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Cam Talbot unveils new mask

You might be asking, “didn’t Cam Talbot get a new paint job last year? Also, didn’t he get another new paint job the year before?” Well, that’s the life of an NHL goaltender apparently, and I’m extremely jealous of the guy. This years mask has the same theme as last years, but is pretty different in comparisons. Let’s break it down:

Behold, last years mask below. It contains GLOW Tech FX technology to make the little ghosts glow int he dark. The mask is a tribute to his to newborn twins (at the time) as he is a big fan of the Ghostbusters mask theme since he arrived in Edmonton.

Now, take a look at this years mask below! As you can see Cam kept the Ghostbusters theme with the two twin baby ghosts, but this time they were moved to the top of the mask instead of the side. He also added more orange goo as I like to call it. Cam really loves the goo design cause that’s what he had on his New York Rangers mask as well.

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David Gunnarsson has been doing Cam’s goalie masks for a long time, along with many other NHL goaltenders designs as well. He spits out amazing designs and crushed it again with Cam’s mask this year. This sure is a busy mask with a lot of design going on in it but Dave made a comment about how much fun he had painting it.

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What do you think of Cam’s new mask? Let me know in the comments!

  • Dan 1919

    I like it and also think it’s a solid step up from last years. Best of all, good on Cam for keeping it fresh and being a sport about doing a new mask every season… Seeing Cujo’s mask night after night as a kid ingrained in me the entertainment of checking out every goalie mask.
    Who knows, maybe next year Cam will do a ghost buster themed tribute mask to Cujo????? Sooner or later somebody has to come along and dethrone Cujo’s best mask award. The only way may be to beat him at his own game and build off of his.