GDB -5.0 Wrap Up: Streak Grounded

When last we tuned in to see the Oilers play the Winnipeg Jets this pre-season, the Oilers were looking like an NHL team whilst the Jets iced their Manitoba Moose lineup. This time the tables have turned and the Jets NHL-heavy lineup was licking its chops at the potential of playing the Oilers Condors.



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This was teed up as the “show me” game for Koskinen. His game against the Flames was a rough outing and most have already pencilled in Montoya as the backup to Talbot. Let us see how they all did.

Period One:

  • Bad penalty by Malone leads to a goal for Winnipeg, 1-0 Jets.
  • Yamamoto shows off that offensive prowess of his that has everyone in Edmonton excited for his time on the big club. Deflection out of mid-air on a Wiffle ball from Benning, 1-1 tie.

  • Minutes later Yamamoto draws a penalty with his huge effort. On the ensuing PP, Bear unloads a big shot from the point, 2-1 Oilers.

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  • Lazy giveaway by the Jets gives Aberg a break, but he is gassed with little to no effort.
  • Puljujarvi is all over on the power play. Another solid outing starting from him.
  • Rieder with a lazy giveaway to Laine and luckily no such luck for Patrik.


Ethan Bear and Kailer Yamamoto are doing their absolute damnedest to make Coach McLellan and his new staff make the hard call to send them down. Yamamoto has a goal and has drawn a penalty in the first. Bear has a goal and was arguably the best defender out there in the first. Puljujarvi is buzzing all over the ice. The man of the hour, Mikko Koskinen has bounced back nicely from his first showing (read as nightmare) and other than that PPG that he had no chance on, is looking comfortable.

Period Two:

  • Puljujarvi steals the puck and sets up a 2 on 1 with him and Khaira. No result from it but just further proof of his good night again.
  • The Jets turn it on in this one. From the 15:00 mark on the pressure is hemming the Oilers in. The pressure turns into a goal on a nice little deflection from the Jets Skyler McKenzie (a Sherwood Park kid), 2-2 tie.
  • This seems to wake up the Oilers with good shifts from Kassian and Puljujarvi’s line. Their hard work pays off with a penalty drawn from Byfuglien.
  • On that power play, the Oilers fail to break in, reset and a poor pass by Bear ends up in a 2 on 1 for the Jets, 3-2 Jets.


The Oilers are statistically superior. Through two periods the shots are 29-9. The Jets showed 10 shots missing the net (the Oil had two). Koskinen is getting beat up in the comments, but other than the first goal (which was placed well) I don’t put much of this on him so far.

You be the judge:

Period Three:

  • Oilers come out buzzing for the first six minutes.
  • Malone falls down and the Jets player goes down with his errant stick at their feet. Kassian follows up by “slashing” a stick out of one of Morrow’s hands. The Jets take their time setting up things and despite a heroic flash of the leather seconds before the Jets slip in and score easily, 4-2 Jets
  • The team just kind of slunked over and let the Jets steamroll them.
  • On a nice pass to the youngster Skyler McKenzie, 5-2 Jets.
  • Nurse and Yamamoto connect late to make it 5-3 Jets.

The Wrap

When our very own BaggedMilk took to reminding the Jets before the game that they still do not have an airport,

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GDB -5.0: Winnipeg Doesn’t Have an Airport (6pm MT, Oilers TV)

the bulletin board material was set and the Jets responded. In all seriousness this was pretty much a carbon copy of the first preseason game against these Jets, the Oilers were Condors heavy and it showed as the game progressed. The team and Jets own shooters combined to allow only 21 of the 35 of shot attempts from Winnipeg. Koskinen was getting skewered online (because of the low shot totals versus goals allowed) and I don’t know if that was really fair. Below are all of his goals allowed for you to be the judge.

What do you think? Is Koskinen actually bad? Or was this just a lot of bad luck/play in front?


Never forget, we beat them on preseason aggregate (a thing I just made up) 10-8.

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  • bradleypi

    The Oilers lost! Firethemall!! The penalty kill is brutal, the power play is terrible, they need more dmen and Koskinen is a waste of money!! Might as well just forfeit the season after tonight! Why even bother playing the regular season??? Firethemall!!
    Lol I don’t really mean those things. That’s my best oilersnation impression. ??. If Kailer keeps scoring goals he’s gonna stay up for sure. Great job tonight kid! That’s all for me tonight. I’ll read all the whining and complaining in the morning. That’s your cue mr. Bung!!

  • Ohlyr

    #74 Ethan Bear was just terrible in his own zone tonight. Ryan Strome was cherry picking on the 3rd Jets goal, zero effort/back checking. Many minor league defensive mistakes tonight.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      I think Bear did okay, he was pretty decent on the power play and showed that bomb of his. I said before that Bear still needs some time in the AHL to work on some of the things in his end of the ice, but the kid has great potential, hopefulyy the Oilers will get Bear working on the things he is weak on and he will get them corrected in time. Benning wasnt great in the Oilers end and even Nurse was rusty you could see.

      • Ohlyr

        Nurse was a team best +2 tonight, I thought he was the best of an average bunch tonight?
        Bear does have a real nice one timer, but in his own zone tonight….it wasn’t pretty. I was very disappointed in the effort of #44 and #18. Looked like they mailed it in since they have one way contracts?

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        Jerabek has me worried with his foot speed, seems like he got caught flat footed a couple times and a couple of other he just got out skated by the man. As Nation Dan stated there isnt anything memorable to make you go wow…. so is it a case of slow and steady and no flash, or is Jerabek not up to the hype. Ought to be interesting to see what the Oil do btwn Garrison and Jerabek.

      • Redbird62

        In the Canucks game, he hustled back to break up a two on one. In last night’s game, on a down low quick cross ice feed to Scheifele, Jerabek dodged across to deflect a sure goal over the glass. The announcer actually called it a goal at first. He was beaten to the outside on the Jets 5th goal though. Players make mistakes, otherwise almost every game would end 0-0. Tyler Myers didn’t look good when Jesse stole the puck from him and raced off on a breakaway, but couldn’t bury it. Oilers fans perception – what a great steal by Jesse; Jets fans perception – what a screw up by Myers. And fans who have made up their minds about a player seems to focus on only the plays that re-enforce their belief. Overall, with Jerabek on the ice 5 on 5, the scoring chances were 16-4 Oilers and high danger scoring chances were 6-1. So things went generally well while he was out there.

  • Dapper Dan 3099

    I don’t wanna harp on koskinen too much, but (I dunno if it’s just me) he seems slow and lazy when reacting to shots…. I really hope he’s just working out some of the rust, because if this is what we get when the games count, boy is that signing gonna look BAD!

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Honestly, I see him going to Bakersfield and getting some games in, the Oilers are going to need to have him play a bunch and see how he is down there. Kositsin KHL stats are excellent, but watch him the past games where he has played isnt exactly ringing the confidence bell for me. I get that Kositsin didnt have the seasons line up on the defence the Oil will have when the season starts, but with this much of a question mark, the Oil need to send him down to Bakersfield and get him in as many games as possible and see how he does, no way can they sit him on the bench for a bunch of games and then see how he does, they need to find out what they have sooner rather than later.

    • toprightcorner

      I don’t think he looks slow. Maybe because he is a giant he can look slow but he he moves from post to post very well. He had no chance on 4 of the goals and the Wheeler shot was a perfect of the bar shot.

    • dolenator

      He looked a little slow getting across the crease but a lot of the goals were on the d. A 2 on 3 and everyone takes the shot and pass is wide open. Any goalie is going to have trouble with that

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I thought Jesse, JJ, Yamamoto had really solid games they were making plays and had their nose around the net more than a few times. Reider was noticeable not as much as the aforementioned trio but he seemed pretty steady. Malone I liked but I wasnt a fan of the first penalty he took otherwise not to shabby, McLeod seemed to be in the mix whenever the opportunity took itself. Aberg had a couple of moments but he didnt stand out, which I dont think will bode well for him, Kassian was noticeable in the second but in the 1st and 3rd other was invisible. Jerabek had a nice block but there was times he left me wondering about his foot speed and being able to keep up with the opposition. Otherwise for who the Oilers had on the ice I dont think they did too bad. I liked Berar on the PP in the game, he is able to let it go from the point, and we saw that last year in the final games of the season, he still needs some work in his end, otherwise he did fairly well, nice to see the potential is there for Bear down the road. Kositsin ( cause its in ) got beat on the first 3 goals where I dont think he had a chance, the one glove side later on has me wondering if he is a little weak glove side, the oyther thing that bothered me about Kositsin was he seems to be down early…like Ben Scrivens early, Talbot likes to go down early… but Kositsin seems to stay down a fair bit more for longer stretches, I get you want to take the bottom of the net away, but Talbot was doing the down early stuff a lot last year and everyone was shooting high, whether this is a Dustin Schwart’s thing I cant say, but I hope this isnt creature of habit, because guys will start going upstairs like they did on Talbot ( who I hope is going to be more aware of that this season )

    Otherwise the Oilers didnt do too bad, I thought the PK was good, but I think there can be some improvements yet, but otherwise they were in the thick of it till the jets potted that couple in the third. Overall the game was pretty enjoyable, Nurse still looks a little rusty but hopefully he will be back in form soon

  • elliotsmom

    Caguilla needs to be better. Yamo is nipping at his heels. I thought we could definitely see the effort the Oilers put in, especially being as overmatched as they were.

  • Abagofpucks

    Jerabek looks like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest to me.
    Kassian hello hello hello ….. where are youuuuuu.
    Mcloud, send him back to junior and then sign him to his ELC and we will see you next camp kid, keep working hard because your one of our future player’s.
    Bear your 1st call up in case of injury you have a future will the big team.
    Kailer hangs around for a while yet and makes the trip overseas.
    Caggulia you better hope Kailer dosent make it this year.
    Jesse just keep working hard young man.
    The rest good luck to you weather you make the team or not.

  • Oilerz4life

    The benefit of investing $2.5M in an unproven backup remains to be seen. I still don’t see it, with cheaper more experienced options available. ‘Tis a head scratcher for sure.

    We will see if the brass brilliance proves itself or not, either way we are going to hear every angle of this story until the cows come home.

  • toprightcorner

    If you are ripping on Koskinen for tonight’s game you are clueless. He never had a hope on 4 of the goals and the Wheeler goal was a perfect shot off the bar from the dot. I don’t think a goalie in the league that wouldn’t have let in fewer goals.

    For the most part he looked fine. Controlled his rebounds, made some solid saves and moves well from post to post. I am not saying he is the man, but he showed nine if the nerves he did in his first game.

    This is a good step to being a solid backup and hopefully the defense is better in front of him during his next game cause he was hung out to dry much of the night.

    • Oilerz4life

      Holy buds, I’m talking what they paid for the guy, versus what else was available. Many, many people are wondering that, and you’re throwing clueless around. If you have staked your claim on one preseason game and throwing ‘clueless’ around I have nothing else to say to you. What I said is more proven options were available for less than half the cost. He still has alot to prove and he will be under the microscope. Take a walk.

        • Redbird62

          Lehner went from the Sabres to the Islanders for $1.5 million for 1 season. He was a starter in Buffalo and has very respectable .914 career save %. He may believe he has a shot to take the number on job for NYI over Greiss. Petr Mrazek went from the Wings to the Hurricanes for $1.5 million for 1 year. He has had a .910 career save % . He is behind Scott Darling in Carolina who will make $4.15 million per season for the next few years.

  • getsome

    So we gave the “vets” the night off and let the rest see what they could do. I worry that because Yamamoto is potting goals in preseason, like last year, management will think he is ready….he isn’t. When the puck drops for real he will fade under the tighter checking.