Nation Donair Tour – Firezone Pizza and Donair

We are BACK. This week, our pal from TSN 1260 Dusty Nielson told us to jump in the ol’ wagon and book it down the Whitemud damn near all the way to River Cree Casino and Resort to hit up his favourite place — Firezone Pizza and Donair. Let me tell you, Firezone was well worth the mammoth trek into the deep west.

This was one of the best donairs we’ve had on the tour even though the place kinda looked like an abandoned Pizza Hut. The guy working there was also a huge beauty and he was a nation fan who had been following our tour since our first stop all the way back in July. These things were absolutely loaded with meat and they had the perfect amount of cheese and sauce. I’ve gone completely in on the veggie-less donair, which has been an excellent decision on my part. Dusty agrees. He also goes Caveman style.

Have you ever been to Firezone before? Watch the video below and see if you agree. Remember to jump into the comments below with your favourite donair shop and recommendation of where we should go next!

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  • gwright

    It’s funny. I’ve lived by this place for years and I’ve never tried their donairs. You hit it on the head when you were talking about the “pizza” part of their name. With that said, they make great pizzas. I’m gonna order a pizza for the fam and add a donair.

  • J-Dub

    Losing 4-1 to the Jet’s – I decided to make the trek out to Firezone based on the ON glowing review. The Oilers were shaky in the first, and they were no better in the second as I waited for my food. Hopefully, a solid donair would help ease the pain. I got home just in time for the start of the third period, and no sooner than taking my first bite of the donair – Rattie scored a quick goal. McDavid and the Oiler’s took over the game from that point on. That said, I still have Swiss and Nikki’s donairs ranked ahead in terms of overall flavor. However, this might have to be the game time donair going forward – as they came back from improbable odds. I call it the Oiler’s lucky donair!