Cam Talbot unveils new mask

You might be asking, “didn’t Cam Talbot get a new paint job last year? Also, didn’t he get another new paint job the year before?” Well, that’s the life of an NHL goaltender apparently, and I’m extremely jealous of the guy. This years mask has the same theme as last years, but is pretty different…


Dare to Dream…

NHL teams have to draft and develop the majority of their core if they want to be successful. Then they need to make a good trade or two and the odd, smart free agent signing. For years the Oilers have struggled to develop their own talent. Some were rushed, others weren’t developed properly and in…


Nobody Called This

Hands up everybody who said prior to the start of pre-season that Ty Rattie, Jesse Puljujarvi and Kailer Yamamoto were going to fill the net and that these three unproven right wingers would be the strength of the Edmonton Oilers five games into the schedule, not the biggest question mark. Sure you did.


WWYDW: Managing the goalies

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve looked at Edmonton’s forwards and defencemen and how best they can be deployed. This week, we’ll finish off by looking at Edmonton’s interesting three-headed goalie situation and the best way it can be managed.


The evolution of Connor McDavid

If you haven’t heard yet, Connor McDavid was featured on GQ Magazine this week and he’s looking handsome as ever. Connor’s had a big summer you know? He’s recently grown out his hair, grown out his beard, and upped his fashion game hard. He’s becoming known online for growing out of that baby-face real quick,…