farm system.

            The LTIR thing needs to be figured out, but the coaching tweeks are making a difference.

            Not super impressed by the Koskinen signing, some good picks and free agent signings though. It’s still early on, they need to stay even keel, no upsy downsy nonsense.

          • Oilerz4life

            The Oilers have gone 9-0 in preseason before…and then skidded it. If they lose focus there are other teams that have boltered their lineup, that will gladly take advantage of Edmonton’s weaknesses, exploit that, like the Sharks etc. etc.

  • Abagofpucks

    Nice game by Rattie buts its just another step he has to take, but its preseason so im not getting excited about it ……. yet.
    Jesse keeps on looking more grown up and dangerous, keep it goin kid.
    The next game will be the test, we will see how the young guys do against Winnipegs big guns.

    • Big Nuggets

      I think they might be more compelled to give McLeod some NHL games this season instead of Yamamoto. It looks like Rattie will do enough to ensure Yam is sent down to Bakersfield.

      • I tend to agree. I do like what I’ve sen from Yamo: he’s much more confident and absorbs hits better, but McLeod has been a really pleasant surprise, and it’s always great to see a guy make the squad when nobody had them pencilled in before the start of camp. He’s earning a shot, and that’s what camp/preseason is supposed to be about.

        • SRELIOFAN

          Definitely. The AHL is a big jump from the WHL so Yamamoto will benefit from playing a whole season in Bakersfield and probably make a strong push to make the Oilers next season. Depth and proper development is a beautiful thing!

        • bradleypi

          Who’s spot is McLeod gonna take?? He’s a center. Pretty sure the 4 center spots on the Oilers are locked down. Or am I missing something?? There is zero reason to keep McLeod up. If I’m wrong you guys can rip me a new one but my money is on him being sent down. Let him be a center and tear up juniors. You guys are so hypocritical lol. You freak out when the Oilers “rush” certain players but when it’s the flavor of the week, it’s okay to keep promote a guy right out of juniors?? ??

          • Big Nuggets

            I’m not advocating keeping McLeod in the NHL this year, nor do I expect him to be in the NHL this year. Just saying McLeod might be more likely to get into a game two to start the season. I guess they would stick him on the wing or if there is a center injury, but most likely he plays zero games. Not sure why every comment is taken as an attack.

          • For my part, I’m not saying that he’s a lock to stay up. My point was that he’s been very surprising to see how well he’s been playing, and between him and Yamo, McLeod looks like the one more ready to step into a full-time NHL slot. That’s all.

            However, I also recall an article here a week or so ago that basically stated that this “earning it” nonsense isn’t worth as much these days. The best players should play, period. There’s a bit of truth to that…as long as we don’t totally throw away the future.

  • Van isl Oiler

    Lucic didn’t look very good imo. Yes he scored a goal, but an actual NHL defenceman wouldn’t have let him set up the way he did in front of the net. I wish it wasn’t so, but Lucic holds this team back.

        • Oilerz4life


          The Looch doesn’t have a stash of hero biscuits in his locker just yet. He still has to prove worthy of the contract and investment under the cap.

          He is still a monster salary commitment to Oilers Inc. Or, that money could be spent on a Maroon type for much less. He still has to PROVE that another team wouldn’t be more worthy of taking on his contract.

          He could be moved elsewhere, still, that can still happen.


    • OilersBro

      I disagree, I’ve seen Lucic do that all throughout his career against great NHL defensemen. He’s immovable in front of the net. Also let’s not pile on the Lucic (or Koskinen) hate train… they’ve both played one pre-season game.

    • the dope $teez

      I’m Looch’s no. 1 hater, but even I will disagree with this. He looked fine last night, actually made a couple passes, and scored a greasy goal by being in the right place at the right time. Really that’s all we need from him. Good game Looch.

      • Van isl Oiler

        I’m pulling for Lucic, really I am. The Oilers need him to rebound this year, which has obviously been well documented. I honestly didn’t notice who the dman in front was that essentially just stood there and watched him plant his stick for Draisaitl to bank it in off. For a guy in the position he’s in, I was really hoping he’d have a better showing.

    • TruthHurts98

      Lucic was in front of the net being ‘guarded’ by Trouba and Morrisey. So yes, actual NHL d men couldn’t tie him up. It was a good play. I wasn’t impressed with the rest of his game but it’s his first pre season tilt. If he gets out of his funk and can score 10-12 PP goals this season it’ll be fine.

  • Freddie the fog

    Lets just be happy it appears like the Oilers made a good pick at #40 with McLeod. The kid needs to go back to Jr . and dominate. This season he’ll b the main man down there. Many guys on the Steelheads are turning pro this season. He has looked great but this is nothing new for a 19 year old to shine bright early in camp.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      I think he sees 9 games honestly. He’s been that impressive. Course that could be the worst thing since most people on here would be whining about how the Oilers “rush” kids into the NHL

      • QuitForRealThisTime

        I doubt that he plays an regulation games, really the center position is set, and he really looks good as a center so no point in playing him on the wing. But still nice to see this kid not believe that the centers are set an pushing hard anyway.

      • NoBuBlackOPS

        Mcleod has been impressive this pre season I don’t think he gets any regular season games. Simply because we finish are preseason and start the regular season in Europe. If there was not a trip to Europe to start the season I believe he would get some regular season games.

      • Ratt McNuge

        No. McLeod is getting sent back to junior. No 9 games. The Oilers are set at centre and they need to get off to a good start. They won’t be experimenting. They need to win now.

  • daryl

    Aberg looked like an NHLer finally was very quick and good on the D side as well JP looked very good and our top line was fire! JJ had a very solid game he can wheel. Leon’s line looked a little off but showed better as the night wore on. Lucic did what he is supposed to do get to the front of the net and bang in pucks will be a contributor.

  • Clayton

    Great to see Talbot rounding out into midseason shape so quickly. 20 saves on 23 shots for an .870 save %! At that pace his contract extension will easily fit under the Oilers cap crunch!

  • Kassian's Komrade

    I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like they completely solved the in-game experience issues. I was so jacked when the organist whipped out a bumpin’ cover of Natasha Beddingfield’s “A Thousand Miles” early in the second period after the Jets had tied it up early. And all of the times they showed the Instagram and twitter posts. I definitely don’t spend enough time creeping on social media, I’m sure glad I could pay the oilers to help me out with looking at selfies…

  • Hemmercules

    Nice to see the boys doing good but I find it impossible to get excited about a pre season game. Pounding a team with none of their star players is meaningless. The first couple months of the schedule looks very difficult so we will see what these guys really have by the end of October. I wish the season started today.

  • TKB2677

    I know it’s preseason but 7 points in 2 games for Rattie is still 7 points in 2 games. The nice thing about his points is it’s not like it’s all with McDavid or that he’s getting basically coincidental points being on McDaivd’s wing where the puck happens to touch his stick and McDavid goes end to end. He scored 2 goals and was a line driver by himself not playing with McDavid in one game. He scored a goal playing with Marody, he scored a goal with a great shot by getting himself open and McDavid found him and he making great passes, one of which was hitting McDavid in stride so he could drive the net and score. It’s still early but it’s pretty obvious he took this opportunity real series and crushed it in the offseason. The big thing for me is McDavid and Nuge continually gush about him and chance they get. So clearly they like playing with him and believe in him.

    Puljujarvi. Holy crap!! I can see why Chia ran up to the stage to draft him and was giddy about it. A guy that big, that fast and with skill. He just blew through the Jets like nothing. He looks more comfortable, more confident and if he can keep the confidence up, there is something special there.

    On the broadcast it sounded like Aberg was better than his last game which is good, he needs too be. But when I listen/watch Aberg play, I have a hard time figuring out what he does or brings. As an example, they have Chiasson who is on a PTO and probably fighting for Aberg’s spot on the roster. Chiasson played 12:36 min. He didn’t get a point but based on the radio broadcast made a critical play on a goal, he just didn’t get credit for an assist and had over 2 mins of PK time. So he contributed. Aberg was on a little over 11 mins. Got a few seconds of PP time. 25 secs to be exact and considering the Oilers had 5 PP’s, he got basically nothing and they credited him with 13 secs on the PK. Which considered they had to kill 5 penalties, means he got on the ice for the last few seconds of a penalty once or twice. So really nothing. He had no points, not even a shot on goal but was credited with 2 hits. So what exactly did he do?

    I am of the opinion that the Oilers need to get rid of guys like Aberg, the guys who are just there and who don’t fill a role. He’s got speed and skill supposedly. Great, but if it doesn’t result in any offense, who cares. When you aren’t scoring, what else are you doing? I would much rather have a guy like Upshall or Chiasson who are 4th line players capable of most likely the same offense as Aberg BUT play on a special team. So when they aren’t scoring, they are doing something else to help your team win. Just skating around filling a roster spot is not enough.

    • The exact reason Eberle is an Islander,when not scoring, contributed nothing at all. I rode him hard, if he was scoring 30+ every year, I could have ignored his shortcomings. Putrid playoff performance for someone who knew they were under the microscope.

      • bradleypi

        Damn phone. Continuing on, aberg had no points, no shots on goal in 12 minutes of ice time. Along with a couple bad giveaways. I’d be very surprised if he’s an oiler at the start of the year

      • Redbird62

        Yet somehow, when Aberg was on the ice, the Oilers out shot the Jets 15-5, and out chanced them 9-0 including 5-0 in high danger chances. That is over a third of the team’s 14 high danger chances, they just unfortunately did not cash in. I understand Marody was probably the primary offensive driver of the line, but he wasn’t doing it alone. Also, If the other team got no scoring chances and just a few average shots while a player is on the ice, he made no mistakes of consequence. Overall through camp thus far, he does not appear to have shown enough to be slated in the top 12 and maybe he is is border line as the 13th/14th forward, but last night’s game in isolation was okay for him.

  • OilerForLife

    Rattie earned his way to NHL by leading Bakersfield in scoring. He is certainly looking like a late bloomer, and it’s a very , very long time that the Oilers had some luck is receiving, or developing a player whose career came to stand still. Great jobs by our scouts who picked him, it’s about time the Oilers had a little luck with the late bloomer. This will be great moving towards developing 3 scoring lines.

    Our D looked pretty good as well, with Klefbom and Larsson showing good form. Benning and Russell looked decent the other night too. Jakub Jerabek looked fast enough to compete in the NHL. I know this wasn’t the Jets full lineup, but I think this is a very good sign moving forward. The powerplay looks a whole lot better. Only bad thing was all the bad penalties, and if they do this in the regular season, they will be scored on. work on this area is required.

  • crabman

    I agree with the people that were unimpressed by our 2nd line and thought they looked out of sinc. But it was their 1st game and some rust can be expected. Lucic looked neither good or bad and that’s fine in the pre season.
    The forward group has looked great as a whole and much faster than last year. Scoring goals wasn’t the problem last year and I don’t see it being a problem this year. I haven’t been impressed by the defence at all yet. Again it’s still early and we haven’t seen a full lineup yet but unless Nurse continues to imptove and can anchor the 2nd pair and Benning takes a step forward and can be a strong partner for him this D group is going to be in trouble. Bear and Bouchard both look great with the puck but don’t look ready for a fulltime NHL job, Bear could round iyt a sheltered bottom pair playing 12-14 minutes a night if the top 2 pairs dominate. I thought Garrison looked good but slow so far but could be a viable #6 guy in a sheltered role. And I thought Jerabek has looked bad so far this preseason and I wouldn’t rely on him being any more than a #7 getting spot duty. The year, defensively, hinges on Klefbom staying healthy and that 2nd pair realy stepping up and being a 1B pairing.

  • Total Points

    These pre-season games mean almost absolutely nothing as far as how the team will play once the season starts. Lets not get too excited bur Rattie’s 5 points is impressive and 2 goals in the prior game

    • crabman

      What I like to see in the preseason is how the lines are being put together, if/how much young players have improved over the summer and if players can start to build chemistry together.
      I like the chemistry we saw last night with the top line, but if we are being honest with ourselves if they d8dn’t dominate the Jets AHL team that would have been a problem. I’ve really enjoyed watching Puljujarvi. He seems like a completely different player than the one that finished last year. He looks fast, more confident and is the guy driving his line right now. I’m excited to see how he responds to NHL caliber lineups. And then getting a snapshot of the future watching players like Benson, Yamamoto, McLeod, Marody, Bear, Bouchard, and Jones. All playing well and all looking like potential future NHLers.
      Those are the things that have excited me so far this preseason.

  • crabman

    At the risk of being negative I think Chiarelli is going to regret the term he has handed out to bottom of the roster players like Kassian and Caggiula, and to a lesser degree Russell if he ends up on the bottom pair this year and moving forward.
    Khaira, Puljujarvi and Rattie, if he can stay in the top 9 and contribute, will all be looking at significant raises next year. I see all three as playing more significant roles and higher up the lineup than both Caggiula or Kassian.
    What Chiarelli has done well is drafting and smaller deals to give the organization real depth. Benson, Marody, Yamamoto, and McLeod have all looked good and could push for playing time at some point this year and a roster spot next year. Chiasson on a PTO looks like he could be a fit as a 4th liner on a $1M or less contract and bring as much as Caggiula while making $500K less. Garrison looks like he could be the type of veteran #6-7 D that could fill out a roster for under $1M. With Jones, Bear, and , Bouchard all bubbling under and looking for a roster spot as yearly as later this year (Bear and Jones) and into camp next year the team should have plenty of cheap options to fill out the roster. Hopefully some of the over priced players can be moved in the offseason and this marks the end of overpaying for bottom of the roster players.
    The future looks bright.

  • Cowboy Bill

    Well with the way Cooper Marody played last night , I don’t see Drake Caggiula making the roster this season . Marody is the righthanded version of Caggiula that can actually play center . Ditto for Zack Kassian because Alex Chaisson is his equal or better . Aberg looked good last night too . I know it’s pre-season . But just sayin .

    • Leichs

      I have felt this way since I watched Drake play his first preseason game. Only a matter of time before hes pushed out by a Benson or Marody. The contract for Drake after coming off that type of year is baffling. Will be such a shame to watch a guy like Upshall or Chaisson not make our squad because Drake takes up a spot because he “works hard”. He works hard because he never has the puck and is constantly chasing it around.

      • Leichs

        When Marody, Yam and McLeod get sent down I hope someone in the media will have the balls to ask coach what Drake and Kass have done or shown to be ahead of these guys. I get that they are young and probably not ready but really what do the other two bring that put them ahead of these guys other than more games played?

    • Big Nuggets

      I am kinda hoping they send Caggiula to Bakersfield. If he is a real player he can show it there first and get confident. As well as helping out what will hopefully be a very competitive team in Bakersfield.

  • ed from edmonton

    Cudos to the Oil organization for very effectively building some depth. The amount of discussion about whether the bottom end wingers (i.e. Kassian, Cagullia, Aberg) will be on the opening night roster should be applauded. A far cry from the MacT era when the Oil went into the 14/15 season with a 19 year old as the unchallenged 2nd line center. Macleod has been more impressive in this camp than Drai was in 14, the difference is Macleod has no chance of making the team this year.