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Pontus Aberg back on waivers

According to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, the former Oilers is back on the waiver wire after spending less than a week with the Ducks. After being picked up, Aberg was able to get himself into the Ducks’ season opener, but he obviously didn’t make a great first impression as they’ve decided to part ways, or at least, send him to the AHL. That’s not a great look for a guy on his third NHL team. 

After being picked up on the waiver wire from the Oilers early last week, Aberg looked like he found himself a pretty good landing spot with the Ducks. Rather than going to the Condors, he had a chance to stick with what will likely be a competitive team in the Pacific Division, and more importantly for him, a team in the NHL. I thought that maybe a new home was what he needed since he was never able to win back the trust of the Oilers’ coaching staff after missing practice in Florida at the end of the last season. Clearly, he wasn’t part of the Oilers plans moving forward so seeing him land in Anaheim looked like it was going to be another fresh start for the 24-year-old Swede to save his NHL career. Instead, he got into only one regular season game and that was it. Back on the waiver wire he goes.

Now that he’s available to anyone that wants to take a chance on him, I’m really curious to see if anyone actually gives him another chance. The guy is clearly skilled, you can see it in the goal he scored for Nashville in the playoffs a couple years ago, but there’s obviously something missing there. I don’t know whether the guy can’t get his mind wrapped around what it takes to be an NHL player or if he’s not actually as good as those flashes have led us to believe. Regardless of what the answer is, the guy is running out of opportunities to get his career on track and he’s at a real risk of disappearing under the rock of obscurity. And it’s too bad, ya know? I had hoped that he was going to be able to play and provide some skilled depth, but not it seems more likely that Europe will come calling sooner than later.

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Anyway, I saw Friedman’s tweet and thought it was interesting that Aberg is back on waivers so soon after being picked up. What do you guys think?  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Source: Elliotte Friedman, Sportsnet, 10/7/2018 – 9:22 am MT

  • ziyan94

    Like bm said, there’s something missing. Pair that with McLellan’s thoughts on him (not good), and I don’t see him being picked up again by the Oilers.

  • oilredemption

    I can guarantee the skill is there. The desire, intensity and dedication is not. Aberg could be be a 20 goal scorer if he truly wanted to be. He will be in the KHL next year. If Yakupov shot right this would be him. Ps I love me some yak. In the K he will be a perennial 50 or player.

  • oilredemption

    The problem with yak and Aberg is they are perimeter scorers. The dirty areas like the corners and in front of the net are not their game. In the NHL you have to be able to go there. And you’re not scoring from the outside unless you have a Laine, Matthews, ovi, mcdavid like shot. Yes those two can skate but again you ain’t beating defenders in this league 1 on 1 unless again your name is mcdavid, Matthews, Crosby, Malkin, Kane, etc. They are and will be exceptional European scorers on the big ice but the NHL is a far cry for them

  • OriginalPouzar

    At the league minimum salary (and cap hit) and the ability to play him in the American Hockey League and fully bury the cap hit, absolutely, claim him.

    He can held the Condors and he puts another body between the NHL and the likes of Brad Malone (as well as the first year pros such as Benson and Marody – sheltering that further from being rushed to the NHL via call-up when they aren’t quite ready).

    • Kevwan

      I agree. It is a little bit concerning that the Ducks are going through injury problems and still waived him. Still, his talent makes him worth the risk. Maybe he can figure it out in Bakersfield. The Oilers need the depth

    • Kevwan

      Just a depth player who has shown the ability to play in the NHL (at least for short periods of time).

      No it’s not the solution to everything that’s wrong with the team. It’s only a sensible, affordable and easy to accomplish short term move. If Chia has a better move planned to improve team depth than have at it. This team badly needs some upward pressure from AHL talent.

  • KindergartenCop

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic. ON attempt at a feel-good story for ON readers or the fact that the position Oilers are in, they’re not above re-acquiring Aberg. Unlike SushiBoi Yamamoto, Aberg doesn’t make stupid plays because he gets intimidated playing with Leon and unlike Lucic doesn’t have mental problems when he can’t score.

  • Moneyball

    Aberg might be ok as an AHL call up but he still has a lot to prove in my books. I would be looking at a trade for a dman like Faulk right now rather than Aberg though. The third pairing for the oilers on defence was brutal last game.

    • MoneybaII

      Furthermore, Aberg might be ok as an AHL call up but he still has a lot to prove in my books. I would be looking at a trade for a dman like Faulk right now rather than Aberg though. The third pairing for the oilers on defence was brutal last game ?‍❤️‍??️‍??

  • toprightcorner

    Proves what a disaster the Ducks organization is. If they would have put in the effort to watch 1 recorded game that Aberg played in the preseason, they would not have wasted everyone’s time. This makes the Ducks look worse than Aberg.

  • chickenStew

    This site has become pure garbage.
    Such a waste of a good thing that had so much promise.
    Used to be you could have a discussion on here like an adult.. now it’s more like a study in sociopathy.

  • Gary

    I never renewed my season tickets this year, saved $9,400, Just can’t stomach anymore of this tire fire. Keep McDavid and destroy this entire team, there’s nothing there, nothing.

    • A-co

      It’s only a $90 six pack with a little gratuity left for the person serving you…they need to buy a beer after hearing about the ridiculous prices from customers all night after their shift

  • cityofchampions

    Ok Oilernation mods, time to clean up this site and take out the trash (see above). While you’re at it, get rid of this “new” format and bring back the old one, which was 10X better.

  • TKB2677

    Aberg wasn’t good enough to crack the Oilers line up which isn’t overly deep. He couldn’t even beat out a PTO guy. He’s got a poor attitude, doesn’t have a dimension and does even look like he gives a damn. He goes to the Ducks and after barely a week, they see he can’t play in the NHL either. What is shocking to me is that there was some Oilers fans thinking the Oilers should pick him up. My question is why on earth would you do that?

    You as a team decided he’s not an NHLer, so you waive him. You get lucky and some other teams takes a flyer so you don’t have to be paying him 650K to play in the minors and take away time from players who might have a future. Another team looks at him and confirms you didn’t make a mistake and waives him because he’s not an NHLer. So why on earth would it have been a good idea to claim a non NHLer. The only reason I have been told is he is making league minimum. Well if he can’t play in the NHL, who cares what his salary is.