Nation Donair Tour – Sir Donair: Skip the Dishes Edition

Hi everybody! We’re back with another Nation Donair Tour stop. This week we dove into some cheese donairs from Sir Donair! It’s a special Skip the Dishes episode this week as we ordered these donairs into Nation HQ.

Overall we had a lot of things to say about Sir Donair. The Skip the Dishes aspect of the review added some interesting aspects of the donair experience. We unanimously agreed to give the donair a handicapped score due to the delivery portion of the meal. Even though SKIP delivered the donair in just 15-20 minutes, there are always going to be repercussions after having the food sit for that long after being cooked.

Cam, Jay, and I had a lot to say about this donair. There were a lot of good things about the food, but a lot of bad things as well. Personally, a couple tweaks to the donair could take it up a notch to another level of donair. Sir Donair was rated a 9.6 on Skip the Dishes so we made sure to be extra critical of the restaurant. We even had an audio appearance from Baggedmilk who also ate a donair and gave his review.

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Watch the full episode below!

We definitely had some mixed opinions about Sir Donair. Have you ever ate there? Let us know in the comments. Also, let us know where YOUR favorite donair shop is in Edmonton & area and where we should go next!

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