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Oilers sign Jason Garrison to a one-year deal worth $650K

According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Edmonton Oilers have signed defenceman Jason Garrison to a one-year contract with a cap hit of $650,000. 

With the way the pre-season played out and the fact that Jakub Jerabek was traded to the St. Louis Blues yesterday, it’s not overly surprising that the Oilers decided to ink Jason Garrison to a one-year deal. After coming in on a PTO in late August, Garrison has provided the team with the steady third-pairing defence that they were expecting from Jerabek and that consistency in play and effort ended up translating into a contract. In four pre-season games played, Garrison didn’t post any points for the club, but, as I mentioned, he was reasonably steady and unnoticeable which is exactly what you want from your bottom pairing guys.

Though he’s no longer close to being the player that once scored 16 goals for the Florida Panthers, Garrison can still provide a veteran presence in the dressing room with the ability to jump into the lineup when needed. What will be interesting to watch as the season plays out is exactly how much Garrison plays and what with usage. The guy has a very strong shot from the back end and a decent first pass out of the zone, but his skating is a struggle at this point so he will have to rely on positioning if he’s going to succeed.

If you’re a fan of the fancy stats, then I don’t recommend that you look up Garrison’s possession numbers as there is nothing in there that you’ll like. According to Corsica, Garrison hasn’t had positive possession numbers even once in the past three years despite having reasonably even zone starts. That said, I’m guessing this is a guy that will be in and out of the lineup in a similar role to what Eric Gryba had in the past so I see this signing as a reasonable, albeit unspectacular, gamble on the blue line. Now, we wait to see if Chiarelli also gave him a no-movement clause. I keed, I keed… maybe.

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All For One

In 2017-18, Garrison played in only eight games with the Golden Knights, registering one assist and four penalty minutes. What do you guys think?

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2009-10 Florida Panthers NHL 39 2 6 8 23 5
2009-10 Rochester Americans AHL 38 3 16 19 33 13 7 2 7 9
2010-11 Florida Panthers NHL 73 5 13 18 26 -2
2011-12 Florida Panthers NHL 77 16 17 33 32 6 4 1 2 3
2012-13 Vancouver Canucks NHL 47 8 8 16 28 18 4 2
2013-14 Vancouver Canucks NHL 81 7 26 33 57 -5
2014-15 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 70 4 26 30 19 27 23 2 5 7 8
2015-16 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 72 5 6 11 18 -4 17 1 6 7 12
2016-17 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 70 1 8 9 14 -8
2017-18 Vegas Golden Knights NHL 8 1 1 4 -2
2017-18 Chicago Wolves AHL 58 8 20 28 26 8 3 2 2
NHL Totals 538 48 111 159 221 48 4 13 17 22

Source: Bob McKenzie, Verified Twitter Account, 10/20/2018 – 12:13 pm MT

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I like it. He’s a steady 3rd pairing guy who will push Bear and Bouchard down for another season. Ah but I’m sure the good people on this site will whine about this is some fashion. Ah well. Welcome to the Oilers Jason

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        Garrison isnt really much of a risk on 650k and he isn’t a liability in our end, he did great in the preseason, not flashy but steady, defends the crease and he isn’t afraid to throw a hit, plus with Sekera out the Oil need someone they can count on to help out, even more so if Larson back is going to be giving him issues and Russell and whatever ailment he has. Jerabek not really showing much and awful footspeed sealed the deal

  • It was not that long ago Nikita Nikitin, Mark Fayne, & Andrew Ference were among our best d-men. Now Jason Garrison is among our worst and other teams are picking up the players we put on waivers. I’d say things have improved considerably despite not having elite talent on the blue line. Though is it enough with the loss of Sekera?

    • NotWinning

      Lol, other teams picking up players that the Oilers put in waivers.
      Yeah they pick him up for free. Oilers had to trade for Adberg, the Ducks got him off waivers for nothing. Lol.
      How have things improved? Benning or Russell as 2nd RW pairing. And a washed up Garrison who couldn’t crack a good team like Vegas is battling the #6 spot with a rookie and Bear. Yeah big improvement.

      • It means our cast away’s have value which means our worst players are better than other teams worst players. Oh, and you’re wrong about getting nothing as well since we got a 6th round pick for Jerabek. Take a hike bud.

      • Chitikas

        Garrison is a good third pairing defensemen. He played 70 games for Tampa (a pretty good team) the year before Vegas took him. He couldn’t make Vegas because they we so deep on defense and thought they could trade some D-men for futures which didn’t really happen.

    • NotWinning

      I guess Aberg’s 8 points in 16 games @$650k a year wasn’t good enough for the Oilers But Lucic’s 34 points in 82 games @$6 million a year is.
      Ducks are a decent team, they have a better goalie and D-core and leadership than the Oilers. They will get more from Aberg than the Oilers could.
      At least on the Ducks Aberg won’t have to carry his line mates and have a coach that too clueless how to put a line together.

        • NotWinning

          Because only real Oilers fans get upset about he stupid moves Chia does and don’t believe the hype over a couple of pre-season games.
          Why are you here? Because you need to be told what to believe.

          • toprightcorner

            Not protecting a lottery pick is the stupidest move a GM can make. Every other team does it, every opposing GM will agree to it. Missing out on Noah Dobson for being an idiot is inexcusable. 30 other GM’s in the league would have protected that pick.

        • NotWinning

          Is Alex the 12 year old.
          Why would that matter Alex. Can we use any of those points this season? What does that have to do with today ? And yeah how many goals where 5×5. I think 12 goals of his 20 goals where scored on the PP. big deal. Lucic’s 5×5 games has been declining hard since 16-17

          • toprightcorner

            In case you forgot

            Troy Brower – 22 pts – $4.5 mill
            Michael Frolik – 25 pts – $4.3 mill
            Hamonic – 12 pts – 2018 1st (Noah Dobson) and 2nd, 2019 2nd
            Matt Stajan – 1 pts – $3.125 mill
            Sam Bennet – 26 pts – 4th overall pick
            Curtis Lazar – 12 points – traded a 2nd round pick to get him. not good enough to get picked up on waivers.

  • vetinari

    Depth guy. Likely is more valuable as a mentor to the young guys and occasional relief player then being a starter. His deal and term is better than most we’ve seen for depth D-men the last few years (see: Fayne, Gryba) and if he’s sent down, he won’t count against the cap.

  • OilCan2

    Another NHL vet is a good add. Defencemen get banged up and it will be wise to have someone who can step in as required. Not spectacular, we have McDavid for that, but good.

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    ON is now on a garbage trajectory all because of one person. Banning a troll has nothing to do with being anti-free speech. It has to do with preserving the enjoyment for the individuals who contribute. “Ignore him” has never worked with trolls. Just look at SN.

    • Leichs

      Lol I agree. This site is becoming a joke. I love how none of the bloggers or moderators have actually commented on this guys comments and behavior. Wouldn’t surprise me if they actually recruited him over here just for the increase in comments and traffic. This site has some god awful priorities right now and what we ask for or say seems to not matter at all. Example edit button, never seen so many people complain about a person and an edit button and what do we get? Nothing from anyone except baggedmilk who says the edit button is not on the top of their priorities list despite the dozens of complaints daily about it. What we want/ask for is not on their priority list so might as well get used to seeing this guy trolling the comment sections for the season.

      • Hemmercules

        Honestly man I get where you are coming from but this site has been 100% free since day one and has lots of good commenters. Don’t let a couple douche bags ruin it for you, every website that has a comment section will have trolls at one time or another. I have seen many come and go here over the years, just pass him them by, they get bored an seek out attention elsewhere. Edit button would be nice but I can read around a typo just as well as the next guy I guess so not world changing in my opinion.

        Brownlee tends to drop the hammer a bit on really bad trolls if they aren’t bringing anything to the conversation or just generally berating people. Give it a few days.

  • toprightcorner

    Garrison is a solid add. He may not be fast, showed great gap control in preseason to make up for lack of speed, makes a solid first pass and has a hard shot. I think the best thing is having a #7 dman with lots of experience and pat success to help mentor the younger players. Too many times the Oilers have had a #7 with minimal NHL experience or NHL success, like Auvito, Gryba, Clendenning, Aulie, Belov, Philip Larsen. I think you want your pressbox players to be veterans with experience who can help mentor in the locker room. This is the right type of addition.

  • See ya, Opi.

    I don’t mind Flames fans coming in here and causing mayhem because that can be good fun, but you’re annoying to the point that I actually feel bad for you. Nothing you say contributes to the conversation and I’m tired of you. To everyone else. Don’t think I don’t read the feedback. The reality is that I was just in a meeting for the last 90 minutes and came back to this tire fire. So long, Opi. You won’t be missed. Be sure to say hi to Bradley Pi under the rock of obscurity.

  • Opi'sMother

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  • albertabeef

    Opi – the guy that said Calgary “stole” Bennett because the stupid Oilers wasted their pick on Drasaitl. How’s that pick going for ya now, goof.

  • toprightcorner

    To clear your confusion, Garrison was a PTO #7 dman signing, Valimaki was a 1st round pick. One is an addition, one is a draft pick. You want to compare Draft picks, Bouchard is better that Vilimaki is today and he was drafted a year earlier.

    I have no problem you trying to make points with substantiated facts, but you are comparing apples to seashells in most of your comparisons. Proper debates require proper facts, you need to do better.

  • The internet is my only friend

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  • The internet is my only friend

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  • The internet is my only friend

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  • The internet is my only friend

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  • The internet is my only friend

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  • toprightcorner

    Opi may be annoying, but you can’t ban a guy because he is a Flames troll. If people want him gone, ignore him. Even easier, just don’t read his posts. He has just as much right to comment as anyone. If ON was banning people for making stupid comments, half of the commenters would be gone.

  • Opi'sMother

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  • The internet is my only friend

    “if people want him gone, ignore him”
    Oh great you are obviously another Opi account or you’ve never seen what this clown can do to a website. When people don’t reply you know what he does? Lol he posts even more hot garbage. Just ban him. Please don’t act like he’s here to engage in intelligent hockey talk.

  • Hemmercules

    He’s far from the first and wont be the last. Trolls come and go, some are actually pretty good at what they do. There was a guy on here last year (maybe it was just Opi with a different name I can’t remember) but he used like 50 emojis on every post. Seemed like he really got to some people but I found it funny. Just imagine how lame your life would have to be to be a daily troll on a specific website. Devoting time from your day just to be a d*ck for absolutely no reason other than finding some minor satisfaction in making someone angry. That takes dedication.

  • toprightcorner

    Prout is not a rookie, he is 28 and has played 7 years in the league and has never scored more than 9 points in a season. Maybe you should study your team a little more.

  • toprightcorner

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  • Beer_League_Ringer

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  • Beer_League_Ringer

    Bad form with the triple post, I apologize, but I would like to thank BM for “swinging the ban hammer”. It must be difficult for a journalist to take someone’s right to post away, but some folks are just like internet cancer.