Real Life Podcast Episode 93: Dan made a German kid cry

Welcome, citizens, to another brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast. It’s the podcast where there’s an outline about what the guys wanted to talk about and get to absolutely none of it.

To start off today’s show, the boys take a trip down memory lane and talk about what life might have been like in the early 1900s before Netflix and Daddy Long Neck. Would J.B. Little have ever expected an Internet company to plant roots in his old house? No! He’d probably say what the hell is the Internet, silly, he lived at Nation HQ in 1903. From there the guys get into what kind of morning TV they used to watch before heading off to school and Instagram accounts posting from prison. Where Wanye finds these things we will never know.

From there, the guys actually get to some Oilers talk with a recap of Nation Dan’s European vacation. Was he Chevy Chase like in his shenanigans? You’ll have to listen to find out. One thing we’ll say for sure is that this here website has grown into a worldwide phenomenon and Dan’s mind was blown after meeting Nation Citizens on the other side of the pond. With the Oilers at the front of mind, the guys run through the disastrous game in Sweden and wonder how one loss has caused so many people to panic already. Lastly, the guys recap the Season Opener Brunch Party from Saturday morning and offer thanks to the people that made it all possible. Every time, you guys blow our minds.

Inside the Nation: Teeing up the Blues

Check out this week’s episode below:

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