A weak Pacific Division could be all the Oilers need

The Oilers are 6-4-1. They have their flaws. They have three regulation wins in 11 games. Connor McDavid is basically a cheat code in 3-on-3 overtime. Edmonton’s banked enough points in a tough start to the season. They haven’t even faced a Pacific Division opponent yet. That might work towards their favour.


WWYDW: The Goalies (short- and long-term)

Through 11 games, we’ve seen two versions of Cam Talbot and Mikko Koskinen just once. The Oilers have rolled with Cm Talbot in 10 of 11 games thus far and he’s put up a handful of good starts and some bad ones too while Koskinen has only been given one chance to play.


At Random: Eleven

The way I see it, the best thing about the Edmonton Oilers wrapping up the October portion of their schedule with a better record, 6-4-1, than anybody expected is that there’s still plenty of room for improvement in the 71 games that remain.


Jesse Pul-please-play-me

FULL DISCLOSURE: I wrote this article while watching the game on a 60-inch television in my basement while wearing a pair of shorts and a Blue Jays t-shirt. The Oilers need to make a decision on Jesse Puljujarvi and it needs to happen right now. Sitting any 20-year old for four straight games just doesn’t…


Yamamoto vs Puljujarvi

The Oilers are pushing through their October schedule better than I think every single person here in Oilersnation expected. This is easily better than anything I ever hoped for. What’s nice, to me, is that this isn’t a case of everything going right for the team. When we look at the situation on the right…


Rebound performances are fuelling the Oilers’ strong start

The Oilers are 6-3-1 through 10 games this season, which, given their difficult schedule, is very impressive. After playing 10 games, you have a large enough sample size to see who’s doing what, what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and where the team is likely headed.