#FranksPicks: Oilers at Bruins

Alright, so Frank’s first pick of the season didn’t really go as planned, but rather than get disappointed, he got back to studying. Frank knows how important it is to get himself back to .500 so he’s put in countless hours of research over the past week to get himself prepared.

If there’s one thing I know about Frank, it’s that he takes his hockey picks seriously and he really hates to lose. Since picking the Oilers on Saturday, he hasn’t been himself and has been pacing around the house, waiting for his chance for redemption. He knows the stakes and he knows that you guys need him to pull through for you, so he’s really put the work in to try and get us all back on track. Gord knows the guy just wants to pull himself back to .500.

Who will win today’s game between our beloved Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins? Frank looks for redemption with his second pick of the year. Watch the video below:

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