The evolution of Connor McDavid

If you haven’t heard yet, Connor McDavid was featured on GQ Magazine this week and he’s looking handsome as ever. Connor’s had a big summer you know? He’s recently grown out his hair, grown out his beard, and upped his fashion game hard. He’s becoming known online for growing out of that baby-face real quick, and I couldn’t be more happy that he’s an Oiler. 

In the spirit of Connor growing up and becoming a man, I thought I’d put together a story of photos of him. It’s actually quite impressive how fast he’s matured, but as the best hockey player in the Universe, you have to expect that it would happen quickly.

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Connor at 15

This is Connor just six short years ago. He’s 15 years old and in the first season in the Ontario Hockey League with the Eerie Otters. Can you believe he was also one of the best players in the CHL at this point as well? I can.

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Connor at 17

This is Connor’s last year in the OHL. As you can see he’s matured a little bit in his face and looks like a kid who can legally drive a vehicle. His hair style is identical two years prior and he’s growing out a little in his face. Does this look like a guy who was scoring 2.5 points per game in the OHL? Absolutely.

Connor at 18

For some reason Connor looks slightly younger to me at 18 than at 17. Maybe it’s seeing him in an actual NHL jersey that makes him look young. Either way, he’s rocking the baby face and is ready to tear up the National Hockey League.

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Connor at 19

Here we have a 19 year old Connor McDavid. To me this is one of his biggest jumps in appearance. He’s now the captain of an NHL team and that means he has to do his hair up fancy and grow some facial hair out. I actually can’t stop staring at this photo in comparison to his draft photo. He looks like two different people!

Connor at 20

Connor’s really leaning into the celebrity status now by rocking the slim fitted suits. He’s now taking home NHL awards like it’s nobody’s business and beginning to dominate the league. He pretty much has no baby face left and his face has squared up nicely.

Connor NOW

What happened to our little baby-faced first overall draft pick? He’s now a model for GQ Magazine and can buy whatever the hell he wants in this world. Not only is he the best hockey player in the league, but he’s probably going to earn a spot on ESPN’s Body Issue soon. Could you imagine? Connor surprised the world when he returned to Oilers camp with the #McFlow and the #McBeard and I couldn’t be more in awe of it.

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What’s he going to look like next year?! The anticipation is killing me.