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Oilers place Pontus Aberg on waivers, release Jakub Jerabek

With the Oilers overseas to wrap up their pre-season and kick off the new one, it was no surprise to see them further trim the roster and they got some more work done on that front this morning. Today, they announced via their Twitter account that Pontus Aberg has been placed on waivers for the purpose of assignment to the Condors and that Jakub Jerabek was released and “awaiting assignment.”

As Peter Chiarelli mentioned Friday, the team is able to carry a few non-roster players, specifically PTO players, with them to Europe which gives them some time to make a few more calls that will surely come, but for now, others needed to be cut so that their AHL (or otherwise) seasons could begin and that’s exactly what happened. Today’s round of cuts sees Pontus Aberg hitting the waiver wire with the intent of assignment to Bakersfield to join the Condors, while Jakub Jerabek’s unimpressive pre-season has him landing in limbo as he awaits assignment.

From where I blog, neither of today’s cuts come as much of a surprise given the storylines we’ve been following throughout the pre-season and using my own eyeballs to watch how they’ve both performed:

  • For Pontus Aberg, seeing him getting sent back to Bakersfield makes sense, especially when you consider how he was dry toast throughout the pre-season. In five games played, Aberg registered only a single goal and was widely outplayed by both Ty Rattie, Jesse Puljujarvi, and Kailer Yamamoto which didn’t leave any space on that right side. That said, I think there is still a serviceable player there but he’s going to need to get his head in the game or else he’ll be disappearing under the rock of obscurity in Europe somewhere. Maybe he gets his game back together in the AHL? We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out.
  • For Jakub Jerabek, this release has to be disappointing given the fact that he just signed a one-year deal with the team earlier in the summer and was certainly expected to play. That said, he was outplayed by rookies like Bear and Bouchard and Jason Garrison that came in on a PTO so this release isn’t exactly a surprise to anyone that watched how his pre-season went. The question, now, is what does “waiting for assigment” mean? I imagine that’ll put him on waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. In five pre-season games played, Jerabek didn’t register a point and was +2 with four shots on goal.

With these two cuts out of the way, there is still some work left to do on the roster before the regular season kicks off next Saturday but the bulk of the work appears to be done. As of this moment, the team is still carrying Bear and Bouchard on the back end with Garrison and Chiasson on PTOs, so we know that more news is coming. If I’m guessing, I’d suspect that Bear gets sent down to the AHL in a paper transaction and paves the way for Evan Bouchard’s NHL debut, and that Garrison and Chiasson ink their deals once Andrej Sekera hits the LTIR. That said, I readily admit that I know nothing and am only guessing, but we’ll have to wait and see how close I get. Fortunately, there’s only a week left to wait, my friends. The season countdown is on.

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Recent Roster Cuts:

Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 9/30/2018 – 9:32 am MT 

  • OriginalPouzar

    Lots of chatter about making material acquisitions after Sekera is put on LTIR.

    The Oilers currently have $2.1M in cap space with 21 players (12F, 7D, 2G).

    This includes Sekera and Jarabek but not Bouchard or Bear.

    When Jarabek gets replaced by Bouchard, that will add $75K in cap space so lets say we have $2.2M with 21 players (including Sekera).

    Lets add Ethan Bear ($720K) and Yamamoto ($900K) which takes us to a 23 man roster with cap space of $580,000 (give or take).

    Sekera can then be put on LTIR on day 1 which opens up 1 roster spot and allows the team to go over the cap by $4,920,000 to a toal of $84,4200,000

    Lets not forget though that going over the initial $79.5M cap by using any of that LTIR cushion is fraught with risk and ineffectiveness:

    1) importantly, the LTIR cushion does not provide any cushion for performance bonuses. If we use the LTIR cushion and are over the initial cap then any performance bonuses vested by Puljujarvi, Yamamoto or Bouchard will result in a cap penalty for next season and reduce our cap limit.

    2) generally, when a team is below the cap, the cap space is calculated daily and cap space is accrued to use later in the season – this is why a team with say $2M in cap space for the season can acquire an apx $10M player at the deadline. If we are using the LTIR cushion, we do not accrue any cap space even if we are under the artificially increased cap – this minimizes the ability to add later in the season

    3) if Sekera is to come off LTIR at any point during the year, the LTIR cushion immediately disappears and we need to fit the remainder of his cap hit in – this could lead to an immediate need to dispose of players and their cap.


    I’m not saying that we should not use LTIR relief but it needs to be done with great diligence and any material acquisition needs to make sense. To me, acquiring a guy like Faulk who is trending down and currently underperforming his cap hit is a massive risk in particular given he is signed for next year at close to $5M.

      • Bills Bills

        I would guess that means they have released him to go sign in Europe. If he gets picked they mutually terminate his contract. If he doesn’t, he gets assigned to Bakersfield.

      • OilerForLife

        Bouchard will probably get his 9 games in sheltered minutes. Bear will get the nod, so do they put him on the farm or outright release him…… ? What are the options?

          • oilman3

            Haha. Flames fans love to blather on about their stellar defense. Sure worked out last year. This year, it’s undeniably worse….so, ya. At least you have little Jenny G.

          • Oilfan_81

            Your thoughts when it comes to defence and goaltending are completely irrelevant. For years you’ve been saying the Flames have the best D in the league and they never are. You also claim the Flames bring in the “best goalie available” but since Kiprusoff retired, none have made it past 2 seasons. To be perfectly blunt, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Opi

            Be honest … even for a millisecond … you would LOVE to ice this Dm wouldn’t you, lolo … ?

            Mark Giordano-TJ Brodie
            Noah Hanifin-Travis Hamonic
            Juuso Valimaki-Michael Stone

  • GRC

    That was supposed to read….I cant remember the last time a team played their last game on the same day the NHL season starts.
    Is an edit button on the drawing table…this is kind of ridiculous.

    • Edit button is on the wishlist but it’s admittedly a low priority. Right now, we’re re-writing Hockey Fights, All Wrestling, and Corsica Hockey right now and those have to come first before we can readjust dev time and spend.

      • WHH

        Why would it be a low priority? The people who come to this sight want it. They drive the clicks that drive the ads. that makes money for this sight. It should be top priority. I don’t even know what All Wrestling or Corsica Hockey is.

        • Leichs

          Well said. Why would you want to make all of us happy right? Hockey Fights, All Wrestling, and Corsica Hockey, that’s what we all come here for yes…. Lets make sure those are top priorities lol. I am actually a little surprised you guys have something that dozens of people complain about daily on this site as your lowest priority..

        • dabears318

          Current commenting system is CREATE / READ only for comments, clearly. To add an edit feature, that would require the additional additions of UPDATE and DELETE.

          Based on the dev quality (lack of) with this new design, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • GRC

        With all due respect BM the EDIT issue has been an issue since the site was constructed. Thats a long time. It appears as if the EDIT button has been left out by design.

  • bwar

    I don’t feel Chiasson did anything to earn a spot on the roster. I think we could do better from the waiver wire.

    On a side note he’s could get a contract since the Oilers are going to Sweden and if Chiasson was a viking his name would mean son of Chia.

      • Kevwan

        @BM – You think so? 20 comments yesterday on the GDBs and none relating to the game. Nothing but inciting crap. Throw in dozens of comments replying to his dribble and the comment boards yesterday were a mess.

        The clicks this generates might be good for business but it makes these boards unreadable. Just read the hockey comments at Sportsnet to see what I mean. If you don’t ban him he’ll ruin this and other nation sites. It’s already starting

      • CMG30

        Which is exactly why i dont waste my time reading any of the drivel he’s barfed onto the screen. I see the name, hit trash and move on to someone important.

        If we’re requesting features, an ignore button would be great. Hit ignore and all comments from that IP are hidden from your view for a week or two. It would be far and away the best way to deal with trolls since they’re in it for the attention.

      • Opi

        The truth deserves attention … yes … @baggedmilk

        In his short time on the Oilers Chia has made a number of truly horrendous trades that saw premium talent shipped out with only a tiny fraction outgoing value replaced. His cap management skills are non-existent. He’s managed to overpay for personnel in virtually every area on the ice and through unnecessary buyouts, he’s even paying for players not to be on the ice. His arrogance is staggering. He was comfortable to start last season without replacing Sekera, his arguably best defenceman from the prior season and failed to recognize that his goaltender was struggling in season and was unable to shore up the position. Now he’s having to negate NHL contracts signed mere weeks ago …

        How he keeps his job is amazing …

        • Beer_League_Ringer

          Chiarelli is currently employed as an NHL GM and has a Stanley Cup. You are a troll spewing crap on the internet, pretending to know what you are talking about to incite discontent on what is usually a good fan forum. Who’s arrogance is staggering? Chiarelli’s, or the delusional, Dunning-Kruger poster boy Opi? Lastly, I refuse to let you to ruin my enjoyment of this forum, like you have ruined the SN forum, which is the singular goal of all your posts – to incite a visceral reaction from strangers, so you feel intelligent, superior, and in control. You are a bully. Period. In fact, this is the last direct response any post of yours will receive from me. You do not deserve the attention seek.

          • oilman3

            Something tells me he won’t be able to read what you wrote, let alone understand it. I can’t how much of his weekend he’s spending on an Oiler forum. It’s actually pretty sad.

          • Leichs

            Seriously this guy single handily ruined the sportsnet comments. How a person can be globally recognized by all 31 NHL teams fan bases on sports sites is embarrassing. If he continues to post and make dumb comments like he has been the past couple days I am done with this site. I don’t mind back and fourth bantering between rival teams and fans but this guy is just stupid and spews so much toxins and garbage I cannot handle it. I do not come on to this site to read comments about how stupid and brainless our management is and how bad of a franchise we are.

  • BR

    I don’t understand the Jerabek thing. Maybe they’re looking for a Euro team to loan him to? OR maybe another NHL team has expressed interest in trading a 2022 7th round pick for him or plug contract for him?

    Not surprised about Aberg at all. and the Bear/Bouchard thing is playing out how I thought it would, 9 games for Bouchard then Bear gets his spot. Garrison as the 7th guy but only signed to a one year minimum contract once Sekera goes onto LTIR.

    Biggest surprise for me is that each one of the RW’s has managed to play their way onto the team. I know that TM likes Strome and Puljujarvi together but I think Yamamoto is better off being a driver of a line against softer competition and Puljujarvi is more capable on the second line with Draisaitl.

    That leaves Caggulia and Chiasson as the extra two forwards.

    Sadly Lucic still appears to be an anchor. Here’s hoping he picks it up!!

  • Spydyr

    By releasing Jerabek that opens up a spot for a late waiver wire pickup on defence,right? There was to better opens available than Garrison not only in age but in ability as well.

    My guess is that “awaiting assignment.” is waiting for a team in Europe to sign him.

    • fasteddy

      But what about the amazing Nashville Predators development system? Thought they “do it right”, and everything Oiler sucks? Aberg was 37th overall pick and still hasn’t found his sea legs in the show.

  • bazmagoo

    I can’t help but think we are making another very Oiler mistake. Instead of having some experience on the blueline, we are putting our young dmen in a difficult position. I’m probably just a little jaded from past experience, and I hope that Bear and Bouchard prove me wrong.

  • GRC

    Not at all surprised about these decisions. Interesting how this trip to Europe affords the team extra time to make player decisions. I can remember the last time a team played their last Pre-season game on the same day the NHL season starts.
    As an aside I heard that Upshall is going to Bakersfield for conditioning (interesting phrasing) so it looks like there is more to written there too.

      • Opi

        In his short time on the Oilers Chia has made a number of truly horrendous trades that saw premium talent shipped out with only a tiny fraction outgoing value replaced. His cap management skills are non-existent. He’s managed to overpay for personnel in virtually every area on the ice and through unnecessary buyouts, he’s even paying for players not to be on the ice. His arrogance is staggering. He was comfortable to start last season without replacing Sekera, his arguably best defenceman from the prior season and failed to recognize that his goaltender was struggling in season and was unable to shore up the position.

        How he keeps his job is amazing … can you see any other fan base putting up with this … ??

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      I’m rooting for Scottie Upshall. He’s too useful of a player to not keep around. If that’s the case, then he might be called up when he’s ready for full time NHL Duty

    • abbeef

      It’s only rushing if he’s not ready or he’s expected to play above his level. 9 games on the third pairing that he earned in preseason is neither. If he struggles and they don’t send him down then I would agree.

    • Big Nuggets

      I always advocate for Bouchard to be sent down, but I want to see him get a few NHL games to have a look. If he legitimatly looks good enough to stay thats fine. I just want to avoid playing him 30 games before sending him down and thus burning a year of his ELC. The emergence of Bear should mean they don’t have to rely on Bouchard past 9 games.

      • OriginalPouzar

        If there is any chance of expansion being delayed by a year (and it seems there definitely is), they need to be very very careful about burning a year of his ELC and vesting a year of pro – doing so would result in him no longer being exempt from the expansion draft which would have really negative implications (with current roster construction, would lead to at least one of Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Nuge being exposed). They need to be sure that he’s pushing the needle forward materially prior to burning that year.

        Expansion must be a factor in management’s decision here.