Road to Sweden — On my way

“Strong people don’t put others down… They lift them up.”
― Michael P. Watson

This is no truer than when speaking of the Nation and Edmontonians in general. As I prepared for this trip to part unknown for me joining the Oilers over in Europe for their games in both Germany and Sweden; I have received so many well wishes and help from strangers and friends alike. I’m very thankful for this chance and to be in Munich now. A little look back at the trip that was.

8:43pm Friday Night

I was finally getting ready for my first ever trip outside of North America, Friday the day before, as you do. I go to zip up my laptop bag and naturally my zipper decides that it’s year (almost to the date) lifetime was up and separated.

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Time of death, 17 minutes before all stores closed for the night and my ride was coming to get me in the AM 15 minutes after they opened again. I tried not to panic and headed over to Staples to see what I could do.

There was only two bags that could apparently fit my laptop. I bought them both as the store locked the cage behind me.

Headed home to try them out on the laptop. First bag was inexplicably (and my fault for not having checked) missing it’s shoulder strap. So that wasn’t going to work. The second bag and eventual one I went with didn’t fit my laptop in it anywhere it was supposed to fit “large” screens. I ended up making it work, but I have no doubt the boys at the office with their MacBooks will be laughing at this story.

Le Airport et onward to Montreal

I arrived at what most would believe is ridiculously early, 11:00am for a 1:30pm departure time. I get that from my Mom, and the last time I flew that buffer saved me from not having car keys when I got home. So, after breezing through security and the first time I have gone somewhere without checked luggage, I was given a good little time to relax and charge my batteries. I met a new friend named Mitch (who was rocking a Semenko, Legend shirt from Nation Gear) and his buddie (wearing a Leon jersey, which I respect on an immediate street cred in Munich level)

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After getting on the plane I almost immediately passed out. Only to wake up and remember the Oilers were playing a hockey game of course. I shelled out $12.50 for flight wifi and was in.

Granted the stream only worked for the last six minutes of the second period for me. But even buffering, I just felt it was a rite of passage for me as an Oilers fan to watch a preseason game on wifi.

It seemed to have worked out as my headphone jack for the movies didn’t work as well as my charger dock. Never seem to have any luck with those. On the plus side the little girl flying with her mom was watching an Ice Age movie. Might have to check that out soon.

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Hope the Oilers/Flames Game was everything we dreamed it would be. I have heard the 50/50 wasn’t claimed so I can only hope they will carry that over to Cologne.

Arriving in Montreal now ( I am in Munich now but the delay with posting so people can see it) with just an hour between flights I might be able to sneak in a quick drink and then we’re off again. Next stop Munich at about 1:00am Edmonton.

I will have more updates for you as I roll along on this fantastic adventure. Follow me on social @thenationdan and here at ON for trip updates throughout. And if you’re in Europe or headed there soon, let me know. Let’s meet up and have a drink.